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To reference the spiritual body intelligence of the group consciousness that represents the entire species kingdom, we are referring to the “speaker” of that species kingdom as the Devichan.

Devichan is like addressing Mr. and Mrs. of a plural group consciousness. (i.e. devichan spider, is like addressing, Mr. and Mrs. Spider Speaker, who speaks to everyone at once). When using this term we are addressing them, respectfully, as a Group Consciousness being focalized through one speaker that represents the whole species body. Nature and Earth Kingdoms operate as a group consciousness, so you will learn to feel that specific energy difference between an individualized communication with the animal, plant or nature spirit and group consciousness devichan communication. When one communicates with the group, you can feel the focal point of clarity being spoken as one, however there is a simultaneous awareness that there are a vast amount included in that one. When I spoke to Devichan Spider all of the spider kingdom registered the communication all at once.

As example when addressing a kingdom and applying a blessing, healing, or transit – place Devichan _______ in the Earth Realms and Kingdoms Thread in its Life Classification ( i.e. animal or plant kingdom are different realms, so you group the kingdoms together in the threads listed there) . When you complete a reclamation process with the realm or kingdom of your heart or choice, (or they choose you!), put their name in the thread so it can remain supported, very much like the prayer thread. Over time we may gather specific species information or a vast sweep of generalizations. We are open to allow however this reveals itself in the future. As an example, I have placed Devichan Spider in the Arachnid & Insect Kingdom thread. Any one can follow me, use the same kingdom or whomever they feel guided to work with. Together all of us here in the human kingdom can support and defend the earth creatures and natural kingdoms in this way.

So if you are addressing a single body, you address the species specific, or if you are addressing the group energy body you address the Devichan. When addressing Devichan, you are addressing the entire group spiritual complex of that species identity.[1]


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