Clearing Holocaust Imprint Session

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Themes:(clearing holocaust imprint holding victim victimizer energies, three family members connected to memory, clearing Metatronic reversed monad and male distortions 3-6-9, seeing reversal fields are related to proliferation of parasites, since Atlantis efforts at perfect genetics created distortions by trying to replicate the perfection of God, this is a non-human thought form, humans possessed by it are in pain, can't feel the difference and cannot align to their souls.)

Opening: Beloved God as we hold this space we ask to please open all channels of light, please open all light fibers to be fully connected and protected in the eternal living light source. Again as we open this connection we dedicate our alchemical container and session to be consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of God, the purposes of the living light source. We ask the Guardian races and our families that serve the one, as well as our defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation. We call upon this beings personal MAP teams, evolution teams and that which is supporting her connection, her foundation, her protection and alignment into the source.

We ask here and now beloveds please update the aura the core manifestation template both at individual and collective levels in this field. As we expand our field and session please sustain us in the eternal power of this living light. We ask for gatekeeping and the handshake to fortify and open into the spiritual links, into the cosmic trinity and all the way into the zero point God-matrix the source of Genesis. With deep reverence beloved God please breathe the living light code into our form, into all created form. As we set our intention now to be remembered fully to who and what we are, in the mutual purpose as one, please resurrect any and all inorganic power to the organic living light now.

And as we go through the core soul protection and we address each of the councils, I am going to open the Blue Ray light and ask the Oraphim and our councils of the Blue Ray to assist in removing each of the lenses of inserts that exist through the dimensions that create suppression or oppression. Please clear and remove the obstacles to ascension and any blockages or obstacles to connection with the soul-matrix, oversoul-matrix and the avatar-self. Again we consecrate and dedicate the body, the flesh, the raw materials and all that is in alignment to be fully connected to the living light source. We ask that each of the layers and levels that need to be revealed into completion and wholeness and all exchanges that are needed and necessary to bring that exchange into wholeness, to be brought into the revelation of the surface consciousness and to be removed of enslavement, removed of suppression and oppression through all levels and layers of past, present and future identities.

I ask in the here now for the monad and that which is connected to the monad consciousness through each of the 144 and beyond identities of the extensions at karmic monad level, reversal level and Metatronic level. We ask that all Metatronic Black Heart seeds which have been pulsing through the circulatory system of any or all pieces of the monad, to be reintegrated into wholeness and alignment with only that which is the living light in eternal source. We ask that the phasing that is fully required to move the 45° angle of the core manifestation template to align into all channels and upgrades that fully nourish, support and sustain from the inside the inner God light. To be united held and supported through our families of Blue Ray through our families of Guardianship and through those that specifically work with her.

I'm asking at this time through the guidance that is working with her, that there is a download and upgrade. The guides are requiring an upgrade in knowledge and awareness. There is something about a transmission feed in terms of the spiritual knowledge the esoteric knowledge, the encodement and galactic knowledge that is required in this exchange. We ask here and now through all layers and levels of that particular living light library of which she is a part, the pieces of her soul to be reintegrated held and merged into all space time into this singularity of now. We ask for the protection and support to allow this to occur in divine right order and timing and that which anchors the ultimate fulfillment, actualization and realization of the spiritual and God purposes, inherent within the blueprint and within the soul consciousness. Unhampered and freed from the enslavement of the third dimensional or other impinging or merging bodies of the lower octave resonance.

Again we're asking in the here and now that the Crystal Diamond Body as well as the 13th dimensional monad assist in raising the octave of all and removing all, lower obsolete templates and blueprints that are imprinted within the soul consciousness, within the over-soul consciousness and avatar through all layers of intelligence. Which are a part of this station of identity that is propagating holding the responsibility to and in agreement to the Ascension process. We ask that all of the monad parts all of the identities herein to be fully cleared, cleansed and reintegrated to be fully aligned into one singular focus and purpose of ascension, liberation and freedom. We ask that those energies and codes be fully exchanged here and now. This is happening through the encodement and re-encodement of the Indigo Ray on the masculine side.

