Crystal Seals

From Ascension Glossary

The Human’s Crystal Star Seal(s) grid is located on the main vertical spiritual current column (also called the sushuma or Hara Line) in our energy bodies of which our seven main (horizontal-coned) chakra system is built upon. The crystal seals grid is what governs the particle spin and levels of frequency accretion that is transduced and transmitted into the chakra itself. It serves as the function of the energy bodies that keep the human soul identities and the auric layers of the body in separate dimensions. Therefore the bio-energetic mechanics of the crystal star seals greatly impact to evolve the capacity of our ability to embody higher expressions of dimensional consciousness.

  1. Redirect Chakra Crystal Keys
  2. Redirect Crystal Seed

(Ref. LR NL May 2007)

Term first found: Page 57, HGS Manual