Master Builder Number 22

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Today our monthly class falls on the numerological significance of 22 or the Master Builder Number 22 which today is additionally amplified by four 2s that when multiplied anchor into the material world through the influence of the number 8. The number 8 represents materialism. This numerical combination creates a potential Consciousness Gateway into our realm as when we understand that symbols and numbers are connected to the consciousness Blueprint and when we pay attention to these symbols, numbers, archetypes and patterns one will learn to see how consciousness energy moves throughout the time and space field. This higher awareness allows us to observe the field and have better discernment in connecting the dots of the larger consciousness movement.

Since our February class is about Consent this is in perfect alignment in helping us to achieve a higher synthesis of comprehension between the Divine Laws of God versus what we see governs the Earth through the man-made laws or reptilian mind laws that violate laws of nature. This translates into how we can bring to the Earth the higher Laws of God through our own consciousness. Twenty-Two is the Master Builder. It is the number of the Master Builder on the material plane. It synthesizes and expands the power of 11, which is the mystical or Gnostic connection we have to access spiritual knowledge. This is the consciousness energy brought to the material plane and put into form, put into the manifest reality. So, when working with this vibration or born with this imprint at birth it holds the necessity of a great deal of responsibility. When higher knowledge is given and we bring that knowledge into the manifest we have a responsibility to be ethical and virtuous in protecting that knowledge and being aware of the sphere of influence that we are creating by doing so. Transcript by Mary. [1]


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