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Disassociate, Fragment and Dehumanize People: When people experience extreme pain and trauma abuse, (especially, when Trauma events are repeated and never given the ability to heal) they will disassociate from their body and the reality to get relief. At the moment of disassociation, they fragment in their mind, emotional layers and spiritual body. This disconnects their Lightbody layers and the functions between the mind and soul, which results in an energetically fractured, dehumanized and extremely fragile self. Abused and abusive people have no sense of emotional Coherence, personal boundaries or self-respect, which allows for them to be easily Mind Controlled and prepared for further dark infiltration and consciousness enslavement. The individuals are purposely dehumanized to think of themselves as animals and to behave as animals (or even less than, generally, animals do not torture for sport). Dehumanized, they are easily fragmented, weakened and confused.[1]

Soul Trauma Fragmentation

Much of what has been recollected to rehabilitate and heal [in the 2nd Density or the Harmonic Universe comprising 4-5-6 Dimensions] are the soul fragments that experienced an explosion in the various timelines of Atlantis and Maldek. These exploded "bits" are sentient units, even though they have no self awareness of identity, they are similar to the "plant kingdom" and they do experience pain. The psychic pain and suffering held in these spaces are immense and many whose role is to collect these fragments have been feeling and healing this pain. The release and reclamation of these sentient units to their true home, their source identity is more profound than words.[2]


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 38