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Cosmic Christos

When a Christos Architect can retrieve original divine human 12 Strand DNA pieces that have fragmented from trauma or can read a human body at the DNA level, the architect can read the energy signatures of the timelines from within the DNA record, which reflect the true and organic history of the planet, Solar system and Universal matrix. Each individually incarnated human being holds a specific and special DNA record of the timelines from their Soul extensions and Monadic family, which should lead them directly back to the Royal Houses of Lyra. The NAA have intentionally fractured human souls with SRA methods with the intent to override and alter these histories, with holographic inserts and AI technology attached through inflicting trauma and lightbody damage and that process is what inserts an inorganic AI record. This is a strategy used in Alien Hybridization and genetic modification, in which the human being has no awareness of their original genetic ascendancy and Lyran history. However, Christos Starseed architects can learn to sense the difference between organic records and inorganic records, and this is also directly a part of the timeline wars as the NAA do not want us to see what really happened in the timelines. Remember they have stolen our memories and mind wiped us on the earth to make us forget who we really are. They want us to believe we have been abandoned on earth or are the product of Annunaki, Yahweh or other supposed False Alien Gods. As more humans awaken to activate their inner Christos template, some will be able to perform this function. This is also why those of us on this path can be harassed and attacked to prevent us from realizing this is our purpose and mission, to help recover original memories and help ascend or transit humanity.

Because the divine human genetic origins are sourced from the Royal Houses of Lyra, our original Diamond Sun genetic template and physical body is referred to as being “Royal”, which means that in the angelic human DNA the record exists that we are connected to the Founders or Gods of this system via our genetics. This has made humans the secret enemy of those hidden entities in the NAA who covet and desire our DNA and the use of our physical bodies. Instead, the nonhuman imposters stole our identity when they invaded and then promptly made themselves the Gods and rulers of this system.[1]


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