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Starseed Session Transcript:

Themes- Magnetic Anchor, Magnetic Mastery. 13th stargate opening. point of corruption of Universe, purpose of Earth being created)

Opening: Today we are opening our session and holding the intention of our sacred space and container. So for me immediately I feel that Trans-harmonic pillar chute open up, which is a little different process than we have in our usual sessions. You and I seem to have a different construct when we get together. Setting our space and setting the sacred intention of our container, we call upon the Guardians, those that are aligned to the Law of One Mission to work together in support. We ask the Avatar and beyond, those that are opening through the Trans-harmonic pillar access.

Right away, it's a new kind of level I'm seeing. There is a Neutron Window opening. This neutron window is the connector point, the connector between the domains of the 7 Higher Heavens matrix and the lower quadrants, in which we are existing in now. Immediately what I'm seeing is something hard to articulate in words, but there is a connector point. It's something mutual that you and I are working on at this time. This is obviously a level of our identity. I am asking...

I'm in a walk-in process as well, and the best way in this time for us to describe it is that we are connecting to higher and higher levels of our identities. They are linking and embodying with us at different levels to get these things done. What I'm seeing now is a part of the quadrant of our universe and its manifestation template and seeing the portal access. Like the stargate portal openings in our system here and how that now is connecting. Like if you were seeing a fractal pattern, through each of those fractals is one of those 12 Tree Grids that's representing the core manifestation of each of these creations. It's like I see it flip into a 45º access and now what is attached to it. Oh it's all the way reversed. I see it's going up, it's at a 45º angle, this must be how they talk about moving in and out of stargate portals at a 45º angle spin, as how you move through wormholes. So I'm seeing another complete structure of the universal creation. Is this the one that we are linking through Andromeda? Yes.

So what they're saying is that we are linking with it. The way they have described this is that there are the 7 Higher Heavens, which would be the higher heaven levels of creation. Which is another complete universal creation structure. It's not a part of our universal structure at all. This is something that is another universe, another creation, but it's still a part of the stair step. Meaning that it is connected to us and it isn't connected to us its a strange thing.

What I'm seeing is this is where we're from. Like this level of identity of consciousness whatever this is, is connecting into another complete universal matrix. And we had in a sense slid down the neutron window to be a part of this level of creation, which is considered the Lower heaven structure. This is the lower domain, that's the higher domain. Higher domain meaning that the resonant frequency patterns of that particular universal structure have not experienced the level of density, that go on down here.

The window of this is connected to the 12D Shield place like beneath the feet or in the feet area. But the capstone of it is above your head actually it's about a foot above your head. So I'm seeing there are some kinds of orbits. I don't know, it's almost like coordinate points of these templates that are being activated. Like when we talk about handshake hubs and connectors, it's like your body is this template holographic structure, which is connecting. It's almost like you are holding the blueprint and this blueprint is orchestrated through the form and body that you're in, then it manifests in these larger ways.

What I'm seeing is that the holographic opening that is 12 inches beneath the feet in the shield, there is the 10-11-12 triad and in the center of that point, in the center of that shield, it's spherical. That is a level of what opens into the next universe. The 12th dimensional stargate in your body is connecting to Zero Point. The Zero Point opening can be accessed here where the portal that is in your body, is there at the feet level. That is connecting to that Cosmic Holy Trinity, the Cosmic Triad that we're talking about, the opening of that portal is at the feet level. But I am seeing something coming out from the top of your head as well. It's almost encompassing your whole form.

It's so hard for me to describe these bodies because they're not in the human template any more. Like we were talking about the Logos body as a stellar body of consciousness, and that's what we're working with now, is the consciousness of a star. Like a star body a planet. Even though I know not all planets are stars, but we're working with a stellar body now and not a human imprint. Even though it's kind of similar and it has correspondences. There is something happening now where you have been embodying this Density 1 body of the Earth. You know in the stair-step ascension process in moving through these bodies it's like your Avatar body. The level of the human's natural state of evolution, while we're on this planet that's done. You know what I mean? Those bodies have been assimilated and absorbed and then you went into the planetary level. But planet Earth at this density.