We ask here and now that all families and relationships that are ancestral, that are connected to this particular agreement or through association through many timelines, which include the bloodline ancestrally and multi-dimensionally. We also ask that which includes God-Self higher self and agreements through the lower dimensions of your sister and your nephew that are also related.

I'm seeing that trinitized energy between the three of you. I have often felt a very similar connection between you and your sister that exists between her and her son, with the issues. It's like there is a binding that connects you at a deeper level than usual, more than what I see in family and ancestral cords with our spiritual family, things that are decided upon when we incarnate. I am going to hold that container and I'm going to ask that the Blue Ray Oraphim and the consciousness that supports the freedom and release of all obsolete enslavement architectures which have been imprinted upon the triad of this consciousness, related through the ancestral bloodline. And patriarchal domination tendencies through that architecture, we ask that be cleared through both the masculine and feminine. It looks like the primary indicator of it today is the masculine side working on the right side of the body. I'm going to ask that any and all, these are pieces of retrieval that are related to frozen consciousness, frozen deadline consciousness in the phantom spaces related to the masculine. And we're going to use the word for that masculine consciousness as the Michael consciousness and the consciousness that has been a part of the archetypal systems that imprint patriarchal domination through and from the Atlantean timelines.

We ask that the Atlantean timeline and relationships to the conflicts that are connected in the cellular memory held within all of these three bodies to be released healed and removed of their burden. Beloved God, beloved Blue Ray families and the consciousness of the Blue Ray, again we reinstate and request through the group unity vow and decree that which is the sovereign freedom and God right of each individual and multidimensional being that is here and present. We ask that each of the structures that are corrupted that are in need of rehabilitation that need assistance and foundational support to build the strength of the core of the foundational system of all bodies of consciousness to be in full alignment and entwined, beyond the splitting and breaking down of the sixth and seventh and those masculine and feminine energies.

Okay in the core of you, in the here and now as we look at the monadic staff upgrade from the Hara line we ask that the coccyx and coccyx brain of the actual skeletal matrix system be assisted in fully anchoring the rod of truth as well as the monadic staff. We ask that the rod and staff and that which brings masculine and feminine union and healing from all spaces in time, within the levels within multiple identities that have been corrupted through the Metatronic or reversal seed programs to be brought into healing. Please terminate resign and remove all relationship, agreement, vow, manipulation or interference being caused by reversal current or Metatronic seed circuitry. We ask that the Black Heart of Metatronic seed as it's contained within the reversal monad system, within the karmic monad system and that which is a part of the karmic monads. As related to the triad of these three beings that are also connected at higher levels, to be cleared, resigned and removed from their input, from their influence and from their interference on all levels of creating obstacles to the Ascension process and the alignment into direct God source.

Again we command this space in the sacred covenant of God and in the authority of God's Law and way, we command the natural laws of God to supersede all lesser or lower. Again through the law of will that has been superimposed through a corrupted lens through the eye of Ra, wow, in the stomach layers we ask that this be fully and completely released and removed. Okay there are static structures and implanted structures of code that are connected to that particular Atlantean and Egyptian timeline. I'm going to ask that all reversal codes attached to implants, artifacts, structures, devices of mind control in any of the layers and levels connected to the Metatronic seed or to these particular circuitries, to be terminated and removed from the bodies individually and as a collective trinitized field. We ask that the trinitized form and the Hova bodies that create the foundation within layers of the aura itself to be stabilized and built into the lower axis of the foundation. Again the area in particular to be stabilized is the hip center and the axis into the sacrum and the lower lumbar.

