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Themes: grid work, clearing toxic spray of chemtrails from San Diego to LA aimed at Kidneys and CNS, removing fixed event horizons, manifesting vs God's plan, surrender and getting out o the way.

Opening: We are memorializing our session here today, again as we set the intention of our alchemical container and its space, beloveds from the still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree with sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will and intention of the one source God. Beloveds, thank you. Opening into cosmic Christ intelligence and opening into the field, as we again set the intention of strengthening the pillar, the Crystal bodies, Christ intelligence through I am God, I am Sovereign, I am free.

Okay well, I see you, I see you. Okay immediately we're being asked to hold the space for a moment, this seems like planetary work. So let me just ask, okay, what? It's like when they knock? Because I am looking at your body and they are like, no wait, we need some help here. I do want to get to your body, but okay so let me just receive that. Oh God, all right, thank you.

Okay, for a moment what we've been requested to do is hold an orbit and create a hub between us both. So in your mind's eye, feeling in your own spinning field, we're going to create a buffer from the San Diego coastline up to the Los Angeles coastline. What they are showing me, and we're going to call in the Aurora please and the Aurora sylphs and the wind sylphs to assist and support. Recently there's been a massive load of chemtrails from San Diego to Los Angeles, and it is bacterial forms and E. coli forms, and forms that are going to look like food poisoning but they're actually coming from the air.

Okay. What they're showing me is there has been a recent aggressive push, a mass or load between LA and San Diego. So they would like us to just create again our Crystal Hub of the platinum energy. See that kind of opening up in the center of you, being an anchor of that crystal force and having it move out into larger concentric circles, until you and I meet in the center. We are going to buffer the entire coastline, so feel the spinning field in counterclockwise motion as it's extending. There is also something happening at the top of the Hara line, I am seeing an arcing out. But what we're doing is we are intending, as we call in the Aurora sylphs and the beloveds to assist us with that, we're creating a handshake here on this coastline. Again opening the connector point to the Aurora to assist in neutralizing the field of toxins, poisons, chemicals specifically in relationship to these particular chemtrail forms that have been deposited within this area.

So what we're doing is creating a buffer field that is kind of anchoring the grid on the coast and this allows the Aurora to come in and start neutralizing it. So calling in the wind sylphs and the Aurora sylphs to assist us in the re-encryption of elemental forms. And again we would like to assist and request all nature spirits and the divas that have been impacted by this, to open up into it looks like whatever their fifth dimensional blueprinting or support is, that opens a sort of time portal or assistance for them. What happens, you know how they are subject to us? It's like giving them access to the Aurora and opening up the portal so that they are not impacted by the poison. I'm seeing it's like the poison of that is not helping them either, and there's nothing they can do about it from their realm. So again it's like cleaning up and creating a buffer and also an opening, as we call in the group elemental source through the Aurora. Specifically through all elements of earth air water and fire to be fully empowered and assisted through the Aurora, to be cleansed into the wholeness and light.

We ask that all false matrixes and timelines of past or future be neutralized and that of the perfection of the one source is represented. We request the guardianship of this now fully to be accessed into the cosmic Christ intelligence of unity, and to create the handshake hub through the Aurora force to assist in neutralizing the entire coastline. It's basically calling in, wow, there may be some fires. Okay, I understand. It sounds like there may be some fires in some of the areas here to burn it off? I don't know there's something about, I haven't noticed it lately myself, but from what I'm seeing here recently they've been on a rampage with the chemtrails. It's kind of strange right, when we look at what is happening in the economic and financial and banking crisis. It's almost like understanding that there is a certain element of power and control that is this.

Okay just to make sure we feel complete with that, is there anything else? Okay we just created a triad between us. Interesting it's like you and I are holding a jump rope and the top is being held by an Aurora being. So there is like some kind of triad form San Diego to LA, to a midpoint. I haven't seen that before that's interesting, usually when I see triads they are flat on the earth. This one is up, like I see the triangle point going up. Very cool, thank you. This is very unusual but I'm just going to say this, it appears that this particular level of microbe or myotoxin it's attacking the nerves, but it's attacking the kidneys. There is some kidney relationship, oh fear. Kidneys being the seed of fear correct? Okay. So again any program or architecture in place around on the kidneys, again I'm going to go into the collective consciousness of the human layer, which is in the planetary field and move out fear programs related to attacking the kidneys and the organs systems. There is something, this doesn't make sense at the moment, but it's almost like somehow this organism is programmed to attack the kidneys. It's very odd. I didn't know they could do that actually. Like it's going for a body part.