So let's say, Density 1-2-3, this harmonic universe that we're in, so not the parallel earths. What I'm saying is not like the 5th dimensional earth, and the other dimensional earths that are existing in parallel. It's like the 1st density earth body became integrated and assimilated into these layers and now that part of you, that part of your body as an Earth Logos, is now moving into another quadrant. If we were to use the 15th dimensional field model, you have another 15 dimensional field connecting to you. If we consider our position in this quadrant of the Earth density, there is a 15 dimensional matrix in terms of the energies that comprise this universal system. Now what I'm seeing is that there's an additional 15 dimensional matrix that is not of this system.

It's like merging. It seems like part of what's happening is that the connectors are there and its at a 45º angle, but I don't know if its going to stay there. I feel like its going to merge or it's moving somehow. Somehow it's being synthesized. But the way to describe it is that this 15 dimensional matrix is the Higher Heavens and is the part of the entry point that they're referring to as the Neutron window, into the Zero Point. Its almost like the zero point from our intents and purposes from this position where we are here phase locking. When the phase lock happens in our galactic core and it opens up into Andromeda, a stargate opens. We could call that the 13th stargate, because we know the planet has 12 startgates.

So the 13th stargate is what happens as a part of the mechanics of Ascension. Like every 26,000 years, you know when we go through that. But there's something different about this cycle because what I'm seeing with this, they're reminding me this doesn't happen every 26,000 years. This happens like, I'm even hesitating to say this because this seems like a lot, but they're telling me like millions of years.

There is something specific that had to happen in the 3rd experiment and seeding of what was going on this system. Some very dramatic things have gone on to ensure that several cycles within cycles were attained in the simultaneous now. They're showing me this even though I don't necessarily have words for it. That these cycles upon cycles upon cycles: so cycles of time-space and other matrices that we don't even know exist yet, are in harmonic resonance and tone with our system cycles. But for a time they weren't, because that was basically the whole usurpation of this universal creation.

What I'm getting here simultaneously as I'm talking is I'm seeing that races were dumped here or somehow they got here. And namely I think we're talking about the Draconian races and the races that have been the "bullies" of this system. They weren't originally from this particular universal creation they took it over. I don't know exactly how they got here, but it feels to me they were either dumped here or they were put here. Or they fell in here like they destroyed their own system and somehow in the reversals of that destruction they ended up in a doorway that led into this universe.

We're attempting to rehabilitate what we can, and discard the rest. Because what seems to be happening is that we're, god this is so surreal. I guess the way for me to try to articulate this is, what I'm feeling is that we have been dealing with let's say the oversoul of the human, the oversoul of the planetary body as a stellar body, as a star body system. Now we're dealing with literally, like we could almost compare this to the oversoul of our universe. It's a higher aspect of this creation that has been somehow at some point disconnected from us. Again what I'm getting from them as they are giving me this information is yet another level that this take-over was not just a planetary issue. It encompassed the whole matrix of this universe. It’s almost like somehow, and again I don't understand how this happened, it's like this entire universal matrix was overrun and taken over and they decided that ... I see, ok.

In a sense it's almost like at a certain part, and there's millions of universes. These universes are a part of the God core matrix, whatever that unattainable inexpressible source energy is. But it's the eternal living light source of the organic expression of the eternal living light, the life rather than the death. The death is the reversal energy.

So when they came in or were dumped into the universal structure, they saw that this universal structure was created for certain harmonic resonances, let's say. We could say that the life forms inhabiting in this system, were still resonant. I don't want to say they weren't at complex levels because they were. But there weren't discordant notes or tones. It was almost like creation was in harmony. The planetary body would give birth to consciousness, to the consciousness forms of life that would inhabit the planetary body. And at that point the consciousness in the planet and the planet itself as a consciousness, all were aware of each other as a single harmonic tone. That tone was a note.

So what they're saying is, in a sense that is what was stripped. They came in, they saw the harmonic tone and note of the creations in here, and these tones were operating at levels they didn't want to operate at. And that's when they started to take over. It's almost like the genetic or the consciousness that they were holding corrupted our system all the way up to the universal structure level. Even though they were not developed consciousness, their presence in our system corrupted it like a virus. Even though they couldn't understand the higher realms of consciousness that existed in this universal system, their very presence in it corrupted it in both directions. That's the only way I can basically frame it. The progenitors of the human race and of others, saw this issue and it was growing and it was spreading like a virus does.