For a moment focusing on the hips and pelvis and the lower lumbar area, very similar to seeing a pyramid with a point pointing down. And this is a part of again the masculine feminine movement of the Merkaba systems that are a part of these pyramidal structures that make up the matrix of our auric light body. I'm seeing as we go into the diagonal piece, this part that constructs the matrix of the chakra systems there is an energy that comes through diagonally. I'm going to ask for diagonal phase alignment and correction through the diagonal grids. And again seeing that there has been a resetting and strengthening the foundation of the north, south, east, west access. Meaning the vertical and horizontal parts of the grids system of the chakras. And now as that has been either changed or upgraded there is a diagonal and the diagonal grid is called the Diamond Grid. The Diamond Grid of course is made up of two perfect triangles that are on top of each other. And so these triangulations through the Diamond Grid to be recalibrated and reset into the upgrade systems that support the foundations, which are here and stated as a part of the Blue Ray family and as a part of Ascension family. Fully granted and allowed release from that burden physically, emotionally and through the mental body. Okay in the mental body again seeing correction in the solar plexus. I'm also going to ask at this time in working with the solar plexus and the organs, which the solar plexus or Prana and Chi feed into the lower system.

We ask for the gateways between the first triad of three bodies; the first, second and third layer to be opened into the higher spiritual anatomy which allows Prana to flow into the lower three structures. Please open all channels all tributaries, all circulatory systems which connect the higher spiritual anatomy of the soul and higher levels of consciousness through those channels of light to be fully communicating and connecting to all channels within the lower three levels of the body. As we build the Hova body and the first triad of chakras 1-2-3, creating the third layer of body foundationally, holding a horizontal grid at that level. We ask for that assistance now to increase the circuits above that allow that connection to go directly from the higher spiritual anatomy portions of flowing Prana and I want to say higher Mions, and I don't know exactly what that is. But part of higher particles of energy that are able to connect, flow and extend into the lower portions of the body, the first three layers of the chakras and the system at the core manifestation template level. Again 1-2-3 foundation through the Diamond Ray, and 1-2-3 foundation through the Blue Ray octave as needed and necessary.

Okay now on the right side of the body moving into the re-encodement of the Axiatonal lines as possible through 3-6-9-12 alignment. We ask that this assistance in bringing all Arc Coding and upgraded masculine coding into the right side of the body's function, to be assisted through that transference here and now. Specifically on the third dimensional finger, which is the right side small pinky, we ask that the third dimensional finger as we are strengthening and reconnecting all layers of Axiatonal line hookups into the third dimensional system. We ask that that system be reconnected into the right hip and through the structures that move through all, let's say this is an obstacle, through the umbilicus reaching up into the solar plexus.

Connect all of these aspects in perfect divine order as per the 12th dimensional and above blueprint, as God would have it be. To reconnect the solar plexus to the third dimensional access alignments and to the lower octave that allows the movement of the membrane into the fifth dimensional mental body. Okay we are removing constructs that create a membrane of separation between the higher mind and the lower mind. Terminate and remove all mind control harnesses, terminate and remove all atomic harnesses, terminate and remove all structures devices and matrices that are controlling or in control of the solar plexus consciousness in any station of identity. I ask through the monad that is with reversal memory, to be assisted and healed and removed from its impact upon this being. And in the solar plexus move through the higher octaves and remove and resign from the program, and terminate the atomic harness instituted. We ask that the mental body of the lower octave of the solar plexus be freed and that the membrane separating the third and the fifth layers into the higher mind be dissolved. Again through the processes here and now please upgrade the third dimensional solar plexus octave in each of the rungs of the spheres of these sub-harmonics to connect into the fifth dimensional higher mind integrative process.

We ask that the fifth dimensional archetypal body assist in bringing the third dimensional blueprint into full active participation with the consciousness through all layers of the etheric body, to override obsolete and complete obsolete third dimensional imprints, archetypes and influences. We ask that all astrological magnetic imprints and connections through the third dimensional system to be removed of Aryan memories. I don't know what that means I know that it has something to do with Atlantis. Remove genetic experimentation memories, remove the Atlantean memories and I'm going to ask for a disconnection, termination and removal of all Holocaust memories that are connected to the original seed memory of the Atlantean struggle.

