Embodying Divinity

From Ascension Glossary
Book of Love ( art by Elizabeth)

For those of us on the Ascension path for many years, the time is coming for us to practically demonstrate all we have learned and developed in order to practice our divinity and Krystic principles with others. This means to behave in and emanate the attributes of unconditional love, Compassion and Empathy in all aspects of our lives, and be able to help others through this painful transition without judging them. This challenging phase of awakening and disclosure will stretch our Compassionate Communication skills and test our personal mastery in expressing our divinity by how we choose to interact with difficult people, argumentative people, people in great pain or illness, and those that may say hurtful things. As we choose to be the embodiment of our innate divinity, we demonstrate heart-based qualities of compassion, loving kindness and the ethical virtues of the Spirits of Christos. With all that is coming to be revealed, is it possible to not react emotionally and avoid judging or criticizing others for their beliefs or the choices they made which will be known to have created grave harm? Many will realize the mistakes they have made and be grappling with immense emotional pain as the result of consequences to their actions. The highest possible state of unconditional love, compassion and empathy is desperately needed to help humanity heal, and it will be many of us in the spiritual community that will help guide many broken hearts through very troubling times.

Developing the qualities of Self-Love and Reverence for life are more important than ever, as it directly reflects how much of a loving force we can be in this world. A world that needs love so desperately in order to spiritually heal. Please consider that despite the Mind Control used to carry out incredibly harmful actions that are made in dark ignorance, that all beings have an intrinsic worth and value. The current conditions in which we find ourselves in global crisis will not be solved through the same consciousness levels that form judgmental perceptions in the state of 3D Negative Ego. May we cultivate self-love so that we can increase our reverence for all living things which are a part of this creation to help heal this world and protect the innocent life, the children on this planet. Have compassion, love and honor to respect your inner spirit, the divinity which lives inside of you, and be true to your divine purpose on the path of awakening while allowing the truth to reveal itself. As you increase self-love and Self-Respect, you will increase the capacity for sending a loving kindness transmission to all those who are suffering and need to experience this situation in order to awaken and remember the true love that is God.[1]


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