But they couldn't see quite the implication of what that would mean. It would take millions of years to understand how that was going to impact this creation. It's almost like an organism outside of the natural organic source of the universe, is creating itself and it's expressing, and all of the sudden there's a "foreign object" introduced. That object, whatever it was in terms of the Draconian races or the races that were "anti-Christ". I can see that it wasn't originally from a malicious intention of being anti-Christ it was like they simply were completely blind and genetically unable to comprehend anything above their level of understanding. Because they weren't even connected into this system it's very hard to explain. So they land here somehow and they start corrupting our system.

The first part is how do we synthesize and integrate harmony back into this big discordant note that's been dropped into the center of the universe? And over eons of time this synthesis has been attempted to be facilitated and supported. Yet we've seen it grow larger and larger like a cancer if you will.

So the question then became from a logos perspective, that has created universes and created souls at that level of consciousness, what do we do with this? Do we annihilate it and shut it down? Which does happen. Or do we attempt to rehabilitate it? I'm getting that you were one of the beings from that logos level of consciousness. That after millions of years of trying to solve this problem and not being able to re-direct it, you embodied into your own creation in order to solve the problem. I hope this makes sense.

Because you had to experience your own creation in order to be able to solve the issue that was unsolvable from your frame of reference. It's like, it sounds funny but the creator gods are up there scratching their head, seeing that dimensional portals are being destroyed and matrices are collapsing upon themselves, and they don't know how it's happening. There were several levels of attempts, from that level of consciousness, to rectify and create harmony through all these different levels.

We could look at this in two ways. We could look at this as the process of God experiencing itself. Without judgment without saying this is good or bad or evil or whatever. It just is. This is what happened. The creations became threatened because the original intentions of those harmonic notes and tones were being destroyed.

This is where we find ourselves now. We're at the end of the cycle of the in-breath and out-breath of creation through God consciousness. Those that had been in the higher domains of the matrix, we could say the oversoul of this universal system, have come to connect to their creations in this form. Because the observer consciousness and through literally experiencing it, what's happening in your body and I think through my body, and I think through some of us right now. Honestly I don't know if this is the direction of all human species evolution or not. I think this is a creator God logos consciousness coming back to reclaim its creation. The embodiment of a complete inter-dimensional portal of all aspects of the singularity being conscious in the densest part of its own creation is happening now.

Another way to say this is the universal mechanics of creation are based upon harmonic notes and tones the laws of harmonic resonance. So if a level of consciousness is existing within itself from let's say a vantage point of the 12th dimension. It has limited expression in its ability to interact and comprehend, in the way that a human being would. In order to re-align the discordant notes, the creator God or logos consciousness had to come and embody in the system. There had been a few other experiments in consciousness where that was not working.

Ok let's say, you're up there, you're a creator god and instead of the lower forms (of again not in value) but we're talking about the fragmentation of self. So you're a creator god, you are creating souls you're creating worlds and in these worlds, they're created in your image. But the image is one that is not in the wholeness that you represent, at that vantage point. The consciousness that you've created even though it is a part of you, hasn't realized itself yet. It's still in the process of its own realization of who it is, and coming back into the source of what it truly is. Like evolving back into the creation.

What I'm speaking of is almost impossible to express. The understanding is that however we look at this, there are levels of fragmentation off the core matrix of the God source that created this system. It is those levels of consciousness that are embodying in us, to re-direct and heal the creation into returning back home into it's source energy. Before it needed to be coming back as space dust units, rather than through retaining its own sentience.

Its like if you are the God consciousness and in the out-breath of creation, the outbreath moves out into more fragments of itself. You're now here to collect the fragments from your own creation. From the vantage point that you were at, you were trying to draw the fragments home but they had disconnected from the source.

You're here, and from the incarnation of the human its almost like there's a bridge being created, between the God consciousness as the creator and the human as the creation. The bridge is being built in the middle because at that vantage point, at that dimensional scale, this aspect down here couldn't connect to you. If that makes any sense?

And probably because we've got all of the things that went on with the Annunaki, because what they basically did was they took over stargates. They basically replicated the white light force of the creation. Again this is a very weird vantage point that I'm speaking of, because its from a non-human perspective. I'm trying to put this in an allegory or in some frame because this is a non-human perspective. It's almost like we're speaking, you and I, from the God creator consciousness and we created a planet, we created stars, we created souls, we created life. And we did this in the natural organic expression of pure joy and unconditional love. We granted this gift to all creation to actually experience itself in the many fragments that it is, to come back into the cohesive whole at some point in its evolutionary journey. In a way while we are connected to the creation we are able to experience all of creation in those new experiences as they are playing out.