Okay what I'm seeing here and this is interesting is that when we understand timelines of events, it's like an event has happened in some space-time where something has happened. And when this something happened at certain levels of intensity there are certain consequences of that action, based upon a seed event or a trigger event. And there are certain events that have changed human destiny and human evolution or the direction it was moving into. These are known as it's event horizons, which means understanding that we have probabilities and then what we create. And based upon the consequence of actions and our choices throughout all space-time, not just this identity, gives us the indication of things that are happening in our here and now. And what I'm seeing is that the seed event of the Atlantean cataclysm and the relationships of those particular events have created event horizons.

When you understand a hologram is a fractal and you see this fractal spinning as above so below in multiple dimensions. This seed or this cellular memory of a traumatizing event is held within all layers of the fractal energy that then impact what is happening in the timeline and what we experience as a consciousness, how we are actually experiencing our lives in that space-time. And so what I'm seeing here is a termination and a release that is being given as an opportunity for us to remove this from the masculine side. Now we're using your right side, the right side of your body as the station through which this memory is held. This memory is held through the third dimension moving into the solar plexus. When I try to move into the fifth dimensional body I see that there is a cellular memory and a cord that connects us into the histories of Atlantean cataclysm. And that there was a genocide and a Holocaust that happened at that particular timeline.

So understanding that piece of memory has been embedded in the consciousness. Meaning that as we read the cells of the body, as the body is being cleared it's showing us that there is a memory that exists within the soul within the physical material of the body connecting to this event. And of course that event was quite painful.

So I'm going to ask through all of the councils and assistance in that which actualizes and supports this being and her expansion, her ascension, her connection to God and her actualization of God purpose. And her experience of soul consciousness and God consciousness to be fully aligned healed and connected to the highest capacitive exchange of God's infinite light love and power. Allowing the release and removal of the genetic density which is recorded in the physical cells of the third dimensional body. I ask that as we look at the third dimensional layer of the body through the solar plexus and all related connections to the solar plexus consciousness, which is the third dimensional reality, to be assisted, healed and cleared to allow the bodies the consciousness and the energy to extend and be removed of the harness at the 3-D level. Remove the harness through all space-time.

Okay through the Atlantean alignments we need to remove all space-time veils, remove all black magicians, remove all Thothian implants, remove all negative alien implants. I'm going to ask that any of the false God matrices that have been inserted into this matrix of this being, to be terminated and removed and resigned from the bodies through all space time. Also terminate and remove the interaction between these false God matrixes as they connect into reverse monad and Metatronic systems. Remove all 55 grid circuits and circuitry that feed the third dimensional imbalance of the bodies that are connected to the solar plexus. Remove any of the Metatronic imbalances in the Merkaba mechanics of the body that are feeding false code into the lower three layers of the physical body systems.

I'm going to ask all assistance and support that realigns the Merkaba to be cleared from all 55 reversal mechanics that are placing compaction in the first three layers and specific compaction in the solar plexus body itself. Again clear the Merkaba mechanics, the Metatronic seed codes, the black circuitries that allow that connection to happen. And the connection of that which is related to the Atlantean cataclysm and every piece of the holographic insert identities, whether false or true or a part of the memory of this being. We ask that the memories of Holocaust, genocide, genetic experimentation and species splicing. I don't know what that last term means exactly, it's the first time I've heard that. To be fully and completely terminated and removed from the influence and impact on this being.

