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One may not experience true states of Higher Sensory Perception in the love or emotional spectrums until they begin to connect with their Soul Matrix bodies or have been able to experience a loving, and open heart center 4th Chakra with their Soul-Spirit connection. This soul connection is what enables the development of Higher Sensory Perception. One cannot develop the feeling-sensory body, its receivers and transmitters, which allow for the development of telepathy and cellular cognition, without having an open heart and the ability to feel deeply.

In order to practice development of HSP, learn to communicate with your heart and Soul.

Asking Yes or No?

When we are learning to communicate with our inner self, we begin by asking our body a simple question which requires a yes or no answer in return. The body is its own intelligence and has its own wisdom. When we are developing higher sensory ability, it is important to pay attention to how you feel and how your body responds to certain energies, vibrations and questions. In developing this technique, this is our suggestion:

  • Close your Eyes and clasp your hands and palms together in prayer position. Breathe in and focus on your heart. Try to imagine the door of your heart opening as you ask to speak to your soul.
  • In your inner vision: Ask your Inner Spirit that resides in your Heart the question. Ask a simple Yes or No question.
  • When you ask the question you may also see the item visually and place it in front of your heart to get the “feeling” of your hearts response. Remember there is no good or bad, or right or wrong answer. You are learning how to discern what is best for you directly and not to judge any response or reaction.
  • When we feel a response that is aligned to us personally, it will feel affirming, positive, necessary and open. This is a response that is summed up as YES.
  • When we feel a response that is not aligned to us personally, it will feel heavy, negative, oppressive, closed or like “Dead Energy”. This response is summed up as NO.

As you build your higher sensory ability through practice with this technique, your skill will improve. Any technique when practiced is like building your spiritual muscle, it gets easier for you to feel discernment and to feel aligned to what is positive for your soul growth. When you get good at listening to your inner spirit, your life becomes synchronistic! As you experience more life synchronicities you will find you are always led to be in the right place for you!

Pendulums for Yes or No

The soul connection is what enables the development of Higher Sensory Perception or HSP functions. In order to heal, one must be able to feel. This is clarified by having the ability to access the souls’ function of HSP, which distinguishes between cellular knowing impulses, rather than the linear analytics that characterize the 3D mental body functions. Some people have better skillsets with discerning intuitive and HSP impulses than others, but each person can develop and increase their sensory abilities with practice. See Intuitive Empath.

Pendulums can be used to practice and develop intuitive abilities. Pendulums can be very useful to answer questions with a yes or no answer. Using a pendulum is like using a dowsing rod, and thus using a pendulum can also be referred to as “dowsing”.

Choosing to use a pendulum will be an intuitive exploration, and sometimes pendulums will choose you. Most pendulums are made of crystal for their inherent energetic properties which can be easily attuned to the vibration of the user. Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz pendulums are the most common and very good for beginners.

Before using a pendulum, you may need to cleanse and attune to the crystal.

Hold your crystal or pendulum in your right hand over your heart center and say out loud, “I invoke the eternal light of Christ, Christos unity is my guide, may this crystal be purified in the clearest loving expression of my eternal God Self, One Self.”

Then you will need to find out the natural language of the crystal pendulum. The language means that you and your pendulum understand each other, that when you are asking a question and getting an answer of either Yes or No the answer you receive through the pendulum is made completely obvious to you.

• Start by holding the pendulum and blessing it in service to God, Christ and Natural Laws. Then hold the pendulum and let it swing freely. Ask the pendulum to show you the movement for the answer Yes, and say Yes out loud directed to the pendulum. Note how the pendulum swings for a Yes answer.

• Then ask the pendulum to show you the movement for the answer No, and say No out loud directed to the pendulum. Note how the pendulum swings for a No answer.

• Then ask the pendulum to show you the movement for the answer Not available or Neutral, and say Not Available or Neutral out loud directed to the pendulum. Note how the pendulum swings for a Not Available or Neutral answer. This means at the time you ask a question; it may move in this response if there is not a clear answer or the question is more complicated to answer in a simple Yes or No.

Practice this exercise with your pendulum until you feel confident that you can discern the signals of Yes, No or Not Available or Neutral. Once you have determined the movements of each swing then you can put the pendulum to use. It is particularly helpful in discerning supplements, flower essences, or other remedies. The use of a pendulum to support energy session work is also possible. The caveat with using a pendulum is that it will be impacted by a strong and dominating ego, as the ego thinks it knows everything. Thus, it is critical that your mind is open, your emotions are not attached to the outcome, as intense emotional desires will influence the answers and create bias to the ego’s strong impulses. So, remember the best results will come from testing items in which you are sincerely neutral and allowing for guidance from your heart to lead the way. This is another good reason why we emphasize the necessity of clearing Negative Ego and finding the Observer Point which holds neutral, as neutral is always the point of Christos spiritual power and to which you can gain strong HSP intuitive discernment and get more accurate answers.


Found in HGS Manual Page 125

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