Atlantian Timeline Session

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Themes: Union dissolving during personal initiation, Atlantean timeline memories, clock-shield template, walk-in, anti-life system, Tribal Shield access through fire letters, Enochian tablets, viewing distortions and repair of creational code.

Opening: We are memorializing our session here today. Clearly there are very similar blueprints for which I have coined the term Polarity Integrator relationships and roles on the planet. Certainly in the last phase those of us that are a part of that spiritual family have been activated into new levels of understanding and how we are being called into the crisis management of the current planetary dynamic.

First of all, I am going to be saying a lot of things. I want the intention and the knowledge, the awareness that anything that is shared between us is meant for empowerment and greater context. I am feeling and sensing from the level of crucifixion and the level of several identities and lifetimes coming into a resolution into a singular point. A lot of these issues and situations represent leftovers or remnants of those particular identities and energies. So the question then becomes today with our exchanges, bringing through any obsolete patterning which is either in there mechanistically or in there organically. However, those choices have been made from the past, present and future levels from which this experience is being brought into your current time.

Atlantian Core Conflict

I do know that this is a severe, a more amplified example of the Atlantean core construct and its conflicts. Understanding that certain level of consciousness were persecuted and crucified literally and figuratively, symbolically and energetically in every way possible, known and unknown. And this is a part of the fabric that makes up the time space fields of this particular planet. Again the beings the core essence the spiritual lineages, the beings that are a consciousness that have attempted to the best of their ability to hold levels of truth, to hold levels of consciousness hold levels of encodement whether it is esoterica or embodiment what ever it is.

Without assigning a value or a particular judgment but truly having an assessment of, understanding of what we're dealing with in the polarity forces, in the agendas of these forces and what is currently happening on the planet with these forces. How it takes us a while from our human condition and our human predicament to really start to get the experiential reality that we indeed are a part of this unfolding drama. And in the unconscious or hidden, there are a lot of agendas and beings and manipulations and deceptions within the illusory structure, that are being designed to thwart us from our truth or to confuse us from actualizing our true power. Because we can become basically fragmented in the psychological trauma of it, or the emotional damage that it brings when coming into the human realm and experiencing these types of situations.

So for me in feeling this situation I really feel Atlantean overlays that come through various stations of identity, which have been a part of the consciousness that you have in your record, meaning the cellular memory record which you hold in your being. I can identify in myself a definite feeling of spiritual brotherhood. It is interesting that in feeling you I feel my brother to you. Even though I'm in a female form at this time I feel you as my brother. Like a masculine kind of energy towards you, which makes me feel part of that past history and remembrance has been the service of that sort of brotherhood, an almost militaristic energy. So in unraveling the cellular memory of this and understanding it as a part of the histories that have been hidden from humanity, hidden from this planet. We're coming to the end of the cycle and the timing of our intersection right now is truly very interesting, in terms of bringing I think a closure and next level of awareness.

Because for whatever reason I'm feeling that today represents a milestone that creates a change in the pattern that is going to be very similar to like the new timeline that is starting. Which is very interesting in light of the linear sequence you are describing, the dissolution of relationship and these events that have been incredibly traumatizing and emotionally painful. And yet seeing the necessity for this, I can also feel very distinctly that there is a force and energy beyond that. Understanding that your ex is a being that has been brought into control by forces that she doesn't understand. And that some of this is coming from thought form possession and direct manipulation, which she has not invited in consciously. And from that place I think as you extract yourself, you will look at this from a place of great compassion and forgiveness. Because unfortunately it is quite devastating in it's overall effect on her. She is not realizing what she is setting in motion and that is very saddening to me. I don't like to see that at all and yet I can feel and understand that this is her lesson and her lesson alone.

So although you had created an opportunity or threshold, which could be walked over to say listen here's a doorway I'm holding open if you choose to cross it. And there is a very distinct vibrational choice that she made that really was the end of this particular union, and it exacerbated all of the hidden unresolved issues in her personality and ego. But the reality of the situation is that in order to extract you from the embed and the infiltration of this particular beings consciousness and what it represents, it's almost like I see a humongous sycamore tree that has got roots everywhere. And I'm seeing these roots were the foundation on which you built your life together, and why the extraction process had to be more dramatic. Because of these particular embeds, the force required to basically slingshot you cleanly out of the entanglements of this web necessitated a great torque and a great force in order to extract you.

What I'm really understanding is it is not prudent, it is not efficient at this time for you to hold a sending of, a sharing of light or energy or sound vibration in any form at all. Because a door has been closed here, which is more fruitfully served by a complete extraction of your energy and by a complete disengagement. So this is the truth of learning the mastery very quickly, of that which is more in your core nature, but very difficult from the human level to dismantle after having years of reinforced experience in this setting. True transparency and neutrality to this, in terms of not allowing any cording any emotional hooks any emotional blackmail to be used to feed the system that has become a monster of its own making. And it is truly an entity that is creating its own force and a whirlwind of animation in this situation that is looking to be fed by you. You cannot feed it. The more that you are hooked into it the more compassionate you may feel, in terms of wanting to assist.

Only your heart will tell you really what the truth of the matter is. I am feeling you are best served by a complete and full extraction of your being, without any interfering projection through any of these dynamics. This is being monitored and being observed by both sides. The eventual goal is to understand the levels of embeds that you had in your aura, your consciousness you're being. As unpleasant as it has been, a slingshot has forced you out of that particular situation, to no return. And it appears that those embeds have been extracted from you, and you no longer have those tentacles within you. Ultimately the goal was to extract you from those embeds at multiple energetic levels, which had created a certain enslavement trap.

Activating Starseed Identity

So you have been activated into your otherworldly presence into that which is your star seed identity. It is something that was not able to be explored, cultivated or supported in the context of these embeds and entanglements through this relationship. So not only is this a commission of your divine soul, but it is a commission of God, in which you have been called upon to truly express the true nature of your essence. In this most difficult process of releasing you from these entanglements, it is unpleasant, but is not going to sustain itself at its current level. Meaning there are systematic releases that are taking you into transition that will ultimately give you more of a platform, to have a core identity and a power supply that increases the confidence and all of that which you are, in order to be who you are on this planet. And that process is fully underway and nothing is stopping this process, it is what it is.

