Conversation about Awakening, Dismantling and Reorientation

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Themes:Conversation about Awakening, Dismantling and Reorientation, moving from 3D decisions actions and will, to 5D neutral observer following guidance and divine will, you aren't crazy and this will stretch you, staying awake in the Dark Night of the Soul transition, how to work with Core Fear Removal Program, multidimensional expansion and Psychic Attack.

Session Excerpt: We are entering the phase of accumulating the information. Because what's happening with this now is that there is a level of experiential reality that the two of you are going through internally, in terms of the process and the journey. It cannot be intellectualized of conceptualized. I understand that can be somewhat painful, because you don't have the manual leading you through it. However, what I'm feeling in terms of the larger structure is that you guys were absolutely woken up when this solar intersection happened on May 27. That was a humongous intersection and they told me that date was going to be a big ascension wake up call. That those that hadn't been completely woken up yet were going to be radically brought to the party, so to speak. We could say even as a crisis management tool, because we needed the next level of beings to be deployed into those frequencies, to stabilize the surfaces of the earth.

So what I feel is happening now is you probably are having an introduction to me and others, because there is a foundational base needed to stabilize in both your own understanding of what's happening and in developing a framework. Because you've got to develop a framework for what is happening to you now that feels congruent and resonant with your being. It may be that I'm a stepping-stone or something that becomes a core part of you. We can't judge anything in that way, just to know that we've been brought together for a reason. Clearly it's about the greater understanding of the task at hand and also finding the tools to be able to develop the strength of disciplining the mental and emotional bodies. Understanding what is inherent and true and the nature of what's happening and attempting to not be emotionally overwhelmed to the best of your ability.

Dismantling Process

Because again the dismantling process is very challenging, so it's not something I'm diminishing in any way, because it is so intense. And yet this is the mastery, is that we have to practice and basically be walking the walk of the ascended master while we're in form, within this. Putting our complete faith and trust in completing this. When I notice I'm constricting I keep creating the macrocosmic orbit within myself, I keep exchanging. Keep exchanging keep the flow moving in a circular orbit coming up your spine and out the top of your head, making that circle. Allowing the flow to come in and to be a full vessel of that energy. (question...)

I have so much compassion for this, because I have to admit I'm really on the fringe, I'm definitely the advanced version. It's pretty amazing that I'm one of the beginning people that is being introduced to you, because I'm really on the advanced end. (question...) Because what I'm feeling actually is that there is a tremendous amount of what I call spiritual initiation going on in your field. What that looks like it is electromagnetic field activity and I have explained that a lot on World Puja. You probably heard me talk about these download processes where you go through; download, process, integrate.

And when you're getting downloaded literally what's happening is your exchanging with a piece of your divinity and we could even consider that piece of divinity as electric, it has a frequency and a tone to it. And these codings and these energies and surges start coming through your electrical system, your nervous system. This is how the Lightbody gets built. When you think of the structural anatomy of the soul, you can use your chakras as an example. Then think about a huge, like when you think of your solar plexus, that's a huge golden wave spectrum. It emanates from outside of your body like a whole replica of your physical, so it's a very large body.

Expanding Light Bodies

The more that you develop your mental body into the spiritual energies then the larger it gets. That's what it means to increase the sphere of influence. Like talking about Jesus the Christ, stories of his aura being like 2 miles long. So the Aura keeps growing into this larger and larger more expansive holding of energy frequency and this is how we reach critical mass and can anchor the space. When we talk about holding energy and holding codes that is what it means. Then when people start coming into your field they start shifting too, because it's the physics of the energy to always be moving in the next vibrational octave. It's very much like a tuning fork when you play a musical instrument, when you're tuning. If you're holding those balanced energies and you come in contact with a person who may not be vibrating at the octave, their body will attempt to match the octave that's more balanced.

