Spiritual Blindness

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Most people on this planet are living out of alignment with their authentic and natural self, which means they are unable to express Personal Integrity and Coherence. Without personal integrity we exist in the unnatural state of internal and external disconnection, unable to actually see how the things around us are interconnected and cause things to manifest. When we are confused about who we are, the Collective Unconsciousness takes over our direction in life, and this ultimately produces poor decisions and self-destructive manifestations. In the state of being disconnected from our authentic self, we feel deep unresolved pain and the inner emptiness that causes the lack of fulfillment and contentment in our life.

Pain is created when you are inauthentic and living outside of Personal Integrity, believing in your mind you are something you’re not, expressing something to others in an identity that you really are not.

Beyond experiencing abusive physical Trauma, it is important to remember that when experiencing painful negative emotions, the pain being generated is based upon lies and deceptions. Many times painful emotions are created from a deception in your mind that you believed to be true, when it’s really not true.

When we do not know who we really are inside, when we do not have clarity on our life lessons and purpose, when we have not taken time to develop a close relationship with our body and self, we lack self-awareness. When a person lacks self-awareness, they can easily become delusional. If a person does not know what their personal values are, they will have no understanding of the guiding principles that motivate their direction throughout life. This is the state of disconnection within the inner self that generates Spiritual Blindness and energetic weakness that is set up for exploitation. In the 3D world, blind spots and energetic weaknesses are aggressively exploited by Controller archetypes, to keep people disconnected from their authentic core self so that they can be easily controlled by the external forces.

Spiritual Blindness is the lack of self-awareness that continually produces blind spots that operate in the periphery of our consciousness or lack thereof. Many times our spiritual blindness shows up as recurring themes of intense obstacles, hurdles and dark attack. On a planet that places power in the hands of those that use deception as imposters, these blind spots are potentially exploited in every area of our lives. As we start to recognize deceptions and the imposters manipulating in the environment, then we must also see closely inside ourselves any places where we may be deceiving or lying to ourselves. We must see the times when we represent ourselves to others in a way that is out of alignment with our Personal Integrity. When we realize we are out of integrity, it is imperative to correct the behavior or make amends immediately, changing the destructive behavior to more positively aligned behavior in the future.

When we dedicate the day to day effort to neutrally observe our thoughts and reactions to people and things, we gain self-awareness by discerning the reasons why we have reacted in the ways that we have. What is critical in these intense times, is to make the effort to move away from inner confusion and disconnection, by taking positive steps towards discovering inner clarity. To help us develop the right relationship to our core self, we must study ourselves. We must gain deeper self-knowledge so that we can discover the personal core values we have that reflect the deepest inner contents of our being. Only when we gain self-awareness can we begin to even know the guiding principle for the highest expression for our authentic nature. We cannot live within personal integrity until we dedicate some effort to truly knowing who we really are and what inspires heart based motivations in the way we live life. [1]


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