So truly in looking at this, as painful as it is I see this very clearly as the movement into greater destiny and into that greater destiny path of your own personal fulfillment and actualization of self, which I'm very happy about. And yet from the human level, certainly I don't like the way this has shaken out, and yet I understand the reasons why. A lot of the energy, it's almost like four timelines that are directly coming in from Atlantean timeline memory. That means there is some level of identity, there is some level of memory that is holding onto that particular understanding, like at a cellular level. And when a being is unconscious of past patterns that have played out, your ex has been a player in your movie before. So what happens a lot of the time and especially because we're at a level of completion, there are degrees of these patterns that have existed as miasmas as karmic buttons, as choices that have come together through other times and spaces. Which in this life, in this completion cycle are amplified by 1000 and come to a head in a more massive way, because it's completing several other incomplete timelines of memory that have to come into some kind of closure or resolution at this time.

The thing that always saddens me about this is understanding that we have choice in our participation. What I'm feeling in this case is when we're not able to be fully conscious, responsible and accountable to our own actions and employ reasonable wisdom or self-responsibility to our own lives. Then we do not see the opportunity that allows us to transcend dysfunctional or old behavioral patterns that have limited us in some way. I do feel that this pattern was given as a choice and the opportunity was not taken. So it means this pattern of drama that has transpired in another time and space, the opportunity to address that and to resolve that in a different way was offered, and it was not chosen.

So there are forces that are working at this that you do not want to feed or engage with. Dark forces are attempting to crucify you and to bring you into the memory of crucifixion. A part of this memory is also stemming from responsibility that may also feel like guilt or shame, or challenges around how I've used my power, how I didn't use my power? And this is the Atlantean seed that our friends like to manipulate a lot in the starseed family. Because the whole goal is to keep us disempowered or in doubt about how we use it or is it our fault or is something wrong with me. There is the cycle of mental torture that basically comes in through this cycling Atlantean program, which is very important to us on the planet at this time. Because everything we see in this last 26,000 year cycle and especially in the last 10,000 years, where the proverbial crap really hit the fan. This is where we really lost a lot of our connection into the source energy, and where the crucifixion implants really started coming in.

So in this last cycle what we're looking at right now is the result of the consequence of actions of a human race evolutionary cycle that was called or known as Atlantis. We think of Atlantis as myth, but according to our Guardian friends and from that which is the truth of my own experience that is inaccurate. It was a process of human development and a process when we were much more connected. Connected to ourselves to each other to the cosmos, and to other extra-terrestrial races, from which we have descended as a result of choices made from that time. Descended into a phase of evolution that has definitely been dark and disconnected. In which forces that are off planet have now decided that we are supposedly farm animals and easy to take advantage of, and that they would go ahead and do that.

And this is of course the current bizarre agenda and drama that we are dealing with on the planetary and global scape at this particular time. It is exactly why you have been radically woken up, to sort of join the party so to speak and remember this aspect of yourself. And of course the ultimate power of the God consciousness and how to be a vehicle for service in that way, which really is our ultimate and greater destiny while we're here.

So the Atlantean imprint is something that is marked all over your aura. When I feel your blueprint in your field I feel that which led to the timeline of crucifixion. So it's like seeing there are events being held in your consciousness in your aura and your being that have a timeline of assorted events. That have led through the Atlantian Cataclysm and into the choices that were made around the abuses of power, dominion and control, and these conflicts, and how they were set forth upon this particular plane on this particular planet. But as we know we have both planetary and physicalized human histories and then there are higher Galactic histories, as above so below. We have direct correspondence to the multiple levels of the same pattern that plays out in the hologram over and over and over again.

I see a great deal of that and I think it's time for this piece to be released. Because honestly what I think this was, it's like understanding that you had in a sense an alarm clock in your biology. And that alarm clock setting was, if x, y, and z all line up then come and get me. And that's what actually happened. When I feel the energy of these timelines and the memory of it being held there, they were deeply unconscious. But they were to be activated at the time you had to be extracted out, from whatever time and space you were going to be called upon. So I actually see, not only is it a level of memory that was being held there, but it was also being used by your spirit and your God consciousness as a tool that would literally be like an alarm clock, or a change.

Clock Shield Template

I haven't seen this before in this way and I know this structure is something that's referred to as a clock-shield template. A clock-shield template is something we all have, it's a part of the mechanics of the time space fields. But in your clock-shield template there were several consecutive varying intersects of timeline memories, brought into this clock-shield template. Because what the clock shield template controls is your station of identity. So this sucker was used to bring in your walk-in, it was like a radical change in your clock-shield template. It changed it's angular rotation, all of the timelines that were connecting, because these memories that connect you to these Atlantean and other sequences brought in this event horizon. The ones that led humanity into the current enslavement pattern that it is in, that's what I'm seeing I'm seeing that sequence systematically linearly playing out.

In this clock-shield template I know it is the mechanic of the field in the blueprint structure that controls where the identity was. So meaning this aspect of yourself that was with Atlantis or had these other memories, there's an identity that is attached to these timelines. Those identities are coming into a series of four, and they're coming into one and then they came in as your walk-in. I can see it was like four separate identities that became one and then became your walk-in. It's almost like an integration of these particular levels or stations of identity, were the ones that were the most I want to say developed or important to your purposes of what you're here to do or what you're here to understand. Because doing grid work and having the sensitivity to these connections is something that is a part of our higher spiritual bodies, and those spiritual bodies have relationship to identities. These identities that came in are the ones that give you the ability to look in the field, to correct the field to have the code to understand what you're reading when you're looking at it.

So it's almost like looking at starseed identities or an aspect of yourself where you have this level of genetic material, that also has history also has memory, so that you can access it in the here and now. The four come together the clock-shield template turns its angular rotation and them boom, you had an extremely radical walk-in process that was based upon this "alarm clock" that went off. And when this happened, this would be about the time she started flipping out because she's not conscious of what she's responding to, those cycles and history that represent basically warring consciousness. It would've been what activated her to go into battle. Did she have to choose that? No of course not.