The second I said that my recorder is started to go crazy. I don't know if I am recording or not. The battery is fine, but it's freaking out. We must be doing something right, in what we are connecting to. I am going to start another recording now.

So continuing our recording with this session today and again I would just like to ask the Aurora and beloveds that are anchoring the space now here in present, for assistance in neutralizing and removing any program or intelligence which is directing chemtrail toxins into particular human body parts. Please assist and remove any programming architecture or manipulation or control stemming from the program of that intelligence. Going to neutralize it again. Yeah, it's interesting how the air sylphs and the wind elementals are the ones that do all of this. Apparently, there is a feeling that you have a more developed, even more so than me, like you have a developed relationship there with the wind sylph energy.

It's very interesting, and obviously why we're being asked to just do this right now. Because it's something that probably wouldn't come to my attention, until you and I get together and then this it's brought to our attention to deal with. So thank you. There is a mandala, this is so interesting, what I'm seeing is that whatever space and time created that, it's like it's subject to a moment in time. And it's like we went into that and bent it. I don't know what that means exactly but it's like an override in the timeline, where we bent where that event happened. It's very weird, it's like looking at a matrix it's going along, and all of a sudden it's just not in the field anymore, and then it resumes. I don't know it's like it's bent. I don't know I've never seen that before. Are we bending time? They are telling me we are bending time. (laughing) We would like to practice that more actually, bending time in our lives. That would be great, that would help us a lot. Something just happen though, like I saw a mandala spin out and it had some kind of function with time, like bending time or warping time. Very interesting, okay thank you so much.

Okay, I'm getting our golden winged friends coming in, and feel an immediate confirmation about reconfiguration patterns of the body going through upgrades right now. And this seems to be directed to you, that this is a time of sequestering and is exactly what is needed for the body's stability and foundation. There's a lot of reconfiguring happening in the body itself. They are showing me there are the functions and this is purely at the physical body level. The physical body, when we realize it's a bio-computer the bio-computer of the physical body has functions, which control the body's experience of linear time and age. Like experiencing yourself at age 10, and age 20 and 30. In the body there's a function that controls that, and what I'm seeing is that something around that is changing.

I'm supposed to look at it I guess, so again in the tailbone area and assistance and support in all that is needed to upgrade the body and adjust, I believe they're called clock-shield templates, that connect the biology to timelines related to the bodies physical aging process. Okay it's like seeing, similar to what I just experienced this bending of the timeline, something like that is happening. They are explaining to me the same concept of event horizons. When we are born into this timeline and we took on all of the ancestral connections to our family of origin and all of the behaviors and experiences and memories that are held through the generations. We are then birthed into that, the fate of that. And we're reaching a time in the Ascension evolutionary cycle where all of the links of our timeline, say from birth to our current age now, that in other lifetimes would be the norm. Like your soul, the God architecture created certain experiences and ages. There were developments and things that would happen that are related to your body in time in space. And your consciousness would experience that through it's own perception, even though it's an illusion of an age. And that emulates the spiritual initiation process, even though we don't know that.

Like in the original blueprint, in the divine crystal blueprint of the human species age 12 would be the first opening into the soul context. Like at 12 the body would start bringing in soul memory and that level of intelligence and divinity and so forth. That has been of course changed because of all the distortions. But they are explaining to me that that creates what's known as an event horizon. And there are event horizons for each individual consciousness and there are event horizons for the group consciousness. And each level connects to the various levels of the field. What they are showing me is that your body has needed to be in stillness and in quiet because these structures or grid systems, which control the event horizons are changing.