So this is a part of our inherent and larger role in agreeing to hold these particular templates. A template is just a blueprint, so basically we all as human beings share the potential of the same blueprint. But each one of us is activated into those potentials at different stages. So it's important to recognize everyone's in the classroom. So again with no judgment or value difference, it is so important to come into the realization of self, so that you can better understand the classroom you're in. So you can then start working with the levels of those forces in your classroom. Because what happens to beings when you're learning so much and trying to cram in so much in all in a very short period of time, is you recognize that you're not in the third dimensional class room anymore. Trying to use that material as a curriculum to run your life, it will not apply. So now you have to move into a fifth dimensional construct of manifestation, of how energy works.

That's what I was referring to, when we started our conversation, about being in the now moment. If we could compare the two, you would have to remember that the old way of being, in terms of a third dimensional being. You could think of your three chakras firing and that you were using only pretty much those three levels of intelligence, those three levels of vibration. They have a different way of working, if we want to manifest we have to impose our will. We could say the third dimensional being, if we could find a theme for that, is really about doing, acting, imposing, using your will.

So all of us have been trained since birth that if we are going to be anything in this world, if we are going to amount to anything that we have to do something, you have to make it happen. So now all the sudden when you go through initiation like you two did, into your fifth dimensional bodies, what happens is that energy doesn't work for you anymore. Now you're being trained to be in the being-ness of who you are. So now systematically what happens is everything that was vibrating in the old identity of what you guys were when you were 3D together, literally that way of being and thinking and living and manifesting. All of that now doesn't serve any purpose for you at the Soul level, so it starts being moved out.

Meanwhile the thing that's interesting with spirit, is when you understand the energy physics involved it makes a lot of sense. Is that until these things are complete and almost like terminated from your field the new things can't come in. So it's almost like you are clearing out the extraneous disorganized patterns in yourself. Your spirit comes in your soul comes and starts removing those patterns out of you. Then your external reality starts shifting dramatically and you guys are in between, you are in that stage where you haven't moved to the next level. You can't see what's around the corner and therefore its very anxiety producing. So what is being learned now is fifth dimensional manifestation school. What that is now, is being able to discipline your mind and being able to be as present as you possibly can be in the observing consciousness. So that when things happen and when you view things, you are calling upon the observer and the observer doesn't have an opinion. The observer doesn't really have judgment. And we can see even that's very simple to say, but it's much harder to apply, obviously when it has to do with our kids and other things like this.

But that is really what the task at hand is, because it is the neutral point where the power of manifestation comes. When the ego is no longer thinking it's in control or attempting to control the outcome, this is when the miracles occur. And that's the whole secret of that process, is that you have to maintain a neutral point within yourself. When you feel yourself getting triggered emotionally or in fear, you need to employ different tools to help extract and re-pattern those behaviors. So the same cycle that you had with that pattern does not continue. That's the observing consciousness. So when you feel yourself feeling fear about moving into the mysteries of the unknown, because this is basically what this is. You're being asked to fully embrace the mystery of the unknown and yet at the same time find complete faith and trust in surrender.

Understanding that there are higher forces in control of this, and understanding that the necessary part of evolution and transformation requires some degree of chaos. Because inherent in any transition is chaos, because you have to disrupt. This is the process of alchemy that creates the mining of the diamond inside. So in a sense what's being asked of us is we have to find a way to be comfortable in the chaos. Understanding it's a part of transformation and it's not something we did wrong. You know how many times we think it's something we did, like if we perceive something unpleasant we ask did I do something bad? Did I not see something did I miss it? And really the answer is no, that's not the case. What's happening now specifically for both of you, is there is a completely new degree of mental and emotional discipline and gathering knowledge and information happening, to begin to stabilize the framework of your identities together. And that may be constantly shifting and changing, but for right now what is extremely important for both of you, is that there is some kind framework and exercise. Whether it's a spiritual exercise or Meditation or whatever it is, because that is what keeps you grounded in your core, your spiritual core.

Dark Night of Soul

This is what you have to maintain during this period of time. This is what we call the Dark Night of the Soul. When we go through the dark night of the soul we have to stay awake through the dark night. Can you stay awake? Do everything you can to stay awake because what happens is if you go to sleep and you descend into fear, you amplify those vibrations and you create blockage. The job with this really is, if we understand the task at hand here, is to do the absolute best you can without criticizing yourself. Asking for help from spirit, from you guides all the time as much as possible. Because you want to keep the flow open keep the flow open, open the exchange. Because what happens when you go through this dismantling, is it is so heavy it is so chaotic. You become very confused, so you want to keep that open exchange of flowing. (question...)

