Father Son Codes of Aquafey

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June 2017 Meditation

In this meditation we intend to transmit correction codes to all reversal plasma configurations in our lightbody, with the focus upon correcting reversed violet plasma rays, which run consumptive modeling architecture and spawn demonic creations. We call upon our Cosmic Krystal Star Family, Those that hold the Sacred Seals of Krystal Rays and Cosmic Gate Codes, The Cosmic Holy Father’s Emeralds Ray which transmits Aquafey Plasma light, Cosmic Father and Son codes. The Cosmic Holy Father’s Codes are the antidote to field reversal configurations which correct reversed frequencies. Beloved Cosmic Holy Father, through our Aurora Amplifiers – bring forth the plasma ray transmission of Father son codes known as Aquafey. Beloveds we welcome you and thank you for your support, protection and foundation for each and every being representing our group field. Beloved Cosmic Krystal Family of the One, please guide me in all ways to reunite with you. I request the Cosmic Rays of Krystal Liberation to activate my plasma body and crystal lotus heart to breathe the Krystal rays of liberation, May the Three Eternal Rays be transmitted for the recoded and re-encrypted foundation to build my eternal Krystal plasma body anatomy. This is Cosmic Holy Mothers and Holy Fathers Gift to you, the codes within the liquid light elixir of aquafey are the antidote to plasma ray reversals. This is offered to protect your lightbody and plasma body from being used in consumptive modeling, and that you will have the gift to build the eternal liquid plasma body of the Cosmic Krystal Family. (41:15 minutes)

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