What it means is that certain memory constructs that would propel the consciousness in certain directions, based on past experience and memory, are no longer going to be there in the way that they had been before. So does that mean memories are getting erased? And I'm getting no, it doesn't work like that. But it's almost like I'm seeing a grid construct that was very definitive in a parameter, and now there's no parameter. It's like the memory is retained but this stringent parameter is gone. I don't know how else to describe it, but it feels like there is a freedom with it. It's like being on a train on a track, now you don't have a track, you don't have to follow the track anymore. It was like a train that absolutely needed a track to move forward, it couldn't go anywhere without that track. That track is a structure for us and it's very much connected to our physical body, and it's literally what propels us forward. And it is connected to our experience of time and our experience of our selves. We are on this track and that track defines us. Like when you're on the track and you turn around you can follow that track all the way to your birth. Like following that line, you can go way way way in the distance. You can see yourself at birth and at age two and whatever this is that's creating that track, is no longer there, or it's starting to dissolve. It's like the memory of who you were at age zero will be there, but the track and that kept the event horizon going in the probability of what was experienced at that time, is gone if that makes any sense.

It's like saying there were actions when you were 20, that relate to who you are right now and that was because of the track. The track created an event horizon of probability of where it's going to go. It's almost like that is no longer there, the memory is retained of whatever that is, of yourself at 20. But there is freedom the event horizon of that track is now unlimited. There is nothing locking you into the track, where you have to go from point A to point B. It's like now you can be everywhere, it's so interesting. I'm looking at it and it is a structure in us though. There is something in the body that creates that structure and in a sense it's like a safety zone. Because down here we don't know what the heck were doing.

We don't know about the evolution and the spiritual initiation path, so it's like a safeguard that keeps us moving in a direction or in an evolutionary pattern or something. I could feel it as a track like train tracks. So your body is being released of that and it also feels that that has significant bearing on the ancestral relationships as well. The connection to family and how that would impact event horizons in your life and their life, something is looking different there too. It's like it impacts everything in that way, your family your connection to them and also moving into this unlimited space. So it's almost like this train track if you will, and its timeline relevance needed to be cleared and removed from you. At the same time I can see how important it is to the identity, I can see you just can't rip that sucker out. There's a fragility to your sense of being because this track really creates, an illusion if you will, of some kind of security or foundation that you are attached to something, or are moving in some direction. It also seems that through the summer that without that, with the tracks starting to be dismantled that you would feel really unhinged and kind of floating around.

(question...) Before is the track, like literally a train track and you are connected to that track and it is like it propels you forward in this direction. And their calling that an event horizon, it's like you're looking at the horizon and that's where you're going to go. And that is based upon your soul set up, and your ancestors and certain choices it keeps you on the track. That track is starting to be dismantled from you, and I'm getting since the summer and this apparently is about being unlimited there is no track anymore. What I'm feeling is that you are in that suspended state, but that's where you need to be right now, because this is the process you're undergoing. Because the unlimited is about not being subject to the fate anymore, it's like all of the things that were the unchangeable and fixed, that were in the soul architecture are now of no consequence.

In looking at this, I think the notion that we have free will has been really misconstrued. In a sense I'm feeling that there is confusion over what we think from the human perspective, creating our reality means. We are not understanding that there is a core architecture to everything, and it's at multiple levels. This is how, even though that was a part of the third dimension because of the nature of it, like how dense and far away we are from source, but this has also been severely manipulated and controlled by forces that actually do understand these this level of architecture and how this stuff works. So what I'm seeing actually through this, I mean it's amazing, we don't create our reality in the way the human mind thinks we create our reality. Like we can choose to build upon positive energy and expand upon the positive energy, which opens new possibilities of choice. But we are still not acknowledging the core foundation on which this was built.

Coming back to the understanding of the "Secret" which tells you to manifest from your ego. Nobody really says that's not going to work if it's not in alignment to your soul. If you are already on the path and you are beyond the third dimensional personality program, and you're on the spiritual path this forcing and imposing your will is manipulation. Okay I understand, so again what I'm seeing with that is it's being used for negative actually. Even though it is important that we understand our mind our thoughts and our emotions are impacting the greater whole, that is much different than controlling the reality like we think we are. What is happening is that the negative forces are seducing the ego into believing that it can create its own reality, when that is actually a false reality in itself. Because it's all about God consciousness. Wow, okay, so what they're basically saying is most beings don't know what surrender means. And this is also the confusion when you say I am God, I am God the creator, I can create whatever I want, right.

That this is how the whole Atlantian materialism began. Those that became enamored with their creations became totally glamorized by it. It's similar to thinking of how the Annunaki consciousness became so wrapped up in its creation, to a believed it's God. And supposedly from its own God-ness believes that humans should worship it as God. Like the whole distortion about the God-ness came from 'I create the reality'. Wow, thank you, thank you.

