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Ascension Glossary:General disclaimer

The content shared on this website is an attempt to help understand the direct experiences and telepathic communication and/or contact made with various levels of Interdimensional Intelligences that began for Lisa Renee in 1999. These communications continue always evolving. As nothing in the movement of consciousness is static, the variation of material presented is a reflection of one human being’s Ascension initiation through a personal awareness of ET contact and through a series of lower and higher dimensional planes to experience a variation of multiple group consciousness fields during the Ascension Cycle. This Ascension pathway represented here is referred to as “Polarity Integration and Synthesis modeling”. Neither Lisa Renee nor the contents of this website are affiliated with the direct written study of - or relationship to - any other Ascension modality, Law of One doctrine, or human or nonhuman claiming to be a Teacher or participating within a “Guru” model in the physical plane. All content is presented to the reader as intended with the empowerment of the individual first and is for your personal discernment only. Please honor this Guardian consciousness work and take in only what resonates with you personally and discard the rest. There is no need for competition, enemy patterning or controlling Sacred Spiritual Sciences or Ascension technologies belonging to all of humanity when the content is presented with the intention of Unity, Freedom, Compassion and the Sovereign Right for All beings to be the revelation of the direct inner experience of the intelligence fields that are the Eternal God Source. Purity of heart and listening to your inner God Spirit is All there Is. All paths ultimately lead to One. For One and For All : I am God! I am Sovereign! I am Free!