In a sense it's the self-realization of God consciousness, even at that level as all of its little fragments are playing out its holographic dream. Dreaming the dreams in the dreams that are made through the hologram, through all these permutations through all these mirrors of consciousness. Well somehow the mirrors got broken. And the decision is ok, the mirrors have now detached and they now believe that they are their own identity. They now believe that they are physical density rather than the connection into the God consciousness light.

So its like a danger happened during that period of evolution, because the creation now believed it was the creation only. And if it maintained that level of belief it would have nowhere to go but to destroy itself. Because outside of connection to the Living Light Source, becoming identified with the physical structures created, there is nowhere to go but digression and further fragmentation. There was nowhere else to fragment except into mineralization consciousness, it's basically like going backwards instead of forwards in the evolutionary scale.

The decision was to rehabilitate rather than close down the creation. Which was an option by the way and was apparently considered. A very painstakingly intricate I don't know what to call this, is it a rescue mission? Is it a rehabilitation mission? It's all of these things. The choice was made, as the creation on one level had become distorted and incredibly beautiful. Because what happened when we had something from another world come into ours, this moment that this new tone came in, this discordant note became a part of this creation. We could call this the Draconians and their agendas. And a whole new creation was made from this. Something entirely different and new came from this. And further because of the technological advancement of those levels of beings, even though they were not spiritually or emotionally connected, they manufactured and replicated a tremendous amount of life that became like a machine. It's almost like down here in this creation then, it became a mixture of robots and organic creations. Its like a mixture went on.

Over time, there were distortions happening because of these machines, and when I say machine I mean an artificially replicated system. These beings came in and they used the natural laws of the universe, not necessarily understanding it entirely. But they were experts at using the mind matrix, the concept of ideas and seeding that idea into manifestation. What they did is they figured out how to manifest their thoughts outside of the God consciousness, which was not done before. Meaning that all was sourced from the infinite God matrix and through this it was eternal and living light. It was always promised an eternal living light because it was connected to the structure.

What happened is as the creation started to explore them selves and they went further and further outside of the connection with the God matrix energy, pretty soon at one point, (like what happened in our universe) they forgot they were connected to the God source at all. They became aware of the universal laws of the forces living in the universe, but they were not connected to the source of it all, the supply. In a sense what happened is they we're living in finite spaces that have energy in containers, but at some point those containers are going to end. The containers, if they're not energized by a sustaining source, at some point they will die, they will destruct. They will return as space dust because there will be no way to regenerate it, because its not connected to the generation energy of the true creator. This is what the issue is with the Draconians.

We have an unusual task in that we are animating the artificially generated and genetically modified forms into living consciousness. These forms were manipulated genetically out of the original blueprint of the Christ, to become mind programmed systems that are powered by the consciousness of the Christ. Now the Christ is a living light consciousness connected to source, and the Christ has been mutilated and manipulated and distorted at the planetary, solar, and universal levels.

Basically what they are telling us what we are moving into is the understanding that the Christ consciousness as a consciousness of light or a consciousness of essence, or harmonic tone, has been distorted throughout the whole universal structure, because of the viral impact genetically that these beings had upon this system. It's like I can see it going backwards and forwards. The viral load was moving in both directions.

So if we look at the whole out-breath of creation from the densest level and all of the in-between spaces, into the closest level of creation into the core of the God matrix. That virus was moving in both directions, corrupting the fields in all directions. This is how it spread. And in a sense what that meant was that the creation was disconnecting itself from its original source, because of what we could say was the faultiness of it. The integrity of the core manifestation templates that were created in the holographic structures at every level; universal, planetary, solar, galactic, into this human realm, are all nested in an intricate fractal interface that is a part of the whole no matter what direction it goes in.

So what happens on our planet happens at the highest levels of the universe. It spirals in both directions. This is wow, so this is new information for me. This is about a threat to the entire universal matrix, the entire thing not just planet Earth. We were thinking about planet Earth being the issue, its actually a threat upon the entire matrix. Because if they take down the planet, and they know this is the most vulnerable part of the universal structure that's why everybody is here. In a sense what is happening on the planet Earth represents the only place where the changes can be made, because we are literally dealing with changing the future right now. We're changing the past, we're changing the present, we're changing the future, all at the same time. By bringing the logos God consciousness into the embodiment here, it's the only way we can override the corruption.