I don't know why we're getting this lesson right now, but it's nice. This piece of information that is being gifted to us now, is the clearing up of confusion when we get anxious about how we apply our attention in creating a reality. And what they are basically telling us is you don't, in the way that you think you do. And where you are is exactly where you need to be. And your choice in every moment is to expand upon that in the moment, by choosing love, right. The expansion, allowing yourself to be receptive and expanded in the moment, and the second you start going into that analysis of it is the constriction part. And that mental analysis is usually where we go when we think we're creating our reality. Like I'm going to use my mind, and I am going to focus repetitive thoughts and I'm going to create this. And basically what they're saying is that's manipulation of will.

So this is about trusting God, right. So the issue is, God has already set up beyond your wildest dreams, what you can manifest for yourself. I mean it's already done you don't have to do anything. Because that in its perfection has already been complete. Your issue is get out of the way. And I am not talking about you honey, I am talking about all of us. So our process in this moment is we are demonstrating that. It's like we're being gifted with this information to help us, both of us actually, to understand how to clarify the confusion around that. Because what happens when you're sitting in the null zone, is you get a little nervous at times. Like am I utilizing myself correctly? Should I be focusing over there? Basically what we are being trained to understand is that there is a tremendous amount of misconstruing and misconceptions still, that have been made about the universal law, and that this is one of them. Wow that's huge.

Oh my God, that was lovely. That was imparted to us as a comfort, to help us understand we are exactly where we need to be. Get out of that place. The challenge obviously is when you see the structure dismantling, is to ask, am I supposed to be acting upon this? I'm getting that this is where the pedal hits the metal, this is a level that we've not hit before. What they are giving us is insight into what we're going through. Because not everybody's going to feel this, we're in the Ascension timeline, not everyone is at this level at this time. And what we are starting to really recognize here is everything how much money you have, what you have, everything is decided by God. It is beyond you, it is so beyond you. There's nothing to do but surrender, your job is to get out of the way and to allow whatever needs to happen to happen. And this is what we are being I want to say, forced or retrained to understand right now.

When we think in our mind we're creating Nirvana or heaven on earth, it's not coming from here, it's not coming from this plane. And we get kind of caught in the looping of this. Okay, no more looping, thank you. Yeah, basically it's love or fear, that's what it comes down to. Everything that could be your wildest dreams of fulfillment will come the more you allow God, that's it, because God is that. You don't have to imagine it you don't have to think about it, it literally will appear on the spot because that's what it is. It's already, whatever your wildest dreams are, are already created. The issue now is you don't have to think about it you don't have to be the architect of that, it's already done. Your issue is the energy of it. (question...) Yes exactly and that's it, that's all we have to do. Okay, thank you so much.

Okay and that's lovely because again, I'm feeling that that's our gift for being in the weird space we are in. That clearly in the beginning when they were talking about the tracks being removed, that there is a part of the event horizon that created this probability, of what your consciousness is experiencing that is recorded in the cell of your being and that is changing right now. Your relationship to that is changing. And this time of sequester has been needed and clearly we're learning more and more about how this works down here, as we go through this. Feeling if there is anything here in our exchange, just wanting to complete whatever we need to complete.

What I'm getting with this is that there has been an internal pressure cooker happening, because there is a momentum that is pushing it beyond. Like I'm seeing something like ready, it's like an internal alchemy is happening right now that is going to push. Like there's a momentum needed to push you into and out of the timeline, it's really interesting. Whatever that track is that's created this certain probability of events in your life. And they're basically explaining everyone has this, this is a part of the whole set up in the way it works down here in terms of the soul consciousness moving forward in it's journey. What I'm seeing is a time is coming, where all of this is coming together. Because it's like a momentum is building that is creating volcanic pressure, like it's going to propel you out of there. It feels like the verge of a breakthrough, that's how the consciousness is being propelled through there. Thank you beloveds.

Closing: Again as we seal the field, please anchor lock and seal our session here today in the light of unity and Oneness. Again all that is needed in order of priority in the highest capacity of exchange of fulfillment of the God consciousness, and that which serves the Ascension plan in perfect unity wholeness and oneness now. We hold the sovereignty and freedom, as we represent and hold that for humanity, now and always. In deep love and in deep gratitude, thank you. Please seal our session. Please seal our communication. And so it is, we seal the field and end our session.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 10-23-2008]

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