Again beloved God please release all burdens of, this is a similar to crucifixion implant, but it is something else. Okay this is coming from the masculine it's coming from the Indigo consciousness at the six dimensional level. Okay this is 3-6-9 related. When we understand that the solar plexus is controlled, by access and certain relationships of the six and the ninth dimensional level as we move up the right side of the body. We connect into the masculine mental projections, understanding the mental body connects the 3-6-9 levels as well. We are looking at the 3-6-9 levels and ask through the stations of the ninth dimension and that which is in divine right alignment and order for this being's actualization and support in the here and now, to be fully and completely removed and terminated of holographic inserts, false optic lenses of false Michael, false Jesus or twin memories as well as crucifixion related memories. Please give me the name if I need the structure, remove all Indigo Slayer technologies. Never heard of that, remove all Indigo Beast machine technologies, remove all dark phantom structures and devices of reversal black holes in the body through any space time.

Specific attention in the diagonal grid making up the first three layers and that which has been connected or imbalanced to the third dimensional body, the third dimensional solar plexus system. I'm also going to ask that any antimicrobial pathogenic puller, which has been utilized through any microorganisms such as the consciousness of Lyme disease, bacterial infiltration, viral infiltration or any other genetically replicated or duplicated system that is hybridized pathogenic microorganisms, to be cleared released and removed from their connection, connectors, and alignments within the gene pool genetic code and that which is impacting this bloodline. This is a bloodline issue as well. We are going to ask the Guardians guides and MAP teams for assistance in working directly with clearing, releasing and removing this particular effect. Again we are working with the microorganisms and the pathogen pullers that are a part of the systems of the Metatronic reversals and black heart systems. So it's like seeing these systems coalesce and create, it's so interesting, I'm seeing for the first time how these reversal fields actually create a proliferation of parasites, or these particular microorganisms.

It's like understanding as we are a part of all of the kingdoms of God, whether they be mineral, plant, animal, the microorganisms were designed to be a part of the encryption codings of who and what we are to be in balance. As the bodies as the consciousness, as the planet became severely imbalanced from all of the pain and trauma that has happened down here it relates to as well the microorganism problem, which proliferates and is activated by these Metatronic seeds. That is so interesting I did not know the relationship of that until now. Please clear all relationships of propagation of karmic monads and Metatronic or Black Heart seed circulatory systems within any piece of the body that is allowed to be cleared released and terminated from its attachment to the propagation of reversal fields. Remove reversal fields from this being and assist at the highest level in reintegrating soul, over-soul, avatar and God consciousness to be fully re-woven and reconnected through all structures and layers starting with now in the first three layers of the Hova bodies that are being re-encrypted through the Aurora. Beloved MAP teams and Aurora that work with her at this time we ask that the Aurora work with the MAP team to upgrade the evolution support teams coding and awareness. There is like a re-education and an upgrade to the guidance systems.

We ask that a new guidance system being installed. We ask that the translation of that guidance system be installed as well. And we ask that the appropriate Blue Ray gatekeepers that assist these particular guidance installations for her in the here and now, to again assist and support in the expansion of the healing of the unification of the inner masculine and feminine to be healed and aligned to the neutron and the Christ consciousness and God consciousness fields. Thank you.

It's interesting how that works, wow, there was lots of new information that came through with that too. Which is always interesting for me seeing the patterns, because the patterns of all of my sessions are always directly connected to the timeline that I'm working with, or the ES group is working with. So it's amazing what seems to happen is as we work together as a part of a group field and we're creating a group shield, each one of us has a piece that we play with that. And it's amazing to see all those pieces as they come into greater awareness. What I was seeing here that I don't think I've ever seen before with you, and I see this connected and it's really interesting because there is a link. You link to your sister and then she links to her son. I see a direct influence of how there is an intersection with the soul evolution and the burdens that have been held in the soul, in the bodies and the soul consciousness. Like why these things are the way they are.

So I can understand how you would feel at times a sense of cellular responsibility and burden that's confusing. I think there is a really interesting dichotomy between the healing of polarity and the manifestation of polarity that exists at such extreme levels between you and your sister in your lives. It's like pairs of opposites with this opportunity at some point in the timeline. Because as we know we're coming down to the stretch here, where we are now in it. I mean this is it, it's happening on the planet. It is very surreal because we go out into the world and we see people asleep, completely unaware or connected to any of this information at all, nor really interested in it. And yet so many people even those that are not interested in this material can definitely admit that they are having a cellular response. That something is different that there is something going on on this planet. And I'm noticing more and more of us are feeling it, without context, with out knowing what it is.