Build 12D shielding

First the foundation is a 12 D shield, and all I can say is I've seen a pattern and the pattern is this. When certain souls and beings are being called to go through the Ascension process, to activate world service type of contracts and become more impactful in the ascension. When these beings come into this realization I noticed a huge influx of resistance and psychic attack start to come in. So I want you to know that this is a very common and it's super important to not take it personally, and to not put any judgment around it. To me actuality now when it happens, I mean I have a laugh and just go I must be much more impactful then I think I am, because I have gotten the attention of somebody who is attempting to harass me. But generally what happens is when we are not fully clear, when we are not fully anchored in our core, these energies come and they can knock us off balance. So it's a little bit of an additional training in getting you completely in your core and realizing they cannot mess with you at that level.

Basically what you are learning is mastery of your space, mastery of your being. Because the interesting thing about these energies and what happens to so many people, is that we don't realize how much manipulation is perpetrated against us socially. Not only in the old paradigms of our social programs and what goes on in the world, but also energetically. People are covered with entities and with all kinds of bizarre manipulations and they don't even know they're there. And you go my God, that's an unfair advantage, when there is all this phenomena that is really impacting us. As an example I have seen so many times people that have horrible addiction problems, generally have a ton of entities contributing to that. So the person had a core problem but what happened in the cycle of things, that energy attracted all kinds of addictive type of entity structures. So the two most entity harassed type of profiles I have seen are the religiously conflicted and the addicted. These two I mean forget it, I mean it's unbelievable these poor beings, because their emotional bodies are so damaged. It is the emotional body that is pretty radically manipulated in the human race, through all of the guilt and shame pieces.

So obviously you're getting inducted very quickly into the multidimensional realms. Because that's what this is. What happens is when our light bodies are activated there are energies on the other side, there are entities that can see this and you attract that attention. And then they start haranguing or like you said the psychic attack phenomena begins. It's just important to recognize that this is a reality in this realm. This is the confusion because outside of here, it's a very strange game were playing, this is an illusion. It's very much like we're inside a videogame, in a holographic tank playing out these roles. And yet outside of here at some level beyond the control over the dimensionalized system, it's a nonissue.

What's happened here is that there are tremendous amounts of consciousness that have become trapped in the illusion. Not realizing that they can they can return home and that they have other choices and all kinds of things they can do. They keep going into the suffering over and over again. So that's what the ascension is about, is liberation from that reincarnational wheel that so many beings have been stuck on down here, and choosing something different. And we're also experiencing the resistance of energies and entities, because let's face it probably the number one fear implant in human beings is resistance to change and the fear of death. What we think of as death or the unknown. So these are our biggest fears that we have to face right now.

Realize that there is something much larger than us, God, whatever our framework for that is, universe, God. That it is something so much larger than all of us and it's happening to all of us. And to know that you are protected in that source light, but there's a level of mastery now that the two of you are being put through. To understand that these forces of polarity actually exist and it's a strengthening tool because it gets you in the core of who you are so that you learn to command the space.

The interesting thing is I was very much like you sweetheart, I had to go through this training to be able to do this. I was such an empath and a person that didn't want to be with groups, because I used to get sucked from the energy. And very much like you, I couldn't relate to anybody, I didn't understand recreationally the things that people focused their time and energy on. It just seemed pointless to me. Even though I wanted to belong, and this is such a Starseed experience. The theme of my life was watching others engage in life, while I observe them basically. (question...)

Oh sweetheart thank you, we were born in the same year too and have the same resonances going on there. I was very much like you, very much a loner in terms of being in my alone space. I mean believe it or not I was a tax accountant in the 3D life and my husband at the time thought I was totally antisocial. Because I would need to come home and just be in my own space for a while to rebalance myself. Being in the world was very hard for me. I used to cry it used to upset me so much, because I really wanted to be a part of life. I felt like what is wrong with me, why is it is so difficult? (question...)

