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The Chakra Crystal Keys are located on the central vertical channel between the chakra cones and their energy vortices. The Chakra Crystal Key regulates the function of the Chakra Crystal Seed, which is located in the center of the Chakra cone itself. These two function interchangeably, together. For this reason in the HGS Manual in the CCKM Module, the Chakra Crystal Key and Chakra Crystal Seed are not defined clearly as separate functions. However, the main function of the Crystal seed is that it activates to re-assemble the strand of DNA related to that specific Chakra cone intelligence center, when the Chakra Crystal Key sends the instruction set defined by its rotational degree, to merge together the appropriate portions of intelligence in that particular dimensional scale. Ultimately our consciousnesses is designed to merge with our higher octave identities, and the Chakra Crystal Key and Crystal Seed work interchangeably to achieve that integration between the instruction set of our lightbodies intelligence fields. This is the process of our spiritual journey to unified consciousness, which is ultimately a merged and unified chakra column.

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