She had a choice, but the issue is that because she's not participating consciously and because she's not remembering this process, she's acting from a level of unconscious participation. The issue is that because she's not conscious, that is what invited in another series of energies to take advantage of the situation. Because guess what our friends do, they love to come in to where there are traumas in the timeline, and they exacerbate those traumas and they manipulate them for their particular gain, or for harassment or whatever.

What they're trying to do is pretty much always their agenda, to disconnect you from beings that you recognize are your true spiritual family to disconnect you from what is your true power that really connects you directly into the God source, which is the gift of your genetic material. Try to seed you with self-doubts or take you down to the point that your human doesn't feel effective, confident or powerful in this realm. And this of course is the very clever manipulation that reptilian forces have been working extremely well down here. We see the effects of it, we see the walking zombies on the planet it's not that much of a stretch. They have been very good at manipulating beings into becoming robotic shells of themselves that are not connected into their true sense of autonomy, sovereignty and God power.

So this process with you, clearly they don't have any power over you in disconnecting you from your genetic material. But they do have some desire to harass you to keep you from actually operating at the highest capacity, of what you are and what you have been given. And right now there is a struggle over you in this way, and they use that which is coming from your ex as a method of manipulation. From the human level I understand heartbreak, and yet the truth of the discipline of holding your own consciousness in relationship to these events is very important. In terms of understanding what this is truly about, so that you're not embroiled or entrenched in something that is really designed to diminish you.

Because that's what it's about, they don't care about the faces involved or the players involved. The issue is at this time because of the nature of it, you cannot accept the warrior role and come in and try to convince anyone of anything. You have to extract, there's nothing to do but extract and walk away from this. And know that in the appropriate time and space, when this dynamic is no longer being fed and is a dead issue, the entire thing is going to shift and the truth is going to be revealed because it has to. The energies of what is shifting on the planet today are not supporting the same levels of lying, of being out of integrity and selfish motivations and self-promoting. Which many people are persisting in, which many people are continuing to act out in the current terrain of the planet.

Amplified Polarity

What is happening currently, I have been viewing just bombs going off in the environment, which have just been absolutely insane and surreal. People are having ego tantrums people are becoming unhinged, people are becoming bipolar because they are being amplified by the frequencies that are starting to come to the planet. They are not currently consciously aware of their actions as they are becoming more activated in their dysfunction. The frequencies and energies that are entering the planet at this time and will continue to enter the planet, create in this realm of physical density an amplified polarity. And that amplification looks like this. You start to see people, beings that are able to hold more of an ascending or evolving or peaceful consciousness. And you have those that are descending into the pit of hell, and that is of their own making without them even realizing they're doing this to themselves.

This is where we are right now where the amplification of these polls is creating more awareness. Whether people have a dysfunction, whether it's an addiction an obsession or fear and anxiety, unfortunately our planet our society does not recognize psychological dysfunction very well. We don't have a lot of tools in our medical system that are able to assist or identify these particular levels of dysfunction, that are very prevalent in the human brain and in the human data processing structure. According to the guardians and according to certainly what I have seen in the hologram, I understand this to be absolute damage to not only the DNA and genetic material, but to the wiring and to the data processing of the mental bodies, and those constructs that connect into our literal auric structure. Of course we have accepted as a society certain behaviors and dysfunctions as somewhat normal, as long as they fit within a certain parameter of being the cog in the wheel and functioning within the system in some way that's acceptable to society. So we don't label or diagnose or help people with dysfunctional thought patterns, which are really pretty much controlling most of society at this point. For those of us that have not been given ego training or know how to release ourselves from the grips of the mind control systems down here, we're stuck in these looping processes. Of thoughts that are of course very limiting and very destructive not only to ourselves but to the people around us and generally people we love the most.

And this of course is a symptom that you see with your ex that is very difficult I'm sure to watch and observe. But yet looking at her is also a case study watching her is also a case study. Because what you are looking at is the mechanistic structure of the reptilian mind control system. How they have infiltrated human beings, how they've gotten into the unconscious and conscious mechanisms of data processing. How the brain is like a receiver, very similar to a radio dial tuning into a channel. The brain is only using 2% of its receivership ability, is only tuning into an extremely limited broadband of controlled frequency controlled mental body access. Where that being can only exist and access a certain broadband frequency of mental body activation. Meaning what it can sense and pick up within its aura program is specifically the first three chakras as levels of intelligence. Those frequency broad bands limit the being to access only those levels of frequency that are in the density or the vibrational quality of the first, second and third chakra.

So when you have somebody who is unwilling to change from rigidity or dogma or the reality that they must enforce, more than truth itself. This is what you see this is what you get. We are seeing up close and personal how the reptilian energies and forces have corrupted the holographic structure of our planet, specifically in the mental body, and the lower mental bodies of the human being. Through this not only have they created mechanistic artificial mind control structures, which the being thinks is their own thought process which is not there organic thought process. Additionally they've created enslavement of the flesh because the physical body is actually a construct of the lower intelligence mental body forms. In a sense this was the cleverness and the brilliance of the reptilian forces in their invasion agenda. In seeing this circumstance what you are also getting is an up close and personal in depth study of what's happening on this planet, because she is just a byproduct of this. What we are seeing as the result of many beings on this planet that at this point in time, are going to become even more exacerbated over the next 24 months.