What it is my darling and what will come to pass, I promise, is you never know what your potential is until you're stretched. If you would've asked me 10 years ago if this would be my life, I would've said you're absolutely nuts. I had absolutely no indication this is where I was going. When they took me through this process early on, they were very gentle and took me systematically through. They didn't tell me about any of the extraterrestrial stuff or anything.

Because I remember the first time they actually we're trying to get me with the program to understand. The issue with this is you need time to psychologically and emotionally integrate and allow yourself to process this information, because it is very intense. The first time I remember they told me something like, you are related to the beings on Sirius B and that is where Jesus was from. I remember I was terrified when I wrote that down, so much so that I hid it under my bed and I didn't look at it for six months. I thought something was wrong, like it's gone too far now, it's gone too far. I can't handle that.

Love and Light Syndrome

I was very much in the Christ Consciousness and wanting to be in the heart space. I really in the beginning went kicking and screaming and really had to clear a lot of resentment, because I was pissed. I was pissed off that I had to deal with some of this ugliness that I was being forced to deal with. Because I still was in a little bit of what we would call the love and light syndrome, and I didn't want to know that there were evil entities out there, and I didn't want to see all that stuff.

So when this started to show up, I had to radically change my belief system. And at first this is why I am so glad you're talking to me now, because it is so important to not judge it. Because in the beginning I thought something was horribly wrong with me. I thought I must either have had Attila the Hun in my lifetime, because it made no sense. I knew what was in my heart and it certainly wasn't what was showing up. So it is a process that you have got to be so careful to understand, that you are being woken up into what is real here. It is like shining a light in the dark room and you start seeing all this stuff. And it's always been there, but you didn't see it before. All of the sudden you're seeing that and it's really uncomfortable. During the process at that time I was actually engaged to be married and was being broken up from that relationship. Basically my spirit and the guides were saying no, you are not going to be doing that.

Because that was really the pinnacle point of deciding the next level of my spiritual path, and these entities knew that. They knew that if I chose the marriage that I would become somebody's wife, and he would never support this. When I chose my spiritual path they came in like gang-busters and they harangued the heck out of me. And I saw for the first time a reptile looking creature and it was spitting on me astrally and it said you are disgusting and I can smell you. It said all of this stuff to me and I was completely just like what is that? And why does this thing hate me, I don't even know what it is? So for a while I had to go through this process of, if I create my own reality what is that thing doing here? Excuse me, but I didn't even know this thing existed. So what is that some deep thing in my psyche?

The Trap of Self Doubt

And this was the question that really mentally tortured me that I want you to stay away from. Because that is the trap that these entities pull on you, they want you to go there into self-doubt, because then you descend into that lower vibration of shame. You think you did something wrong, I'm a bad person. Or something in you feels that way, at a deep unconscious level. And this is not the truth, that is not the truth at all.

So it is absolutely critical that you keep aligning into the truth that is your heart space that we understand that there are these energies that exist. They are very close in octave to the third dimensional realm. We've not been made aware of them and as we go through ascension and we start moving into these higher planes of reality, we're starting to interact with these things. So it is so important for us to have our dialogue and to be able to share the situation. Take it as a strengthening tool because ultimately nothing can threaten you when you're in your power, when you understand your power. What these things are doing is attempting to trick you out of not knowing who you really are. In terms of your power as an eternal being and learning how to actually anchor and embody that power within your self, within your body. (question...)

Yes. What will happen with the 12D is you want to get that going. I know that audio is like a 20 minute process but what happens with this is that once you get your mental focus entrained. You're practicing it and getting it on autopilot so that you can do it and you'll start to do it faster. You'll start to be able to sense it quicker, all the sudden you'll feel it, you'll get a sense of what the energy feels like, more so. It's a process right. (question...)

Embodiment of Feminine God Principle

The female template of that particular God aspect of power, I can feel with all of that energy attempting to make its way through you. As I was talking to you earlier, the realization is that the aspect that was polarized into the magnetics, that created the female attributes of God source are now beginning to be embodied in those souls that have chosen female polarization bodies. So you and myself, and I can feel with you that's one of the things that you're coming into. Learning how to work with that energy. It's a little bit differently then say what your partner is doing. A way to explain this is in the Egyptian times they called this the rod and the staff. The male embodies the rod and the female embodies the staff. The part of divine union that happens that is the ascension flame that ignites the world, is when the rod and the staff come together and they create a Trinity.

