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Geburah is the fifth sphere in the kabbalistic tree of life, and it is the second of the emotive attributes of the Sephiroth. It represents severity or judgement and limitation.[1]

The Sephiroth meaning emanations, are the 10 attributes of God as described in the Kabbalah, part of the esoteric teaching of Judaism. Judaism's Kabbalah is based on the teachings given by the Yahweh Collective located on Saturn.

Number: Five

Titles: Strength, Judgement or Severity; Fear

Divine Names: Eloh (The Almighty) Elohim Gabor (God of Battles)

Archangel: Camael

Angelic Order: Seraphim (The Fiery Serpents)

Archdemon: Asmodeus

Demonic Order: Golohab (The Burners or Flaming Ones)

Heavenly Sphere: Mars

Part of Man: Left Arm

Adverse Sephiroth

Kabbalah of The Qlippoths; 5-Geburah- Golachab-(The Arsonists) Qlippoth that sends energies, workings and messages for good or ill, to bring conflict and injury, gives the judgment of the manifested working, gives force to something, brings war to the issue, force of magick, the spark of action, the desire to act, The Qlippoth of lust, power complex.(The Qlippoth is the Negative Form shell and/ or Imposter Spirit negative force of the Sephiroth)


Burning Bodies, “Geburah is a going forth in power to rule in strength. The order of Golab is composed of those who burn to do destruction --- even on themselves. The outer form is Usiel, 'The Ruins of God'.” Asmodeus: The Destroying God or Samael the Black. To Golachab, Asmodeus is attributed. “This name is half Hebrew and half Latin. Asmodeus is often mentioned in the literature of demonology. The name can also be translated as 'The one adorned with fire'.” Whom they call also Samael the Black. [2]


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