Etheric Body Rewiring

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March 2011 Meditations

Etheric Body Rewiring

Learn how to view and sense your personal etheric (electromagnetic) body by administering an inner scan and energy clearing for the entire etheric body and its blueprint. Includes an emphasis to clear and upgrade the function of the neurological and nadis system, brain impulse receivers and release related energy blockages or implanted structures. This is a personal tool to learn inner body scanning of your auric field and how to shift energy blockages and their constrictions in order to return life force back into the proper channels to expand and revitalize the body. Blocked energy is frozen crystallized light which appears as “black or grey” spots or etheric artifacts, such as implants in your energy body. Blocked energy attracts parasites, vampires and blocks life force from nourishing your organs, glands and body system. Learn to sense these blocks, obstacles, implants and have the power to clear and release them from impacting your personal energy field thus improvi ng your life force strength. Once you are adept with your own personal energy field, this technique can be applied to those stewarded in your care, such as children , pets, and family members.

TAGS: etheric body, auric field, nadis system, energetic scanning

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