Electromagnetic Fields and Time Vectors

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An electromagnetic field (also EM field) is a physical field that is produced by electrically charged objects, and this applies to understanding the existence of the human bio-energy field. All human bodies are electrically charged entities. Electromagnetic fields affect the behavior of other charged bodies or objects in the vicinity of the field and this also describes the electromagnetic interaction that occurs between all living things. There are unending sources of electromagnetic fields on the earth, some naturally occurring, some artificial like those being applied for subduing humanity via psychotronic warfare. In order to gain control over our own personal energies we must understand the nature of our human electromagnetic field and how it is impacted by externally charged objects and the world of forces. We gain clarity by paying attention to what we are feeling when in contact with other people or other types of forces, especially those that are externally sourced. When we develop awareness of this electromagnetic interaction and commit to gain control over the direction of our own energies, we gain incredible strength in repelling undesirable forces and external negative energies away from our personal energy field.

An electromagnetic field is composed of two related vector fields, the electrical field (male) and the magnetic field (female). Vector fields represent fluid flow and can be thought of as representing the speed of a vibrating or moving energy flow throughout space, dimension or interaction with a physical force or object. The vector field is usually represented as an arrow moving in the route of its force, such as quantifying its direction or the change made in the position of time coordinates as the electromagnetic field is moving along its pathway. Think of gusts of wind being perceived as energy flows moving in pathways in assorted patterns and different rates of speed all over the globe, these paths are vectors. An example of that is here.

Generally we are not taught to think of the human body radiating an electromagnetic field that interacts with other electromagnetic fields, or how that consciousness interaction defines its position in a time vector pathway. In this context time is the interval pathway that the consciousness is travelling in between different points in space-time. What decides the course of our consciousness pathway through time? When we are unconscious, the power of the external force interaction made upon our energy body will push us into alignment with the predominate forces inherent in the collective consciousness body. When we are unconscious, the human body will tend to act impulsively and instinctually to express the content, thoughtforms and energies present in the forces of the collective unconsciousness stream. This unconscious content is vibrated through the human electromagnetic field and carries that person into the principal consciousness stream that travels within that time vector.

This is similar to being pulled down a river in a strong current. The physical body does not have the power to swim against the current, but is instead being pulled by forces into the path of the rivers current. The path of the river is what defines the location in space and time that consciousness is travelling. This illustrates the point that inner core strength must be developed in order to ascend out from the time pathway of the principle force in the collective unconsciousness stream, represented by the rivers current that is presently on the earth. To remain awake and conscious takes deep spiritual commitment and strength. To realize the inner direction of your authentic core self is to consciously choose the pathway of your spiritual self, and surrendering to our spirit is what supersedes the power of exertion that is applied by any external force.

As an analogy, think of the human body as our vessel, similar to a sailboat navigating the currents in the oceans of life. In order to navigate the oceans and travel the vectors of time that get us from one point to another, we have to know how to steer our boat, and manage our navigation. This means being aware of the forces at play, through different exposures to weather and sea conditions, as well as the many forces that are outside of our control. We cannot control external forces, people or conditions, but we can control how we respond to those conditions. When we are able to ground in our own core self and be inner directed, it is in this response that we gain control over our direction. We can maintain our momentum forward, no matter who or what is interfering with us or trying to take us off our path. When we know who we are and we are true to ourselves, we gain strength and empowerment to navigate unscathed through the most serious challenges. The goal is to stay on course, and to not allow external forces or other people to apply forces to take you away from what you know is true for yourself.

What we allow to interact with and influence our personal electromagnetic field and what outside forces we internalize and believe is our identity, will place us in the time vector of that consciousness stream. The ascending path is directed by our inner spirit and core self, thus, we must communicate with our spirit and follow that path without hesitation, in order to be aligned to our highest consciousness stream.

DNA Activation of Time Vector Codes

Additionally it is the symmetry, proportion and the ratio of the spin between the electrical field and the magnetic field within the human lightbody that determines the position of where the consciousness identity is located in time and how it travels in time. This can happen independent of where the physical body is actually located in space-time. Our higher consciousness is fluid energy made up of vector fields, containing the potentials of activating time vector codes in our DNA that align with the planetary, galactic and universal time vector codes. This propels our consciousness forward through time intervals, which is consciousness shifting made through time skipping. If you find yourself travelling in other times and planetary spaces, observing images, ET’s or identities in other timelines, this is an example of activated time vector codes. Time vector codes manifest as coordinate location pathways in multidimensional spaces or in other timelines.

