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Orphan Complex is a common mental disorder that many Starseed and Indigos experience when they incarnate on the earth and do not realize their true origin and spiritual mission with the earth. Most Star people suffer from memory wipe and are harassed by the NAA to discourage them from discovering their true mission and spiritual purpose.

Most Starseeds chose very challenging earth bloodlines to incarnate into during this cycle. Before we incarnated into 3D earth, we understood our responsibility to heal that bloodline, and that the support we would have to complete the Ascension Cycle would be available to us.

As a result, many of us suffer from an Orphan Complex, at various stages of our ancestral clearing and healing process. When we consciously participate and inquire on this process, we can make miraculous healing available not only to ourselves, but to our extended family of origin and throughout our bloodline history. This is the secret of the master number code of 777. Seven generations of bloodlines will be impacted in the past and future, simultaneously, when the ascending vehicle consciously participates with Spiritual Ascension to Cosmic Christ Consciousness. The now self is initiated to heal the entire bloodlines of past and future timelines, from the present station of identity. This is the secret that the NAA is so desperate to hide from humanity. [1]

Victimizer Archetypes

Orphan Complex is a Victim-Victimizer software mind control archetype that is used to target Starseeds that are spiritually developing during the Ascension Cycle. Because many spiritually developing people experience isolation, depression and confusion about where we belong, many of us feel despair while being on the earth without spiritual direction. When we are confused about our identity the NAA will target Star people to feel suicidal and have dark depression as a result from the intense isolation many of us feel form the earth inhabitants and feeling disconnected from our Star families.

HGS Manual

Orphan Complex is listed in the HGS Manual under the Victim-Victimizer 2 clearing under Addictions/Phobias. [2]


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