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Chaos-Disrupter is a Victim-Victimizer software mind control archetype that is used to target spiritually developing people. This is one of the Controller Programs that is a sub program of the Victim-Victimizer software program and a collective miasm that has accumulated over many generations.

As the Victimizer Archetypes and related programs that are embedded in the cellular matrix are very enhanced now, especially in adjunct to Life Review patterns for many of us now on the ascension path. This is explosive for some of us now, and I am observing traps for ensnarement, and Addiction, like jaws attempting to latch on to our vulnerability. Chaos-Disrupter is listed in the HGS Manual under the Victim-Victimizer 2 clearing under Addictions/Phobias. [1]

A person that is a dark portal for Imposter Spirits or being controlled by external negative forces, is easily manipulated to bring energetic discord into a group, to derail projects and can be a Chaos-Disrupter archetype. The intention behind the Chaos-Disrupter is divide and conquer of the organization, group unity or destroying the energetic coherence in the environment. The Chaos-Disrupter profile is generally very egocentric to narcissistic behaviors, an emotional-psychic vampire and has little impulse control.

The silver lining of the Chaos-Disrupter is they will reveal any weakness or vulnerability in the group, and those situations or people that are weak will be especially influenced by the person playing the role of the Chaos-Disrupter. Sometimes their larger role is to weed out the wheat from the chaff, and to see visibly who is playing the role of the False Friend. The Chaos-Disrupter can bring to surface hidden shadow issues so they can be observed and seen in the light.


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