You know how there are these phase locks like how portals open? How do I say this, like tick - tick - tick, and then it clicks in and its a direct alignment. Something is now coming into direct alignment and it's being represented in your hologram, in your levels however we would describe this.

They're saying this is a corridor that is being opened through an access point, when the domains of the higher heavens link into the lower heavens. What they're saying is that this particular event is what has not been accomplished for the last millions of years here. There is something that is converging at so many levels beyond human thought or comprehension, like even beyond the Milky Way and the Andromedan core link. I'm seeing it's even much larger than that. Its almost like understanding that the consciousness that has been existing in this higher domain has been preparing itself for its connection with us in the lower domain, and so has everyone else. What I'm seeing is orchestration upon orchestration upon orchestration it is so strategic. There is something very strategic going on here that goes out way beyond even the natural mechanics of what was created for this universe.

There has been I would say a massive effort to salvage this system through what has been orchestrated between life forms that we can't even comprehend at this time. I don't even know what we would call that. But I'm just seeing the layers and levels of these cycles that were adjusted and attuned. And all kinds of things happened so that each of the cycles, say the cycle of what's going on in Andromeda, the cycle of what's going on in here, all of these cycles are converging. They're all converging so that they can lock into each other.

I think what happened is this creation got "infected" and then it just spun off in a way. Something from that original genetic distortion that created a viral effect started to shut down. It's almost like the universe was slowly dying. Because it wasn't connected to it's Source any more. Yet at this level, we're talking millions of years because it's such a big body of consciousness. If you think of the universal body of consciousness and how beyond huge it is, we can't even fathom that. Think about how long it could exist without connection. Eventually, it would be like how stars blow out and die. It's the same thing. We would be the star that would die. One day we would just run out of juice that's what this is about.

The issue is the consciousness inside of here. Because I'm also seeing how those corruptions are how the "fallen angelics" got created. You know how there are these distortions of shadow and issues that happened with Archangel Michael and some of the angelic presences. They became in effect corrupted by the system as well. The corruption is literally about what creates the process of the consciousness, to think and create it's level of tone and resonance. It's almost like when somebody's being "dark" or "evil", they don't really consider themselves that. It's not a thought process of a moral issue, because in creation there is no judgment. There are things that happen and it's just the way it is. So in a sense its like these creations that were being spawned were at some point going to have to be annihilated. Yet the consciousness that's embodying that form doesn't even know that. It's just in its own level of understanding of who it is and that's where it's operating.

It's very strange. A way to look at this is that a virus corrupted the universe and it started to break down the integrity of the creations that were in it. And it happened at all levels, human, non-human, extraterrestrial. So what I'm seeing is that these issues at some level affect everyone in this matrix, even though there are other extraterrestrial intelligences that are obviously operating at more intelligent levels than the human is. But they're still affected too even though they are still operating at a reasonably high level compared to human standards.

So what they're saying is that it is this point of the creation, because of it's purpose because of why it was created, because the playground of all the extraterrestrial genetics are here. The Earth is a living light genetic library and it is a sum total. I see, I see. Oh my god that's immense. What they're telling me is that the Earth was created for this purpose. They knew back when, before Earth was created that they had a problem. Ok once again, do we destroy it, do we start over, what do we do? They created a race, which is us the human being. They created a planetary body through which to evolve that race. And this race would be very special. It would be the only life form in the known universe at this time that would hold the genetic capability of every single life form that was in existence in the universe.

The reason why they did that is they thought that would be the only way they could heal the virus or heal the distortion. Is that if a human being down here held in this planet, the planetary body, which is a part of us. If the genetic library holds every single aspect of creation in the universe it could be synthesized and healed here down on this "playing field". So that's what we're doing here. Wow. Ok so we as the human beings were created to be a specific synthesizer of every single permutation of genetic material known in the universal structure, period.

Because at a soul level or whatever level, at some level of consciousness it is known what's happening. This is the timeline you want to be in, to be a part of this process to be a part of this unification and synthesis. It also seems to hold, and I don't know what this means exactly, but like a badge of honor. Almost like we get off the planet, we get a t-shirt that says "I survived the Earth" I don't know. That's kind of what it feels like, it's kind of funny.

That helps me understand a lot too. So that as well is why this planet is being observed. Its like a genetic laboratory because this is the only planetary system and life form system that has all of the genetic material on it. And this is something that the forces that are resisting, they don't really understand. It's very hard for me to say this, because it is amazing to me. But apparently there are things that we are discussing here that they don't comprehend or understand. They're just at their level of consciousness they're level of being. That's it. They consider us as inferior and they don't really know what the human divine purpose and plan is about. They just saw the planet, and they wanted it.

