Subconscious Mind Bonfire

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November 2013 Meditation

Subconscious Mind Bonfire

Visualization exercise in a natural and peaceful setting to uncover subconscious programs and confront beliefs in order to recover personal power and inner spiritual power. In a natural setting we strengthen our power in our 12D shield as we build a Krystic Bonfire to identify and locate all negative or painful subconscious programs in order to cleanse, purify and release them in the bonfire. All that is being sent to this bonfire is being purified and cleansed in the heart flame of the Christos. Know that you are sending all of the inner energetic burdens to the spirit of Christ, which will determine the highest expression, the highest fulfillment the highest spiritual purpose of your energetic and multidimensional being. Beloved Aurora Fire Element, we ask you to re-encrypt all aspects of our subconscious mind and elemental body to reflect the sacred fire of Internal Christos Flame and the Sacred Fire Element of Aurora to purify and cleanse our bodies and being in every way that grows our inner spirit and deepens our connection to God Source. Feel now your connection to the Aurora Fire element the elementals presence, how the Auroras fire element has its own communication and presence to connect with you, feel its warmth, feel its heat, feel its tempering, it is here with you as your friend, your partner in evolution, it is bringing you the gift of inner alchemy through its love and connection to you. I am the power, master and cause of my mind, emotions and body. I am safe, protected and supported by God in every way of my life. I am God I am Sovereign I am Free!

TAGS: Clear harmful Sub-conscious Programs, clear attachments, cords, Aurora fire, inner alchemy

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