Now in the old energy form, that was making a baby. It was the creative potential of the male and female utilized in that union and it created a life. Now we have the choice to use that energy to change the world. It's a very powerful creative force that is anchored in the cells of our body. There's an alchemy that happens when that is unified.

And I have to say again, there's no pressure on this. What I'm feeling is that is what you guys are about. There is a twin flame aspect that serves the rod and the staff. And that is an entirely new energy template for the male and female of the human race. It's the next generation of us basically. Because what's happened, obviously we can look at the world and see that the male-female relationships are totally skewed in terms of a divine union or spiritual union. This concept is really not something that most people are embracing or being able to experience. So there is definitely a piece that you guys are coming into. Now I want to say that in terms of what's happening right now, your goal is to not panic. Your goal is to simplify.

Attempt to simplify as much as you can. Anything extraneous that is draining you, whether it's financial resources or whatever this is now is the time to slim down. If there's accumulation or things that you need to restructure or reorganize this is what this time is geared to do. Is slimming down and this is going to challenge you, because in the third dimensional paradigm it's all about accumulation. And your accumulation is your security and your reflection of your achievement or success in your life. So you are going to find this belief system is going to go right up against you, and you have to really try and hold that. Do not let any leakages of self-esteem to connect to this, because I promise you it's a temporary thing.

Core Fear Removal

Because what happens when you go through this, you start to realize oh my God I didn't know I had so much of my self-worth tied into these things. Like whether or not I have a house or whether or not I have this or that. (question...) But I'm also going to remind you that inside the community are all of the downloads about emotional release. I would say the lifesaver that you can work with that has been very profound for myself and for a lot of people, is something called the Core Fear Removal program.

Now when you work with this you work with this in sleep time. So you do it before you go to bed and your calling your guides in your masters. And you say listen whatever programs unconsciously, subconsciously, in your own language you don't have to worry about this. You just say I will want to request please clear me and remove anything that is holding me back in the vibration of fear, in the vibration of anger, and let's remove it. And so I've done this and you can be experimentive with this in a way that fits you.

So just as an example when you use a Core Fear Removal program before you go to bed, what you're doing is you are sleep state programming yourself. You're basically dedicating your sleep and all of the work you do in sleep state to be clearing negativity or fear, or anything that creates an emotional trigger in yourself. (question...) The whole CD which is called intro to Ascension has an order to it. Basically you start out with the core fear matrix removal program and you just you start working with asking for help in this way. But it is not just about fear, if you know there is something there, you can use it to remove poverty consciousness you can use it for anything. But generally you want to start out getting used to it, and you ask your guides. We each have guides and masters that we are working with, as well as our higher self. I just refer to them as your higher-self councils. You just talk about developing that relationship with them, that you are fully committing to your process and that you ask for direct support. And you dedicate your sleep when you go to bed, please remove all fear implants out of me period. So the Core Fear Matrix Removal program has a protocol to go through, but in essence you don't have worry about that.

I just wanted to let you know you can use your own language. As an example I have been very successful with my own mother, who loves this. And she just basically before she goes to sleep, she calls in her guides and she says please just take negativity out of me, take anything negative out of me and I ask you to help me with this. And just that simple exercise, she says that it's has changed her life. So you can do it in a myriad of ways.

Now will say that the more accurate you are with asking for help specifically, the more accurate results they can help you with. What they have told me is that they look at us like a big energy hologram, they can't necessarily see things the way that we do. So you can say as an example, if you said you please strengthen my immune system or I really need some help with my kidney, please work on my kidney and your more specific, it's a different result entirely. So sometimes the more specific you are as you become aware of it, the more effective it can be. Say your working with Core Fear Removal and all of a sudden it becomes very clear that there's an issue that's really getting you. You want to articulate that issue now, and tell them please help me with this and bring me insight, so that I can fully dismantle this particular way of thinking. (question...) Yes, exactly.