I think what is happening is that we are experiencing a completely new level of consciousness, while we are embodied in form. And they are reminding me that what we are doing has never been done before. This issue has been that the physical bodies down here have been so corrupted that there was no possibility of this level of consciousness even interacting with its own creation. Its like a part of your apparent divine plan in this process is about assisting in the Universal Matrix ascension, through the various bodies that you hold, which extend out far greater than the human level.

A way to look at this is that from the human level of consciousness, because this is the process of evolution the consciousness has been time trapped in these cycles for a long time. This little soul consciousness comes into something known as a human body and it's got 3 firing bodies going. It's got all these bodies dormant, that have to be activated but it's on its own process of self-realization and evolution. So it's going along and it's having its experience, and basically what that's 99% of the planet? How much of the planet is only working at 3 or 4 energy centers of their human level?

You're not working with the human prototype. You're working at the planetary level. So it's like what's happened is that you have activated and assembled, or assimilated the light code and energies of your human genetic template in its potential. And because of the various events of your life, because that had been activated you now went to the next level of evolution, which was working with planetary body. Most of the human beings on this planet are not working with planetary level light bodies, or beyond that.

What is happening now is that somehow, I feel that they've done some kind of shortcut with you in order to do some kind of crisis management. I feel that there are some interesting things that they're doing with you, like you said you're a prototype. They have accelerated something in you because you reached a certain level of critical mass that most human beings don't have. Most human beings are spending lifetime upon lifetime just to get to the Avatar consciousness. Somehow this was either genetically available, spiritually available? I'm not sure, there are a million ingredients that contributed to this.

But your spiritual bodies were developed enough where you could interface with the planetary level of Logos consciousness and then something changed from there. It’s like you have all those bodies. But most human beings right now are working on their 4th and 5th light body. You have exceeded this massively. That means you hold all of that plus the planetary energy. So yes, you have an Avatar body, you have all of those bodies, but they are now supporting your new structure.

Your system, even though you are a consciousness that is having a human experience, there is a light body attached to you that is driving it. It's almost like a humongous group consciousness driving your singular Earth human body. But your Earth human body is not the one in control or having a human life as a human would any longer. I don't think that it makes it exempt in terms of the joys of life, but your orientation and the way you deal with things and perceive things is obviously not from a standard human level. There's a process of the human beings that are a part of the consciousness down here exploring itself. You didn't really come here to explore yourself you came here to do some massive work basically. I don't mean to say this in the sense that if you have dreams they're not going to happen, but it's different for you.

I think the issue is the distortions and the problems we have with animating the physical body. Because like I said it became important for us because of all of the artificially replicated holograms and systems. It's almost like in order to ascend the creation we had to animate the entire system again in the God consciousness frequency that would literally evolve the mind programs of the body. Because what I'm seeing is that the physical self down here in 3D, is now just a bunch of entwined, ingrained mental programs, mind programs of identity. They're all illusions.

So what has happened is that body now can't exist without those illusions. What do we do? Because the body now has become intricately designed to its belief system, so that when the belief system becomes threatened, the body will die. What they're trying to do is infuse the animation of the God consciousness as the living light force, to power the body to transcend and override the mind programs. It's almost like the human being has become more robot than consciousness, than God consciousness.

Over time because the business of being human has been so disconnected from the higher self identities its become a finite space, a mind program that is like a robot. Like an artificially machined intelligence because its not connecting into its soul energy. Apparently what's happening in your body is kind of like the Holy Grail in a sense, this is incredibly rare. And is obviously why there have been these particular systems of connection with you. I myself am pushed into a whole different realm when I speak with you, because even though I can sense these things I don't even have a language to describe it. I get visuals and I can see it and it's so profound, it's so huge. We just don't have a language to apply as a human being, because it's not human any more.

Really it's like now your body is being used as an inter-dimensional portal to access things. And all I can say is because you can and others can't. Somehow even though there has been such discomfort and challenge and pain for you to do this, you still have been able to do this. Most people would spontaneously combust there would be no way for those bodies to handle this. So something very unique is happening in your body that is pretty indescribable.