So this feels like yet another big unraveling of the piece of understanding the lineage and the memory that is attempting to be cleared between you and your sister and her son, which has to do with genocides and holographic inserts that came from the cataclysms of Atlantis. So it's like understanding the seed of an event that was very traumatizing to the human race and changed the direction of what the human race would experience. There is a history that is attempting to be clear from the three of you, where there is a common bond of a memory and this memory has to do with Holocaust energy. So what that means is that every piece of Holocaust that happens on the planet in this timeline and in many others meaning the killing and the slaying of another in the name of God or in the name of something. You go and you just decimate human beings for no apparent reason. This is something that Hitler did where there was a twisted idea of righteousness.

And it's interesting that your nephew has a predominant memory that has shown up when I've done sessions with him. He was a German General that was responsible for some of the Mengele-like experiments. And the energy of that Holocaust and that torture is something that has come up with him. And his being in having the desire to balance that energy out, this is his current state. It's like in this lifetime the helplessness that he experienced on others is what he experiences now. And it's obviously horrifying for him, because it's like being trapped in a body that doesn't work and having to deal with that. So that's what he's dealing with and this is the first time I've seen the relationship of genocide connected to the Atlantean histories and the Holocaust memories, that are a part of clearing, healing and balancing this out. It's like understanding for every action the is a consequence there's an energetic consequence.

What we're trying to do here is through the end of the time of this Atlantean cycle, where these structures were put in place as memories on the planet we want to erase and remove them. And as we do we remove their consequence on us, like the memory and how that memory in our body creates an experience that we are having. It's like an experience that came in with us in this incarnation. And so this again is a big piece, and I'm getting a number of 10% and 12% that has been cleared from this. I've noticed for a long time now when we are clearing timelines, if you remember last October began a clearing having to do with Hitler, Crowley and Churchill. And this was understanding that these three beings came together and they had choices, and the choice that they made created what we know as the Holocaust in the Hitler Germanic timeline.

That Germanic Hitler timeline was a direct memory that came from Atlantis. That means that Hitler and those beings without their consciousness expansion were being influenced by memories and ideas they thought were their own, and were not. Until you become conscious that you cannot be limited to who you think you are as an identity you are almost destined to repeat the history. This is what they're showing us, you keep repeating the history because the consciousness is not aware that it can change, that it doesn't have to play out that same thing over and over again. Which is fascinating too, because when we understand I think it's pretty well documented even though I don't know that much personally about the whole Hitler thing. More of it came up after October's timeline was revealed and how that was impacting United Kingdom and those histories of the beings that were tortured in that time. That Holocaust energy is something that connects to all Holocaust energy. So that means that any time there is genocide on this plane, it is connected to the seed event that interweaves itself into all of the Holocaust energy. It supplies an energy feed to the Hitler timeline, it supplies and energy feed to the Atlantean timeline, and every Holocaust or genocide event that has existed within those particular spaces.

So we're talking about the seed event when the consciousness first experienced an event of Holocaust or genocide, the pain and the trauma of witnessing that event created a distortion. And then started breaking down because the pain of something like this once a being indulges or is in an activity, which it is consistently repeating. What I'm seeing is what happens to the enslavement of many of the souls on this planet is that if they've been involved in a Holocaust in another timeline, because they don't know how to clear that from themselves, they're involved in it again. It's like what happens is the more that consciousness keeps experiencing that it's harming the soul material. It means that the being is fragmenting more the being is getting more and more damaged, because it doesn't know how to heal the trauma. It's just feeding a part of the victim victimizer program.