Atomic Harness in Mind Control

Since November it is been made clear by the Guardians that the atomic harnessing of these mind control systems are exacerbating, increasing constriction and compaction of the lower frequency mental bodies of the human being. This means the ego parameter that human beings have persisted in, or have designed for themselves or stayed within that broadband of experience, of course not knowing anything else, they are being compacted. Meaning that same range through which they were able to access a certain level of thought intelligence, through the constructs of the first three layers of their chakra system, are now starting to compact. It's very similar to a fragmentation that's occurring. They have shown me repeatedly that this looks like a computer that's going through a defrag. The consciousness works like an algorithm pattern. It's looking for sequences, to create cohesive relevance to that level intelligence. Human beings at the third dimensional level that persist in using these particular programs are losing their coherence, they are losing their sanity they are losing their relevance. This is something that for those of us that are being extracted out of that reality, in order to be able to hold the higher consciousness that takes us beyond this. Hopefully whatever we are accepting the role to do to support the planet and to support human consciousness, and be able to access these higher potentials beyond this compacted and harnessed state, which is aggressively increasing at this time.

So the more we view this from an observer level, the more we're starting to see beings act out in the most incoherent ways. In a sense I hope that you have been able to view this as well, with your ex and not internalize all this and take it personally. Because that is the most difficult situation, seeing a being that has been close to us make that choice. As this has come to bear upon your life in terms of its larger reality, it is being made clear to you that you're able to do this at this moment in time. Obviously there has to be an honoring of your own emotional and psychological limits, because your goal at this time is to stay balanced, integrated and harmonized in the highest capacity that you have, while honoring your limitation or emotional pain. Again it is not about denying it or suppressing it but giving it room to breathe giving it room to heal.

Understanding the larger context to which you have been called and what its purposes were and are continuing to be. That this is the larger segue and transition that is taking you into that space. And ultimately even though we cannot ask the question, what is going to happen to my loved one? What is going to happen in the choices that she makes? At this point it's like oxygen on a plane, you have to put your own oxygen mask on first. This is what you're doing right now, you have to really nourish and take care of yourself. And be able to learn the mastery and the confidence in building the platform of your foundation that can support this burgeoning growing and expanding consciousness. Which is coming to embody more and more aspects of its brilliance, of its talent, of its genius into your embodiment. Because again that is a part of your access into the God consciousness, is channeling the creative genius and brilliance that is the superhuman quality that your genetic material allows you to access.

And at the particular time that it is called upon, where you can lend that gift that support to your family, I know that that opportunity will be given. But it is not the time now. Right now it's all about fortifying, amplifying and strengthening your empowerment, creating the container within your own being as a physical spiritual house. Thinking of your body as a physical spiritual house and giving that body and being, both at its human levels and at it's superhuman levels, what it needs. At its higher consciousness levels all that it needs to be cultivated in that which is the larger truth of God. And that larger truth of God now is asking for the utmost and very intense levels of faith, of trust and surrender in this process, in which many things do not make any rational sense when they appear at the human level, in terms of what the larger outcome and picture is.

But I can feel the cohesion, and I'm very happy for the cohesion because in this moment I feel that you are protected. I feel that you are connected I feel that you have a greater and larger consciousness family that has been able to connect to you in the last couple years, that probably was not able to connect to you in the same way before. Again it has to do with these four identities that came into one level of walk-in, into your physical person. Everything changed at that point whatever that particular point is. It's like when this events began to transpire, this is when the hostility, the anger and the rage happened in your ex. It's almost like I see the force and I see it as an entity, and I also see that these forces have been influencing her. Because she's representing this without even understanding she's representing this. And that is that there is a great rage that you have been able to do this, and that rage is being channeled as a bitter venom, that is being spewed out of the face of your ex and in the situations this is representing.

And it is clearly a very extreme situation and lesson of this mastery, of being able to detect what this is and where it is coming from. Which clearly would be really confusing to you at the time this is going on. Certainly when we come into our starseeded embodiment and really start to expand this level of who we are, we're still being introduced into these larger agendas, and these different machinations and dynamics on the planet. And still from our human level in order to be psychologically and emotionally integrated, and brought into balance with who we are. As you and I know these extreme circumstances in someone who is weak, could easily psychologically break someone. So the issue is, in the trial by fire to be able to hold an integrative peace in our humanness. Because this level of fragmentation is not something that can be tolerated as we move forward in holding the representation of God's spirit, to guide containment in this particular realm.

We have seen in the past 20 years with the New Age movement, that there have been beings that are not integrated that are not aware. That have been working with alchemy and forces they don't understand and therefore creating a garbage dump of energies that they're not being responsible or accountable for. This time is ending. This is the time that the galactic family of polarity integrators the starseeded ones that have come in specifically to usher in the galactic and universal age. Apparently by virtue of us being here and by virtue of these experiences we have agreed to be the containment of this particular level of consciousness. So in truly understanding that this is ultimately the divine orchestration, yet we're dealing with the reality down here that is in total psychosis. I mean one of the things that is very helpful is having an accurate assessment of this reality. This plane is enslaved, this plane is in a consciousness war, this plane is completely in reverse of the organic natural laws of creation. It has been distorted it is been mutated it has been grotesquely used. And yet at the same time we see a tremendous amount of beauty that is apparent within the genetic material, as this is the heart of the universe, the heart of the planet and has an incredible array of genetic material and creations. There is much beauty here.

But we have to understand what is really happening down here. And again we will not see the signs of this grotesque mutation in the physical material realm, because the corruption and the infection is in the holographic anti-particle blueprint structure of the planet itself. Once beings like yourself and myself who are directly encoded as the architects to work with these particular blueprint structures, it is a part of seeing and I think experiencing the horror of what did happen here. Not from a place of disempowerment, judgment or dwelling on negativity. But the only way that we can truly rehabilitate and heal and override the distorted and grotesque mutations that have been artificially replicated from stolen and usurped code within this planet is to see how it's been done. To live now, see how it's been done and to change how it's been done.

Ultimately I know from the human level as your friend and as your sister and as your brother, I am not happy about the pain and suffering of the situation that you had to endure. Yet at the same time I know that you are my brother in the warrior hood of God and that there is this particular final conflict coming to a head at this particular time. Ultimately we are here to serve sovereignty and release from the imprisonment of forces that many of these beings do not understand. Our success or accomplishment level and how it looks in the physical world, certainly isn't what we're getting at this particular time. Because our true accomplishment is being the embodiment of that which is true power, which has been severely abused and psychotically thought of in this last cycle of this dark age. What has been considered and valued in this consciousness system as power as value, what we think of is important in this plane is very psychically twisted. What is really the truth, in terms of what is organic and perpetuates human potential and perpetuates life has been twisted.