As the planet shifts into the higher harmonic universe, it activates the relative time vector codes for that coordinate location in time. During this current phase of the Ascension Cycle, we have the unusual experience where it is possible for our consciousness to travel onto much higher time vector pathways than what’s been recorded in our physical body’s biological clock at birth. Our consciousness can expand to travel in time intervals that are located by universal time vector codes, or zero point, while our human body is still anchored in planet earth’s time fields. This is happening while we are sharing physical space with many other human bodies simultaneously that are travelling in their consciousness through different time vector pathways.

Further, all consciousness has an energetic signature that is generated from its electromagnetic field and is composed of spectrums of frequency that are arranged in form holding blueprints. These blueprints hold the content of our entire consciousness memory record, and this information can be read through their energetic signatures that produce component frequency waves that translate into harmonic language. This is what is known as reading the harmonic signature of electromagnetic fields and DNA signals. This is a higher sensory perception ability that is made possible from expanding consciousness and developing the lightbody through the activation of DNA fire letters or time vector codes. Reading electromagnetic fields reveal specific data about their intention, location in time and frequency quality, such as whether these energy fields are positive, negative or neutral. As well as defining what EM fields are artificial, militarized, running alien technology or are naturally occurring signals coming from the earth kingdoms.

Electrical Circuitry in Human Lightbody

Humans are multidimensional beings of light that have multiple layers of spiritual bodies that are electromagnetic in nature, and in each nested layer of these electromagnetic bodies are levels of spiritual-energetic intelligence that is conscious. The human energy field is a layered system of energy circuits, designed to run energy throughout the bodily matrices with entry and exit points at both ends, like our north and south pole. It also has a main central channel of current along the spine that anchors intermediate points that serve as the intake (receiver) and discharge (transmitter) of the spinning vortices of life force energy. There are flowing channels of energy known as meridians and axiatonal lines, which impact the flow of energy to all of the organs, glands and interconnect all of the processes within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. The planetary body has the exact same layered system of energy circuits, and is the macrocosm body reflection of the microcosm represented in the individual human body.

All humans and life forms on our planet have an interconnected bio-energy field composed of a complex network of electrical circuits, which make up the individual and collective electromagnetic battery body and this is commonly called the aura or lightbody. The human lightbody is configured with specific electrical circuits in the root layers that are designed to energetically interface and lock down the lightbody grounding mechanism, directly with the planet. This grounding mechanism is what connects us to the collective consciousness and to all of the human race species memories on the earth. The electrical circuit is the path through which subatomic particles, or electrons from the electromagnetic current of the human energy field flow and exchange with the current that is running in the planetary grid network.

Electrons radiate or absorb energy in the form of photons of light when they are accelerated through the electrical circuitry of the human lightbody. When the human energy field interacts with the natural frequencies in the planetary electromagnetic field, subatomic particles are exchanged which produce light that carries assorted data through electromagnetic signals. When human DNA was unplugged in the Sumerian-Egypt invasion, it was at this time the human race lost their ability to translate the electromagnetic signals of species memory, and we lost our DNA language that allowed for communication with the earth intelligence and with each other. However, the circuit exchange is still beneficial and some of us are coming online with the corrected DNA signal pattern. The circuit exchange of electrons is equalized within the human body, helping to naturally neutralize negative energies or free radicals, which may result in many potential physical health benefits.

The human lightbody’s electrical grounding works in the same manner as an electrical circuit that is attached to the earth uses the interface as an electrical conductor. The electrical circuitry in the human lightbody functions as the grounding mechanism, which produces a direct physical connection, and a DNA Signal bond and electromagnetic interface that communicates with the earth. It acts as the electrical circuit that interacts with the electromagnetic network of the human lightbody that consists of a closed loop from the earth, giving it a return path for the current to complete its circuit. The earth acts as the grounding circuit, which gives an additional path for aberrant or high voltage electromagnetic current to be absorbed and neutralized, so the human body is not harmed by electrical surges or accumulated harmful energies. It also acts as a method for data transmission through the electrical circuits of the human lightbody, which help empaths to gain information about the earth's changes.

The human body is a composite of the elemental materials that make up the earth body. Being electromagnetic beings traveling in a physical body made up of the earth elements, those of us born on the earth are naturally designed to interface and interconnect directly, communicating with the earth’s electromagnetic body. Unfortunately, due to the NAA broadcast of artificial intelligence and alien machinery, intuitive empaths or Starseeds have to be more discerning about how and where we ground directly into the planetary grid network. Many people, however, gain health benefits from having direct skin contact with all forms of nature and animals, by walking, sitting or sleeping outside when in direct contact with the earth.[1]


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