Refocusing Mind

And I will say this, what was absolutely valuable for me during certain times, is you have to find a way to refocus when you get in that place. So when you feel a trigger or begin to feel an emotional response to a thought you just had. You need to refocus yourself. The body is an interesting organism in that there can be all kinds of things that trigger you. You can be listening to music, or drive by some place and you get a memory and it's hurtful. Whatever it is, the second that happens and you become aware of it, you have to change the behavior of whatever you're doing. So as an example if your feeling sad or something triggers you, go listen to music or go for a walk. You you need to extract yourself out of the environment you are in, by refocusing your brain in another activity.

When you do this you shift the energy. And that pattern cannot maintain itself in your nervous system. Because that's the interesting thing about our nervous system and that is how addictions and things get such a deep hold. Is they get grooved in like a record, and this record becomes entrained and recorded in the nervous system over and over again. And the consciousness of the personality program goes okay the person is choosing to feel this way, so it triggers those chemical responses emotionally. So what you want to do is refocus yourself. Every time you do this you are retraining your brain, you are retraining your nervous system to a different response. Then all of the sudden what happens is you feel neutral to this.

Because your ultimate goal is perfect neutrality in whatever shows up, that you may have preferences but no attachments. You know that there is something much larger than you and you surrender to that as a part of the divine plan and you listen to those impulses. What is important to understand for you guys right now is you're not in an action state. I know you feel like you want to be, but right now what is happening is you are going through a systematic breakdown. The things that need to be cleaned up right now are getting cleaned up. So it's so important to not panic take a deep breath listen for the messages. But really by and large this is not a time to sell everything and make a radical change. You can't plan that far in advance right now. What's being trained right now is now moment and trust. That's it. And that as you know for the mind is very painful. Because the mind wants to know what's happening next week and how next months bills are going to get paid and all of this. But this is not how the divine matrix or spiritual energies work at all.

This is the whole manifestation school retraining. My heart just goes out to so many beings that are going through the spiritual nomad phase and are not knowing what's being asked of them. You feel like a train has hit your life and you don't even know what's up or down anymore. What is happening the task at hand is focus in the now. Do everything you can to stay out of the past and out of the future with the what-if scenarios. If your going into the what if's, that is what creates all the fear. Because it's the fear of the future and basically the message you send to the universe with this is I don't trust you. I don't trust that God has got my back here.

Poverty Consciousness

And that is the big thing we have to overcome isn't it. We have to come into the understanding that we've been trained to live on a planet that has really been imprisoned in Poverty Consciousness. We've been living outside of the realm of God. God is goodness, God is abundance, but we are seeing an external reality where 6.5 billion people believe in poverty and lack consciousness. So what is happening is that becomes the belief of the race. We don't know how powerful we are as beings, if we got enough of us to understand the truth we could change this over night. The problem with that is, people would go insane from having the reality change that fast.

If all of the sudden you had abundance and everything you needed, and you are used to not having this. This is the whole understanding of how the ego is very fragile, therefore we have to understand that ego so we can strengthen ourselves. We have to understand how to navigate this process without going into the suffering aspects of it. (question...).

This is really something that you work on. I hope this is helpful and you can understand this. First of all, both of you are working on your fifth dimensional or so light body and this is your blue body. The Violet Ray flame is the seventh body, and that's is what the Crucifixion Implants are on. The first process of removing this is working with the 12D Shield. So basically the issue with this is that if you took them out it would be like plugging you into 2000 Volts. It's too much, so you want to do this in a systematic way. But I really must say I'm really thrilled that you and I are having this exchange, because I can feel how protected you really are. There is a lot of support in the spiritual realms, in the multidimensional fields for you guys. I can feel that you are being led to really high quality material, and I have just noticed a large population not quite having that direct guidance yet.

I hope I can say this in a way that makes sense, because it is very challenging to express in language. It has nothing to do with value difference it has everything to do with energetic signature and awareness. But what I have noticed is that those that have certain special conditions or scenarios, have a lot more spiritual support then the third dimensional person that hasn't asked for help yet, or is not aware of their soul body or doesn't know what's going on. (question...)

