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Frequency receivers in your DNA that allow you to accrete,absorb and hold new levels of frequency. They turn on in the initial Ascension Stages of the initiation cycle into new frequency. Every energy field and identity has an intelligence and Blueprint that it functions through. All energy holds intelligence signatures, or consciousness, which means one can learn to communicate with that energy field in order to receive vast amounts of intelligence. This intelligence is being accessed through the DNA Frequency Receivers of the spiritual blueprint and is perceived through the neurological system and brain receivers in the physical body. We can attune to this awareness to become highly adept at reading energy signatures by empowering ourselves to recognize the energies to harmonize versus the energies that are discordant, harmful, inorganic or alien and should be cleared out. [1]

DNA Frequency Receivers

"...this is what thought manifestation is about. How thought gets transduced into externalization and holographic projection. Reality is actually just a hologram that is created right through your DNA template. The more strands of DNA you have active, the more expanded your hologram will become, because you are able to bring in more dimensional levels of consciousness into your body via these frequency receivers.

If you do not have the frequency receivers in your DNA called apparthi, turned on and active, which happens during DNA activation, then your body will not be able to hold a certain frequency, and that THING that you are trying to see in your hologram, like abundant supply, will not be manifest in your experience. There is no way to see something if you don't have the receivers for that frequency. The frequency will be blocked out as if it doesn't exist so you won't see the reality fields formed by those types of frequencies. It's like trying to explain to your great grandmother how we landed on the moon. She just doesn't have the receptors to receive this information turned on, and will not be able to comprehend it....

It's like when we look up into the stars and into outer space, we are actually seeing a massive reality field that's filled with life and consciousness and all sorts of structures and forms and density levels and civilizations. But we don't see it all - we see deep SPACE - the huge amounts of black distances between planets. Space between objects is a vibrational frequency. It is a vibrational frequency that our body systems are not used to perceiving so they block it out. If the frequency receivers (apparthi) inside your DNA are not doing their job to receive frequency, then the frequency will be blocked out as if it doesn't exist. Since we don't have the frequency receptors turned on for that specific frequency, we literally won't see it in our reality. If we had all of our sense receptors turned on, complete DNA activation, we would not see the hologram. Everything would be direct cognition and known as part of us within ourselves when we know ourselves as Source....

Things [scalar waves] flash on and off so quickly (as now proven by our quantum physicists) that we can't see it with the senses because the senses have a certain mathematical calibration that gives them a range of vibration that they can perceive but a large part is blocked out - because of the inactive apparthi (frequency receivers in the DNA)....

So we're actually going back in time to reclaim the knowledge and the power and the understanding that was once ours when the DNA was functioning properly. And I think you all already know and see that thought manifestation from a 3-D level alone (3rd strand activation which most people are now in) is a hit or miss situation. New Age teachers teach you to say, "I am God, so that means whatever I command to do will happen". It doesn't really work very well does it? It's because your consciousness is still stationed in the 3rd dimension, and Source is still beyond the 15th dimension. In order to be more like Source or God, you have to be able to embody more dimensions of frequency which happens as you activate your DNA.

If you HAPPEN to create an alignment between you and your higher levels of self and you HAPPEN to create an alignment between your particles and their angular rotation of particle spin, then you will create a thought field that does indeed jump out from you and in about 3 days time, start to become manifest. But again, it's hit or miss trying to manifest from 3rd dimensional consciousness.

BUT, if you have 6 strands of DNA active, this means you can embody 6 dimensional levels of consciousness (your soul's frequency), so therefore you are closer to fully embodying Source's energies and thus when you use your thoughts to direct this energy, manifestation happens much faster and more consistently. When the frequencies in the planetary grids are running properly and the DNA inside your body is working properly, thought manifestation is INSTANTANEOUS. This is the power you have to look forward to eventually."

Excerpts from:

Thought - Frequency in Space - Higher Dimensional Perception - Micro & Macro Scale - The Extrapolation by Toby Alexander (Adapted resource from previous link at dnaperfection.com)


Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 60