Life Culture and World Humanism

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Let's go now and look at imagining what a Life Culture would be. We call Life Culture here World Humanism. Imagine that we did live in a world where people wanted to live in harmony with the natural laws and therefore all people on the planet were treated with love, dignity and respect. They were equally educated in creating balanced and holistic lifestyles with others. Imagine that our communities and societies were founded upon organizational policies and programs that are based in a shared humanitarian value of co-creating world humanism, shaping our communities and world through modelling behaviours such as:

  • Unified cooperation and Service to Others,
  • Loving kindness, Compassion and Empathy,
  • Respect, dignity and harmlessness for all people,
  • Living in honesty, integrity, truth and transparency,
  • Being able to hold fairness and forgiveness and true Humility,
  • Wanting to experience consciousness expansion and higher learning through synchronicity,
  • Co-creating responsibly with Earth, nature and the animals,
  • And legitimate admittance to participate with the inter-galactic communities

World Humanism is based in the re-education of human value - valuing human life. It emphasizes the importance of shifting from an anti-human or a death culture belief system into humanist based ethics and related philosophical principles. All human beings deserve humane treatment in order to live upon the planet with dignity and with basic access to meet their Fundamental Human Needs.

Our goal in the ES community is to practise this model when we can, the best we are able to apply humanistic, ethical philosophies blended with the spiritual principles of the Law of One to expand consciousness which inspires a direct knowledge and spiritual awakening experience. Ascension essentially encompasses a universal perspective towards the compassionate practise of World Humanism and it includes the entire spectrum of life. All inhabitants of the world, no matter what race, religion, belief or creed to be equally deserving of benevolence, Empathy and Compassion.

This is a clear example of how other advanced races beyond our solar system co-exist and live together that are actively participating with the intergalactic community and inter-dimensional free worlds. At this time the inhabitants of this Earth are fully excluded until these global problems of destructive violence and world suffering are directly acknowledged and steps are taken for disclosure which will begin the process of world healing. Disclosure is what is required to end wars, to stop directing the covert and overt military weaponry that is being used to mind control the population as well as perform senseless killing. It is true that based upon the clear evidence of continued violent warring, weaponry and destructive behaviours on this planet some in the intergalactic community believe the people of the Earth are criminals and alien hybrids from the Refugee Races that should remain sequestered in this system of consciousness imprisonment. Many in this intergalactic community are wary of Earthlings. They're distrustful of the people that come from the Earth.

I truly pray in my heart, I truly hope that some day the people of this Earth will rise to change that perception and join the intergalactic community. How are we going to do it? Virtue based ethics. Virtue Based Ethics emphasizes the focus upon developing virtues which strengthen the mind, strengthen the character and strengthen the spirit. For us in our interpretation this is the basis of building the strength of the spiritual foundation. It's critical for the Light Body to hold higher consciousness and universal knowledge to learn what virtue based ethics is because this is what leads us to spiritual freedom. Now, more simply a virtue can be defined as a character trait that's positive. Expressing virtuous qualities causes more positivity to ripple out into the world and that is the direct result of a person's choice, a person's choice in their behaviour and actions. When a person expresses virtuous qualities in their behaviours and interactions it contributes to the co-creation of personal well being and happiness. It also helps other people to reach that feeling of well being. In the spiritual context this is experienced as blessings, feeling a blessedness that guides our path forward which allows us to flourish and feel happiness and contentment in our lives.

The sentient intelligence of our Soul and Spirit if we learn to listen will always lead us to express many kinds of higher quality Virtues. The Soul and Spirit's purpose is to guide each person to experience their own fulfillment of spiritual purpose and to flourish in peace and contentment while developing the deeper connection with higher consciousness. We create the state of well being, happiness, peace and contentment in our life when we have disciplined our selves to achieve the natural flow of expression of higher qualities of [[Virtues and ethics because this is what allows people to succeed and fulfill their higher spiritual purpose. Another way to express this is that when a person practises virtue based ethics in every area of their life no matter what kind of difficulty, adversity or challenges that comes their way they can defeat the obstacles in their path through the dedicated practise of expressing, behaving and committing to the strengthening of Virtue Based Ethics. Basically what that means is - Be a good person.[1]


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