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The HGS Template Transit section comes up when a portal or doorway (Transharmonic Portal, Aqua Portal (Mother Arc Portal) or other portal/doorway as appropriate) is opened within a HGS Session to transit entities, fragments, aspects and parts of bodies, etc. (basically anything that is no longer appropriate to be in this time and space during the ascension cycle) to a different time/space continuum or back to source.

What needs to be cleared, or adjusted for: items 1-8 (with the exception of 5-Cloaking which could have the meaning of cloaking to protect or cloaking that is hiding something).

Pre-Transit Adjustments: items 9, 10 (could also include 5-Cloaking).

Transiting Adjustments: items 11-14.

Stabilization and Adjustment to field and form after Transit: items 15-20 (could also include 5-Cloaking).

Another Transit scenario can look like this:

Adjustments in the Transit section start at 20-Balance, Center, Stabilize, then 19, 18, 17, 16, 10-Core Stabilize, 15, 14-Aurora Host, 13-TransGate and 5-Cloaking (for protection) without clearing anything from 1-8, just simply preparing oneself to connect to the Aurora Host and open a TransGate.


HGS Steward Discussion


One version of transits is also in the comprehension that time/space is shifting, and in some cases, entire pockets of reality are dissolving into other realms. Sometimes its human or not, but this membrane dissolution actually creates "displacement", where who existed in that time and space location is no longer existing there at the same time and space, this creates all kinds of phenomena, one is that level of existence or entity has to be "transited", therefore moved to another continuum. When we reclaim fragments this also happens in that we reclaim essence, collapse timeline and integrate, transmute or transit it out of that pocket of space/time.

Term first found: Page 59, HGS Manual