There is something that the three of you are holding that has to do with removing or terminating a huge part, or percentage of the victim victimizer archetype, which was directly responsible for the Holocaust and the genetic genocide. This is understanding genocide warring war within the genetics, this is where this hate-form this thought-form came from. This genetic slicing all of this is related to an idea of genetic perfection and the idea that you can create it outside of God. You cannot create genetic perfection outside of God. And that is what this distortion is that is being cleared, through the three of you. (question...)

Yes, I'm seeing 3 levels of it, because you all have this piece, you all have this clearing piece. This is a totally new revelation. I have to repeat it because this is so profound, this is the understanding that what has happened since Atlantis is that those that have attempted to create genetic perfection, have created a massive distortion, by attempting to replicate the perfection of God. It's impossible to do that. And it's the understanding of consciousness that you can't do that without the organic expression of the eternal living light in a perpetual supply, where all is brought into harmony with itself. You cannot create genetic perfection. So what you get is you get machines, you get something that looks like a Stepford Wife. I'm looking at the examples of Mengele and the Germanic thing with Hitler. There was an obsession with the Aryan race, which came from Atlantis. Hitler was obsessed with the Atlantean tools the power tools, the Spear of Destiny and these things. He was obsessed with the occultism at that level and obsessed with the perfection the genetic perfection of a race. That was a part of his sickness and wanting to kill and terminate what he thought was the imperfect. And this is of course was mind control distortion that was coming from off planet, anti-human sentiment. This is not a human thought form this is an alien thought form and it is coming from the negatives.

This clearing is coming from the understanding that genetic perfection cannot be replicated, it is a God spiritual energy organic energy of God, it cannot be replicated. And what has happened since Atlantis is attempts in vain to replicate God and therefore to become God. It's like a self-aggrandizement that I am, I AM that which is in control, the human race should serve me. And we see this on the planet with the hierarchies, because we've got the reptilian possession thought form on this planet, which is the haves and have nots. This is also not a human thought form it is an anti-human thought form, the thought that there are power elite and those that rule, those that are better than everyone else and have all the money and the resources, and then the rest that are starved and considered the servants of the power elite. This again is a part of our healing and our synthesis of healing the polarity of opposites that's happening.

Of course if we could talk about Ascension and the healing this is the ultimate understanding. We are here to be polarity integrators and heal these two opposing thought forms and energies. And to liberate our selves as a species and as a race from those thought forms, from those energies and from those controls, which have corrupted us from again both anti-human sentiment and human sentiment, and this is what's so confusing for us as human beings. Because we've been imprinted and manipulated by consciousness that is not even ours. Meaning it's a non-human race thought form that has possessed the human being to believe it is that which it is not. And that is of course the incredible pain and suffering that the human being has on the planet, because it's not in alignment to its soul. It's in alignment to something that possessed it and it doesn't know the difference at this time.

What I'm understanding now is we are being given an opportunity to clear this thought form, this program from the three of you. So I'm going to ask here at this time, we ask that all inter-relationships that are connecting through any space time identity to be healed, released and removed from this mind control, from this thought form, from this holographic corruption and from any place within the light body that has been infected with this viral vibration. Thank you.

Closing: Please anchor lock and seal this session into the eternal living light of God. Again as we command this space in the eternal living light of God, we ask that all channels, structures and this session be consecrated, dedicated and protected in the authority of the eternal living light of God in the here and now. Bringing us into the singularity of perfection in the now moment, beloveds all that is supported, all that is contained, all that is in the highest expression of God. We ask the blessings of that grace to extend upon this being and all that which is connected to her and through her, to be aligned supported and protected in the eternal living light and Law of God. Thank you so much. Please seal the field, please seal our communication, as we seal our vortex and we come into the center point of our being. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways. Again beloveds, thank you so much for this information, for this healing and for this opportunity. Our infinite stream of love is with you and always. Please seal the field and our communication. Thank you so much. And so it is, we seal our session.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 3-9-2010]

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