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It may already be obvious that the educational and academic systems are captured and have been designed to target children and young minds with psychological manipulation tactics and the indoctrination of the controller narratives. Additionally, the educational system is based upon the text books provided for and approved by the elite that reinforce the falsified histories that dumb students down and mold them to grow into adulthood as obedient and predictable employees or worker slaves. Through the investigative research of John Gatto, a former teacher, school was designed to be a branch of industry and a tool for governance by the power elites that gained ground at the turn of the century. Gatto examines the problems with schooling being structural and that it is unable to be reformed, because it has been built to serve a particular function. A function that at its core is anti-human.

John D. Rockefeller founded the General Education Board In 1903, which provided major funding for schools across the country and was especially active in promoting the State-controlled public-school system. The Rockefellers, along with other elites such as the Gates, Carnegies and Vanderbilts, along with their false fronts posing as philanthropic organizations, have been able to mold society by funding and pushing compulsory state schooling for the masses.

Up until the 1840’s, the American school system was mainly private, decentralized, and home schooling was common. Americans were well educated and literacy rates were high. In 1902, John D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board with the cost of $129 million. The General Education Board and other Corporate Foundations including the Carnegie Foundation provided major funding for schools across the nation and was very influential in shaping the curriculum and format of the current school system. Predictably, the board started to exert strong control on the policies of the State educational institutions based upon their funding and research grants, placing demands on standardizing courses and inventing a bureaucratic maze of conditions and educational reforms. Those teachers, schools, Universities and researchers that took the funding and did what they were told were greatly rewarded and they quickly advanced to be placed in charge. The resulting system of schooling creates the receptivity to mind control tactics that are used to obeying commands, but not rewarded for thinking critically. This is just what the Controller’s had in mind as currently in 2020, it is estimated that 34% of the population have basic literacy levels while half of U.S. adults can’t read a book written at the 8th-grade level. This means that due to many factors such as an overload of stress, Media Literacy skillsets are very low. Many adults are unable to discern, comprehend or synthesize the information they are reading, and thus rely on the televised propaganda churned out by the Controllers mainstream media broadcasts of CIA owned news anchors.

Mainstream Job is Disinformation

The job of mainstream media is not to inform, but to misinform the public, making it harder for people to make informed decisions about things that impact their own lives, and that of their families. Mass media is used to divert public attention from important issues and changes that are decided upon by the political and economic elites, through the technique of derailing important facts or information through the continuous flood of distractions, mindless entertainment and insignificant information. The controlled media and press have mandates to provide all news and related media content to be written or presented at no greater level than what a 12 year old child (or less) could understand.[1]

Suggestions for Research

  • Deliberate Dumbing down of America by Charlotte T. Iserbyt
  • The Underground History of American Education by John Gatto [2]


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