So when we look at the system we look at the structure that enforces that system, it is an anti-life system. So in many of the situations related to your personal life and how that system and structure had been cultivated, as a part of your human comfort. Most of these structures are being propagated enforced or limited, licensed or regulated or whatever by these anti-life structures. So it's not about stripping your possessions to humiliate you, it's about removing you from any structures that have death imprints, imprisonment imprints within them. Because the actual intent and the exchange of when these particular "possessions" or material objects came into your life, have certain energetic and other ramifications upon you in terms of their exchange.

What I'm feeling, is you can have preference but don't have attachment, the issue with this is to hold the empowerment of your own divinity within you. And to release any attachment to the outcome, which I know has got to be unbelievably masterful. At the same time, as I look at this I can certainly understand that you have been one of those beings that has been asked and apparently has accepted a roll, of the fast-track acceleration into this awareness. I admit it's even startling for me, because I had 10 years to integrate. What I'm telling you right now for God sakes, you're having basically two years to integrate this. And it's a lot of intensity, it's a lot of material, it's completely changing everything that you knew to be real about yourself into something else. And from that level I appreciate you immensely I respect you immensely.

I respect your discipline and your commitment and your un-jaded and loving behavior, to be able to hold the space regardless. Because honestly these energies, I feel them. And as we open a field in a few moments, I think this is going to be about addressing this. It's more like understanding a force. Like when I feel this I feel a force of energy being animated that has such rage, such hate. It is like the feeling of an animals claws just actually ripping through your flesh over and over again. This is the quality of the energy here. This is something that I do want to address with our mutual teams, because my feeling is that that quality of energy and what is feeding it, is coming from the memory of these particular timelines. These have been used to perform a certain function in your life, but as far as I'm concerned and as far as what I can feel, that function has been carried out. So there is no need for this to continue in the interim.

Because this force is basically forcing you to understand who you are, it is basically radically pushing you transforming you in every possible way to bring you into the state of your own knowing and into an acceptance of what this reality and multidimensional awareness is. But I am aware that you've already done that. As you and I know when we're in the beginning stages of this dismantle, there are still phases of self-doubt within us. Because again we're constantly cross-checking in order to keep our sanity. Because again our process here and I think that is the healthy part of the process, is to ask am I losing my sanity? Because these circumstances definitely create that vulnerability, and I've seen this happen with many of those that are partially from our family of consciousness, or activated at these levels of intelligences. I've seen them go off balance, become unhinged and unable to truly anchor into physical reality at a functioning efficient integrated level. Unable to be well-adjusted and to exist here, but not be of here.

It's like we are here but were not of this world. We're not letting the illusion and the siphoning and the sickness basically take us down, from what we know to be true about ourselves. And this really requires the physical accurate assessment of what this reality represents. Being able to appreciate it for its beauty but also to understand that hidden behind the façade is something that has corrupted the system into an anti-life, death and destruction model that is not organic. That is not God, and that system is being propagated through the glamour and illusion of the dangling carrot. For which many beings sell their soul for a particular instant gratification, rather than be given the knowledge to invest in their permanent self, their internal self. It is a way of saying we have been ushered into a structure of death, that asked us to sell our soul and all that is of true value to us, and who we are for finite instant gratification that we can't take with us. It is utterly insane that this is happening, and yet that is what's happening.

So without bringing it into judgment of good or bad, the issue is beings on this planet do not understand the consequence of the choices they are making. And there are forces that are like the bullies of the universe that are preying on these beings without allowing them to connect to their own God-given right. Which is their self-divinity their inner Christ technology, and that which belongs to them. And this is the violation and why the star seeded beings from other planes of existence have come back to incarnate in this time cycle. To assist in keeping open, in this particular phase, the opportunity of beings to learn how to experience their consciousness. To be able to access that level of their own divinity and empowerment and start to be able to think for themselves, beyond the very sophisticated and complex levels of mind control and artificial programming that have been embedded in them, without their knowledge or consent.

So I consider you to be again my brother in this process. I'm very grateful that you are here. And I really hope that this particular context, I know that you already know all of this, but the ability to be seen and to be in the physical with a family member that can actually witness and observe it from the human level, is an important part of our own development and process. Because so much of what were being asked to do is not 3D human work, it's superhuman beyond this plane work. Having our language, having our connection having our contacts to help us stay grounded, integrated and harmonized while the matrix is falling apart, nd while the people around us are acting like rabid animals, That we don't actually allow those states to truly diminish and siphon our light, or take what we know to be true in our own essence. And that is the understanding that's why this is a battle. Not to resist it not to engage with it, but to defend it. We are here to defend that which is God's spirit and to keep that open as an opportunity for the beings here, until these final choices and consequences are doled out. And of course we're at the crossroads and we don't know what that's going to look like. So all we can do is the best that we can, in service to our God source and trust in the process. So my darling I have babbled on for a long time and before we actually open a session I wanted to just check in with you to see how are you doing and if this resonates with you?

(opening a session)

So as we set the intention for our session container here and now, our alchemical container consecrated and dedicated to the purpose of God. Beloved God please open all channels light, beloved God please open all layers of communication and that which is fully connected to the living light source. We ask our God-Self, Guardian families, those that defend the truth sovereignty and liberation, again we ask our template our bodies to be updated, both individual and collective. Please renew us in the forever-perpetuated light of God. Again as we request our handshake fortifying our links, we ask to connect into the zero point, Mother and Father Arc that which is the source of our genesis. As we state our mutual purpose as one, please resurrect any and all inorganic pattern to the organic living light now. And to that we say beloveds thank God we are the Cosmic Christ. Thank you so much.

As we expand out in the field and we ask again in the highest capacity of exchange that all that is needed and necessary in order of priority in the here and now to bring actualization alignment and that which is the truth, sovereignty and liberation of this being. And that which impacts our influence to the field, our families both biological human and star seeded, our indigo race connections that which support our family of consciousness. We ask that this space be used fully in that exchange here and now in that support. Thank you very much.

