Pathways of the Brain

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July 2012 Meditation

Pathways of the Brain (FIRST 3 CIRCUITS)

A human brain is a receiver of frequency impulses and messaging received from a variety of sources that exist in the world of forces that make up the entirety of the Human, Planetary, Solar, Galactic, and then Universal Consciousness. In this meditation we will begin to access and recognize these pathways of the brain, in the first three circuits, that work with the lower dimensional circuits of the global brain , within us, and within this earth body, which is a macrocosm of our individual bodies. We become one with the Global Brain in order to change the impacts, effects and messaging these forces of consciousness exert upon our bodies, brains, thinking and attitudinal behaviors and their impact, that have been made on our vibrational intelligence, which is our enlightened spiritual consciousness. Moving through the brain circuitry we reconnect and turn on the proper switch within these three layers.

TAGS: Brain balancing, hemispheric balancing, clear automated AI circuits, reconnect brain circuitry, turn on brain

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