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Chochmah or Chokhmah representing Wisdom denotes the first intermediate step in Jewish mysticism between Kether and channeling Ein Sof (the infinite) through the rest of the Sephiroth.[1]

The Sephiroth meaning emanations, are the 10 attributes of God as described in the Kabbalah, part of the esoteric teaching of Judaism. Judaism's Kabbalah is based on the teachings given by the Yahweh Collective located on Saturn.

Number: Two

Titles: Wisdom; Divine Father; The Supernal Father

Divine Names: Jah; Jehova (The Lord); Yod Jehova Archangel: Raziel

Angelic Order: Ophanim (The Wheels)

Archdemon: Beelzebub

Demonic Order: Ghogiel (The Hinderers)

Heavenly Sphere: Zodiac

Part of Man: Brain

Adverse Sephiroth

Kabbalah of The Qlippoths; 2-Chockma- Ghogiel-(The Hinderers) Splitting the creation from Kether to two separate forms, marriage of energies, to conceive what Kether desired, differentiates where the power is sent, the sorter of demons and where they are processed in the hierarchy to work on, mirroring what Kether wants done, to work to bring something to existence, a force working together, preparing for issues to germinate.(The Qlippoth is the Negative Form shell and/ or Imposter Spirit negative force of the Sephiroth)


Confusion of the Power of God; “These are the confusion of that great power which, as Chokmah, goes forth at the beginning to give the vital energy of creation to the processes of Binah. The cortex of the Chaigidel is called Ghogiel, 'Those Who Go Forth into the Place Empty of God'.” Beelzebub: Lord of the Flies and Adam Belial: Wicker Man

To Chaigidel, “both Satan and Beelzebub are attributed as well as Adam Belial. The name Belial is often used separately as a demonic name.” [2]


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First Found in HGS Manual on Page 75