Okay I am going into a timeline. I'm seeing four intersections that are representing four quadrants of time. I'm understanding that this is having to do with access. Okay information is coming through that a part of your being, whether it's a genetic library or spiritual history or whatever this is that allows this to occur. The four beings or the four levels that came together connect to, it's like saying multiple layers of the space-time. It's interesting I'm getting when I look at the four segments of 26,000 I'm getting 104,000. It's like we are going into a greater round of time, where I'm understanding that there's another time and space, accessed through this series of four that come together that create a tribal shield. And that shield has all of the genetic material for human history, human race function. But for whatever reason they're showing me cellular alphabet, and fire letters. I know that these are parts of the DNA code, but it's specific to fire letters.

Okay so the cellular alphabet and the fire letters can become reversed or used or whatever. We're collecting something now. I don't know where we're going exactly, but in the coming together and the holding of this field what I'm seeing is that in the four ages which are represented, I'm seeing a circle of time I know it's time. I'm in the time-space field and looking at these four epochs that connect to the 26,000 year period. And I see that when the four 26,000 year cycles come together, they create a larger cycle and it's that cycle we're in. I'm looking at that cycle and we are going into the sphere of that cycle and they're showing me sequences of fire letters that I know are responsible for masculine feminine DNA.

We know that the DNA needs fire letters in order to activate what's known as time space codes. I know that fire letters have relativity to vector time space placement. Meaning it's how you can go to a time space on the grid and you can access something within the grid. We know that for our purposes a lot of the work that we do, is we access timelines. When we go into particular events in time that have either been triggers or traumas, something that's happened to the human race happened in the planetary history. And through this process we're able to either override it heal it or change it. Change the probability of the event horizon that I think allows more consciousness that chooses ascension and a connection into the source. Because again we're in this time where event horizons are being chosen in terms of the direction that the consciousness the beings the group soul whatever, are making and gaining access to at this particular time.

So as we go into these fire letters, I am understanding that this is like seeing that these four identities that are part of this walk-in process, each are from one of those ages. I'm seeing one identity in each of these epochs. And it is almost like they are guardians of that time. So it's like saying we've got one identity from a 26,000 year period, that was a guardian of that code. We've got another and these are all aspects of you. Then here's another Guardian from another 26,000 year period and there's a guardian standing there. So the four guardians are basically like holding the four corners, but in this case I'm understanding that what were looking at is connecting to these four guardians and is something called the Tribal Shield. This tribal shield is related to human race memory, divine blueprint memory. I think what we are getting into is the understanding of the mechanics and structure of creation, how genetic material and forms were created, because through this tribal shield what were looking at is fire letters.

Now the fascinating thing about this is recently what they are saying is in the Middle East and in Egypt, which is happening in the next 10 days actually being physically in that environment, they talk about the reversal of fire letters. That this happened from reversal current. The unplugging of the DNA and how it reversed the fire letters in the planetary body and therefore our own DNA individually, and it feel like this is what we are accessing. We are looking at the Tribal Shield and we're going into a level of, for whatever reason, 104,000 years ago where we are accessing levels of the cellular alphabet. What it feels like actually is that this is a part of an embodiment within you. What we are witnessing through this has both individual repercussions as well as larger planetary repercussions.

Because it feels like this process of evolution and activation, which you have undergone has also been part and parcel of what we are experiencing at this time. It has something to do with the relay of this channel that has fire letter sequences that feel like they are coming from that space-time where they're not distorted. They are required for use on the planet in the here and now for our larger Guardian purposes, in terms of repair work and what we're doing with that. Clearly one of the biggest issues we have on the planet here today is people's physical bodies genetic material is not being activated from the sequence of frequencies that are actually getting in here. But we're noticing that the physical bodies themselves are not being activated into this particular processes. And it seems like what we're seeing here or what we're getting here is that the fire letters of the DNA have been reversed. Not only in the planetary grid but have directly impacted the cellular material the raw material elemental material bodies themselves.

So in the cellular alphabets and fire letters a sort of transmission is happening at this time. Okay now I'm getting we are going through a transmission I guess. Because what I'm seen is just series of code. Now I'm looking at hieroglyphics that look very Enochian but there is a piece of Hebrew? This is interesting okay, these are fire letters and sequences of code that are overriding Enokian, Hebrew, and hieroglyphic types of writing. There is something coming in, one of the Melchizedek guardian's is telling me that when we understand part of the corruption in the last 30,000 years, was there were races that were seeded at various levels. It was the understanding that as we were attempting to build the DNA and repair or evolve the species into certain potentials of what the divine blueprint was. Again accessing that which was in the divine blueprint that through the ages are represented through these 26,000 year periods. The last 30,000 years or so, the host race that was a part of the cloistered races that was responsible for bringing in the higher DNA subsets.

So we're seeing that over the certain ages when the consciousness was not awake there were beings that were holding the responsibility of genetic imprints. The position of that was if there isn't some physical human embodiment of this imprint the human race is going to lose those imprints. Because it doesn't understand DNA, doesn't understand genetic mutation and the things that have been going on down there. So we're going to create or seed races with certain genetic components that can hold these particular levels of imprinting. Until hopefully the human race reaches the end of these ascension cycles and actually has the consciousness to start activating these imprints in the DNA, that allow the next level of the cycles to occur.

What I'm seeing is that somehow in your lineage there is a relationship to this having to do with Hebrew cloisters. So understanding beings that are part of the seedings on this particular planet were called to be a host race in this last 26,000 to 30,000 year period. And these are distortions coming from the family line on the house of David and related to Judaica, Hebrew etc. Now for whatever reason this either has a lineage or other relevance through you or something. Because what I'm seeing is that we are accessing a timeline of code that is about cellular alphabet material that is looking at the structures within the seeding of that particular race. That race in particular at this time was given material that has been distorted through various Drac or other control. Because the whole thing down here with the crucifixion implant and the introduction of organized religion to the races, this was taking pieces of what was real. Taking pieces of the Law of One material or that which was the structure of creation, the God mechanics, the God technology. They took pieces of this and they misconstrued it in these particular distorted ways.