Yes, there are a lot of beings around you guys, both of you. It is wonderful for me to see. I wish from a friend stand-point I could just say here, this is what it's going to be, this is what it will look like. And yet I know I can't hold that space at all for you guys, because you have to go through this experience. Yet I see that support and I know you're not off course. I know that there's nothing wrong, I know that this has got to happen the way it is. I can see that it's being divinely directed and stewarded with support. The challenges is that you've both been given a tall order, to learn and change your reality structure in a very short period of time. I'm just very grateful that you have each other to do this with, because a lot of people don't actually. They wake up and their relationship ends and everything's over and they're just down there by themselves going with the hell happened to my life.

So I can really see there is a binary agreement between both of you and it's so sweet and lovely and inspiring to see. This is the part two of your lifetime, like this whole next part is going to be very different than the first part. (question...)

Previously in incarnational cycles this would be very much like we would leave the body, go into the astral for review and come back. So it's going to be very much like the first part of your life and a whole new identity in the second part. You're just keeping the body this time around and it is a weird feeling. It's like now when I look back at who I was, it's almost like I'm not sure if that was real. Like I have some memories of that Lisa that was a tax accountant and the little girl. I look at it and go did that really happen or is that someone else. It's so far away and so different, and yet in all honestly there's no loss associated with that at all. You feel so much more authentic and whole and that's the really important thing to understand, that this is the best thing that could ever happen to you. But these particular challenges in the 3D I admit they are not pleasant, they're not fun.

I think now like you said is don't panic. Systematically start breaking down as your guided to simplify and get more efficient with everything. Basically what it's about and I think you guys have already started that process, that there is no more room for anything that is not in alignment to your true path as beings. So this stuff starts collapsing and you have to kind of let it collapse. When it triggers you learn to refocus. Also know too that it's temporary. When you're in it you feel like it's never going to end. So it is so important to know it is a phase, it is a transitional growth phase. And at some point you are going to look back on this and it's going to be over and you'll see a greater understanding of why it had to occur this way.

But this is a time where it's a systematic collapse of all things that are not supporting the next level of your selves. But you can't make, it's not the time to make long-term decisions about anything. Like don't jump into anything that requires a long-term commitment. Because what's happening is that you are getting practice in being fully in the present moment, learning how to trust this process that is happening to you. By understanding this is not random, this is not something that's happening from chaos of bad decisions. You are within a very coherent process of spiritual evolution that is being managed and stewarded by not only your higher self-councils, but by guides and guidance.

Learning Spiritual Language

And now your job is to learn how the spiritual language works, it's not like linear language and it's not like English. Spiritual energy and being able to discern those impulses are all feeling and sensory aspects. So now you're learning to develop emotional cognition in the feeling centers of your body. And using that as the higher intelligence that navigates you, rather than the intelligence that you are used to using as a third dimensional construct, which was your conscious mind. That's the difference.

So right now there is an internal Armageddon going on. The feeling and heart part of you can feel the change and the mind is screaming wait a minute, that is not practical what are you doing? And that is the whole dark night of the soul. Attempting to stay awake, learning how to trust the feeling mechanism over the thinking mechanism. What happens eventually when you get strengthened enough, you come to a level where you realize that your conscious mind is not something you still lose. It something that you need to train and to utilize as subservient your soul, and then it becomes a way that you perceive and filter this reality, but it knows it's not in charge anymore.

The conscious mind is not in charge and so we've been living that way, where we've been identifying wholly with our thoughts, and the way we think and our belief in our life. And now all of a sudden that piece is ending and changing, and sometimes there's grief with that. There's a sadness it's like I'm leaving the third dimension, in a sense there is a loss. Things will never be like that again it's over. So there is sometimes some sadness with that, but again it's temporary and it's very important to learn how to refocus into the coherence of what's happening to you. To truly know that this is being governed and orchestrated by your soul and by your being and this is why learning to trust in these forces is so important.