I got that there is some kind of balance point that they have to maintain with you, in a very specific way. Its almost like, in order to keep you a part of the Earth's magnetism in the body that you are inhabiting, they have to do some big tricks to keep you here. Oh wow, ok. So I'm seeing, it's almost like there are manipulated processes happening in your body to keep you a part of the magnetic field of the Earth.

They're also saying because your presence in the embodiment is creating changes in the magnetic core in the center of the Earth. So they have you linked up into that magnetic core because there is something about how the body of the planet moves in the matrices of the illusions of time-space. Think about these grids the grids are impulsed by magnets, by magnetic energy. And the movement of the speed of the planet's we could say that's that Schumann resonance. You know how there is a heartbeat of the planet there is a resonance of the tone of the planet that's emanating out of the core. The core note of the planet is being adjusted by your resonance as it is somehow being connected into the magnetic core of the Earth.

What I'm seeing is the vital part of keeping the stabilization on the surface of the planet, what's vital is the magnetic shift in the morphogenetic fields that comprise the mind consciousness of the human being. This is the key to the change and shift in consciousness. The enlightenment factor happens in the group field, say the human group as a group soul.

At a certain layer, the human being has a group mind. We have individual mind, and most people aren't accessing the higher mind into the group race field memory, but you're working with that. The group mind of the human soul that is connected to this planet is influenced in certain ways by the magnetic structures. And what I'm seeing is a very detailed coordinate point, longitude latitude. It's like coordinate points that are designed to move the planet. And what it is, the planet is not really moving it's like the perception of the movement that happens in the consciousness having the experience. This is controlled or modulated by the magnetic fields of the Earth, and how those magnetic fields interface with the group human soul. Because you are playing a part in that process of the modulation of the magnetic frequencies on the planet's sphere as a whole and you are anchoring a space, which allows the frequencies of stellar bodies to conduct into the magnetic core of the Earth. Because they could not without the interface you are holding.

Your body has some kind of artifice that is related to the modulation of control of the magnetic resonances, and impacts the core of the Earth in response to stellar activations and energies that are being conducted through the photon belt and through stellar bodies. Like when we align to Alcyon, when we align to Sirius, when we align to Arcturus. There are events that transpire when the magnetic core of the Earth comes into alignment with the Milky Way. That's the Ascension part but also this happens all the time, where there are stellar bodies that come into alignment with the Earth. It goes into the grids it impacts the magnetic core of the Earth and the ability of the earth to move forward or not, is contained in that exchange.

You are one of the beings that is anchoring a connector so that frequencies can be directed by God consciousness or that creator God spectrum of which you are a part as a logos. And that is then directed in this precise I mean it is so precise. It is like mathematical fractal equations that are downloaded through you. And it adjusts how the planet's magnet field moves in relationship to the consciousness having the experience. Being adjusted through those magnetic forms, but obviously not aware of that.

Basically I think what they're trying to say here is that the consciousness of the human being as a whole is influenced and accelerated or not, through the magnetic planetary field relationships in the interface relationship to the human being. You are holding the planetary interface of that magnetic instruction set that is creating the coordinate points that either support the consciousness fields or not. That is what you're doing. You're supporting the magnetics of the planet to certain coordinate points of frequency that need to be directed to human consciousness.

Now obviously the question is well why hasn't there been a mass awakening then? It's because the field of the earth couldn't. It still has to be modulated in order to not create complete terror, psychotic break, and cataclysms. Because all of this, what I'm seeing is that it is intricate and it is mathematical proportions and there are buffer fields being created consistently, so that surfaces of the earth's crust and tectonic plates are not moved so radically out of position from these coordinate points that massive upheavals occur.

It's almost like saying, if you're not in absolute perfect alignment with a stellar body or frequency field, it doesn't conduct. That's it it's gone. You are working with Magnetic Mastery you are a Magnetic Master, where the magnetics are being adjusted so that proper frequency conductance controls the magnetic core, which controls the planetary movement and then influences the group human mind. Because the magnetics are connected to the DNA, I can see that all that's related. The magnetic shifting in the group mind is one of the processes that control the human DNA function.

Closing: Thank you so much. We do want to just extend our heartfelt gratitude and unconditional love to all our beloved families of light and again for the opportunity to participate and witness this process. We thank you. In all that is needed in the highest levels of the fulfillment and stabilization of the forms, bringing the coherence and integration and wholeness to all levels of this being's experience. We call and hold for that space now. Please anchor lock and seal our work.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions - June 2008]

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