What I'm seeing is that at this particular time we are either being allowed to witness this, or this process is beginning to happen. Which is re-encodement and literally like superseding distorted code that has been propagated through the Hebrew races. And what I'm seeing is that this is something that is from the Enochian book and tablet. We're going all the way to a particular timeline where these, I'm seeing multiple intersections where books of Enoch and I don't know why Enoch is so important, but it's all about Enoch right now. We know that certain levels of material have come in through the books of Enoch, I think in the 40's, when that information was brought forward. So I'm seeing that it comprises esoteric Kabbalistic levels of information, meaning Judaic mysticism as well as its subsets. So it would be very similar to saying we have the Roman Catholic Church that brought us the canonized Bible, and then we had all these subsets of the Protestants and Lutherans, and on and on. What we're looking at is the parent entity of an Enochian book and I'm seeing that this was a sacred text and book that has been manipulated through multiple layers of intersections with a particular material.

But it seems to be that the Enochian text that was given or a part of the Melchizedek cloistered Hebrews. Cloistered meaning the ones that came in with a higher imprints, they were given higher imprints to hold, which would ignite the higher DNA strands and keep them running. And somewhere along this line of this particular seeded race, they became a part of the 12 tribes. The Enochian material is the basis of the 12 Tree Grid which is the basis of creation. We know that the tree of life is the basis of the core manifestation template of our universe and that the base of creation is 12. The distortions in the materials of Enoch that turned into various offshoots of Judaic and Kabbalitic lines and these actually became distorted. Some of the information got mutated. One example is in the Kabbalah the tree of life only has 10 spheres. So I'm seeing that this was manipulating, omitting or twisting whatever the information is. I don't understand exactly how this is going to manifest or why we're being asked to do this right now. Because I'm seeing in this, believe it or not, this event has everything to do with Holocaust. And yet I don't know how exactly. I'm going to try and explain this.

However this material had been disseminated and brought to the planet, it has been subverted. Through multiple timelines and multiple intersects in which it connects to certain bodies of work. Somehow this information was mutated and able to be manipulated as sources of power, which was then used against the Hebrews themselves as well as other races that were a part of bringing these particular levels of information back to the planet. So we're looking at cycles of time and were looking at distortion in these particular seeded races. This has specific relevance to your genetic material and who you are at some level weather spiritually or genetically. I can't quite feel it out, but it's something that clearly is a part of your star seeded identities. These beings that I'm seeing that each hold a piece of the age. As I am looking at this, understanding that through the multiple ages there have been series of events that have created genocide, Holocaust, and killing. Many times of course in the name of God, fighting over God, fighting over the right or faith or material etc. This is a part of something that has been corrupted by the incessant pattern of Holocaust and death around these particular issues. It has as well, whatever this energy is in terms of Holocaust, warring and death over God. All this crap is a part of the energy that is manifesting in your physical life.

So when I'm feeling that energy that Atlantean conflict, now we are getting another level of detail. It is related to particular Atlantean timelines but now it's getting drilled down to another level. It's understanding that at that particular time, whether it was an incarnational existence, there was a conflict that was happening between the abuse of power and the abusive of technologies. Understanding this body of work is a part of the creational mechanics of the God technologies, it was either something you were safeguarding or holding. It had been stolen and it has been misused. Somehow through the process of witnessing and recognizing this it is releasing timelines of identity and that, which is connected. Talking about these four aspects that are connected into this, that are also a part of what's activated in your personal and physical experience in the here and now. This also has relevance to this information's configuration on the planet and how it's been brought here.

I feel like what we're doing is we're witnessing the distortion patterns in the sequence through time space matrix, where for whatever reason they're using the Enochian tablet. Almost like the Enochian tablet was a part of holding one of the pieces or several of the pieces of the level of mechanics of creational technology. I am seeing the tree of life all over it. I understand that this is coming from the Judaic versions, the Kabbalistic Hebrew Judaic version of this. I'm seeing the geometries I'm seeing the Star of David, I'm seeing the 12 Tree Grid system, I'm seeing the mutations and the abuse all of that encompassed within this material. Through multiple timelines which have been inserted, have been corrupted etc.

Currently now through this process of development, apparently what we are witnessing is some level of how in the timeline the various levels of the creational mechanics of our planet, of our human bodies and of what this represents. It is the keys to the kingdom in terms of understanding these spheres within spheres within creation. Once we as a consciousness understand this we're not trapped here. So clearly levels of mutation and manipulation and stealing of the genetic code and attempting to use it and have it be given to the power sources have taken place.

I'm actually seeing that in one such timeline, where this culminated from the accumulated misuse of this material being brought to the planet, was the Hitler-esque scenario. Clearly he was a being who was given occultist power and was given force, encouragement and support from off planet sources with an agenda to mutate and decimate as much of the physical genetic material holding Hebrew or whatever this cloister DNA had to do with. Because the DNA was not only holding the record of what we're describing, which is like you read the genetic material of the being and you can actually access these particular records. I'm seeing this push to systematically mutate and manipulate, steal or kill, which is something that's been going on for a long time down here.

We're tracing this timeline through multiple events of holographic inserts of control that span everything from the Hitler-esque Holocaust scenario, all the way back to the point of Atlantis. It is the travel of the material that is resulting from something that they are referring to as the Enochian tablet or the Enochian body of work. In this moment I don't quite understand all of that and what that means. However I do understand that whatever the portion of this esoterica is in this library of information, it was something that was clearly being held and supported as a part of activation of the higher potential of DNA of the human being. And this is a part of the seed races and the consciousness and the physical genetic material that had been a part of bringing that, holding that, being that for human beings on this planet. And it appears that at this time we are looking at accessing the cellular alphabet, that is to override the distorted Enochian tablet. To look at and to either override or heal processes through which the Holocaust and the decimation of this particular material had resulted, through multiple timelines to remive the knowledge of this information from the planet.