It's also very common when you go through a tremendous amount of stress and change, because when were starting to review the commitments that we have in our life there's a sympathetic response. And in our bloodstream, with you I feel an added component in the clearing of the bloodline. There's something happening that is coming through your matriarchal line. Are you aware of any type of illness patterns in your mother's line? I'm feeling this is something I'm here to boot out of you, or we're to hold that space and get that out. Is there any history of that in your mom's family? I'm getting its reproductive, related to female and gender and so again I'm going to look at that a minute. I was explaining earlier on about all that EMF activities going on, and how this taxes our nerves. Because literally you've been plugged into a socket you have never plugged into before and your body now has to work to try to find homeostasis again. Because your nervous system is like vibrating and firing at a whole completely new level. So when you go through these phases it is so common to just feel wiped out.

I can see that your body is just getting a radical spiritual initiation quite frankly, because you got a ton of electromagnetic field activity going on. So when that happens again you're getting stretched. A lot of what is happening is there is a breakthrough, we go through this critical mass and then something catalyzes us in another direction. This is something where they keep talking to me about doorway, doorway. A doorway opening and again there's a larger pattern for all of us, something between now and March is humongous. They keep telling me this is the intersection point and huge doorways open during this time, stay the course, stay the course.

Staying in the Now

We are not allowed to make a decision based on a future that has not happened yet. So the whole thing is about the now moment. It is the absolute training of our consciousness to be fully present in the now and to not go in the future and start projecting a bunch of things, your fears or other scenarios. It's important for me to tell you and I know I have a little bit of blessing in being able to exchange this way, that you're so not alone darling. Everyone's got their own timing on this and this is what you have to be careful of, don't judge anyone else about where they are. You can't look at anyone else and compare yourself. But you will get to a point where you will start to connect with many more people that are going through exactly what you're going through. That's very helpful too because then you can share in the pattern, because it's a pattern all of us are going through. It's not just about you or me as we personalize this. When you start to recognize the larger pattern and see that we're all going through it. You go it's not just about me I didn't make a mistake?

What has weighed so heavy on my heart is that almost 90% of the human beings that I see or talk to, they're going through Ascension. They feel completely devastated because they don't know who to talk to or they feel isolated or feel crazy. Like you now, this has got to change. We've got to create a language for this so that people know where to go, or they don't feel like they're losing their mind. Ultimately the framework building of our truth, whatever works for us, is our responsibility. But this is a steppingstone at least, enough for people to go okay there's something larger happening, many others are having it too. So thank you for the feedback, thank you sweetie.

So we want to assist in a catalytic opening that removes any encumbrances that you've been holding. So generally when you make a commitment in threes and so what I'm basically about to say here is creating a daily investment in your soul and spiritual growth. And so the first step is committing to some meditation technique or practice that aligns you to your soul and spirit, whatever that is for you is fine. You can start out with a 12D Shield, I highly recommend it because in terms of deflecting the Psychic Attack energies it has been invaluable. The second thing is your awareness of committing to finding a framework that works, because you can use the framework I am providing, but it doesn't have to be that. To me anything that works for you so that you're basically trying on information, like these other women you have been listening to. Where you and really starting to understand this is about your truth, we as speakers and guides that have gone through this can only really share our truth in the nature of what's been revealed to us.

But ultimately that framework is your own, between you and God and that is your divine birthright. That is your relationship with God and that can be anything that feels good to your soul. And the last thing is applying your will. So this takes some commitment and some discipline darling. Because the only way you can be unhampered from the subconscious programs that are nested inside, that are fear-based and all of that crap. Is we have got to apply our will to something higher, so that we can transcend those lower impulses from controlling us from taking and draining our joy. Because that's what they do they drain us of our joy. So there is applying the will and that is about the mental focus and discipline that it takes. And using those three, when you understand how to apply those three things. Big things are moving.

You might find yourself in what I call the void, and a void space is where there's nothing that you feel. You can't go by your own independent action to change the circumstances and you get really frustrated with that. And basically again it's a dismantling of the ego that is needed. But what I notice is people get tripped up in the void space, because they will not invest time in their own healing. They want someone else to do it for them. So at some level you have to take responsibility and that's about applying the will, applying your personal will to that of divine will. And that takes a little discipline, you have to make the effort to do that. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions January 2008]

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