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  • #REDIRECT [[Chimera Effect]]
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  • ...tions, we are explaining the [[Chimera Effect]]. Inter-species hybrids and chimera are entities created from the mixing of two or more different species. Gen ...f public figures, and this is in a heated battle. As a result, the Chimera Group have instead taken to inhabit human bodies on the earth surface, that they
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  • ...que for its interacting galaxies. Two of the galaxies in the middle of the group have clearly begun to collide, sparking massive bursts of star formation an ...Eventually, he became the horse to Bellerophon, who was asked to kill the Chimera and succeeded with the help of Athena and Pegasus. Despite this success, af
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  • Annunaki are majorly involved with the Drac's ([[Orion Group]])in the cooperative control over earthly affairs, and their respective gro collected and returned to UK for distribution off planet to the [[Orion Group]] and [[Annunaki]] contingents.<ref>[
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