Death Marks

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On May 1st [2011] this manifested on the planet as “death marks” or “beast marks” which are like “curses, spells, hexes, and false artifacts” that were sprayed on millions of human beings. This was a desperate attempt to claim power over many liberating souls that were out of the “frequency reach” of the dark controllers. These “beast marks” are Implants that work like curses, they are designed to create incredibly negativity in you and your life.... You can use the “Return to Rightful Owner” command, In Gods authority and Christ Name (from the November 2010 Newsletter [1]), if you feel you need more guidance on how to ask for clearing. These are “marks” for attempts to overwhelm people with negativity so they can be possessed by these forces. Do not falter in your Love of God and Connection to your Inner Spirit, that is your antidote to this attack against humanity. Do not engage with negativity, let it dissolve into your neutral witness.


May 2011 Newsletter