What this feels like to me, even though this is a different and new process, is that I am feeling that we are reconstructing the grid. The two of us are coming together and we are looking at where memory and holographic structure has been completely decimated and destroyed, and this happens at multiple levels. It happens through the decimation of the human bodies carrying it, it happens through warring and conflict that result in distortions or problems within the holographic blueprint structures of the creation. It happens through multiple timeline histories where events of trauma have resulted in the end of an era, or the end of an information. Or some level of that information being misconstrued or manipulated into the next epoch or into the next procession of ages. We're looking at multiple levels of this and we are accessing that which is a part of the cellular alphabet, fire letters which access the true vector of where this time space record is actually held, prior to or beyond the distortions. This feels like an access that is beyond what our draconian reptilian friends are able to get at, because they do not have access to this Tribal Shield. At least this is what I'm feeling at this point.

This is similar to understanding what the Sphere of Amenti was. But this is something else that I am still attempting to describe, it's a consciousness and it is very similar to the Sphere of Amenti, but it is not the Sphere of Amenti. It is something that is accessed beyond, I want to say if possible the Sphere of Amenti? Okay, somebody's telling me the Sphere of Amenti was split and had damage, and that was how we got into this mess with the problem of what happened within the planetary body itself. There are certain levels of houses and I guess beyond this particular universe, in terms of holding what is being referred to as a Tribal Shield. Like we are combining several ages of epochs, because apparently for whatever reason you and I have something called vector codes. And vector codes are directly related to accessing the cellular alphabet. The fire letter cannot be accessed without the vector code. A vector code is like saying somehow in our genetic material we have been given access to a time and space. Or a time and space that is not accessed by very many, I guess. Most people don't have vector codes, I don't know why we have vector codes but we do.

So clearly this is a part of whatever the guardianship or whatever role it is, in holding these particular vector codes. Because we're using these vector codes now, to get cellular alphabet and fire letter sequences in the appropriate proportions and alignments that allow the templating of what is in living source alignment, of what is a part of that matrix to be returned. I feel like we are either erasing or superseding points in the timeline, where those particular levels have been used for manipulation through the various levels and layers. For some reason this history and what were accessing, really gives me the level of information and light that is a part of God source. It seems to erect the same level of dark polarity for us to meet it. I really getting what this is as a part of what you have been holding in your embodiment and why you've been down here in the physical plane of the earth. Holding this particular thing and waiting for the time it could be accessed without having it be corrupted or taken over, or you taken out.

What I'm feeling honestly is that this has been systematic in terms of its activation and awareness. Because honestly I feel like you would not be here physically if they knew this was being activated. And I feel like in the last couple of years or something I think somebody got wind of who you are. Somehow you became more visible or more on the radar and when that happened it was just like the lion came out with the claws. It's because of this. They want this they can't get this they are pissed off about it. And it's a genetic thing they want. Right now sweetie what I feel with this is it makes me feel really good. Whatever we're doing right now is like bringing a solidity for you. You know what you've been doing? You've been like getting a jackhammer and you've been trying to jackhammer that iron wall to this. I'm seeing the prevention I'm seeing hey don't look here look over there. There has been an attempt to distract you from the knowledge that you carry this. At the same time there have been forces really angry about it and jealous about it. It's strange because I'm feeling their desire to take it from you and the fact that they can't, they are pissed.

(question...) It was like a bud that opened up through this. I feel like something has been penetrated through this bud. Whatever this is it supports you in a much larger stronger platform. It's like saying this is a part of your embodiment and it's a part of who you are and it was very hard to embody while you were here in the physical. Whatever this is, is now connecting to you in a more extended way and there is support that is allowing that to happen. It feels very good for you both in your personal level embodiment and in that which is a part of your greater purpose here. Even though honestly trying to explain what I'm looking at is very hard. I hope it doesn't feel impersonal. That you understand this larger part is you and it is a part of the embodiment of you.

However there is some level of it that is now able to connect to the physical you in a way that hasn't quite been able to connect before. I feel like you've been out there with a battering ram trying to get past the resistance to actually be able to connect to this. This seemingly changes the history of events having to do with, it's the same thing as the Christ crucifixion energy. But it's the same thing with all material on the planet, anything that had pieces of the truth whether it was Jewish, Christian, Muslim whatever. Every one has pieces which are aligned into that truth and this is this piece. This is the piece of creation because it's looking at distortions of the tree of life, it's distortions of that material. It's all of the schematics of the Kabbalah and the Merkaba and we know it's the merkaba mechanics that they have reversed.

It's through this and it's misuse that they have created the reversal 55 grid, all the reversal merkaba mechanics. Because the reversal merkaba mechanics is how they siphon off the bodies, it's how they take the energy and use it. So I'm seeing that this material the Enochian material is somehow the basis of this. I have no idea I am not a Jewish or Catholic scholar by any stretch of the imagination. But through this what I'm understanding, is that the basis of this Enochian tablet is a part of the plate material that was translated into some of these, what are now religious organizations. And this faction of it is related to the Judaica and how it's been used.

This seems to have ramifications on those timelines, and honestly right now I don't know if I can explain that in human terms. All I know is that this is very good it's very good for you because it's an actualization of your mission. Somehow this is something you have been trying to do, and are doing. There was a timing imprint on this. Like something is happening you have been trying to actualize for very long time in your physical embodiment being. And this process is now starting to happen at a new level, that has an impact and influence that is not quite known, or able to be explained in words in this moment. But I know that it's very good, and it makes me feel very happy that it's happening.

Closing: Again, our beloved families thank you so much for your assistance and support with us here today. Again in the highest capacity of service to that which is in alignment to the God supreme, we thank you for this opportunity. And as we dedicate and consecrate our being, our bodies our consciousness in our container to that which is in service to the living light and to that which is in service to the eternal and supreme God, we thank you. With deep love and gratitude as we seal our session, we seal our field into the light of wholeness and union. And so it is we seal and command the space to be in the full Dominion of God source. Thank you so much. And so it is. We end our communication and session.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 6-2-2010]

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