Etheric Session, Working with Fetal Cells

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Themes:Etheric Session, Working with Fetal Cells, integration of identities, clock shield and orientation to space time, removal of solar plating, astral clearing and nadial repair, 7D influx and female magnetic adjustments,

Opening: As we of the session beloveds we create the sacred intention and container of our space, in the name of the Melchizedeks and those that service the ascending races the sacred light and Law of One. From are still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree with sovereign knowing here expressed at our command lovingly stated with absolute intention divine will and intention of the one source one God. Beloveds as we open our connection and sacred container and space, beloveds first individually amplify our personal shield and connection to the cosmic Christ intelligence. As we amplify the personal shield of energy, we open our group for vortex now of the celestial cosmic Christ light. And again through that container we ask that all those in service to this being and myself in the highest capacitive exchange of God's infinite light love and power, as we hold the space now through, I am God I am Sovereign I am Free. We ask and request all that is needed and necessary to assist and support in the highest exchange of one source through this session to be again supported for the physical body layers and energy bodies in all that's needed now. Thank you.

Tailbone, KA Body and Fetal Cells

The first place that I am being taken is into the Ka body, what I'm seeing is in the lower aspect of the body towards the first dimensional opening we're going to calibrate and assist with the tailbone. The tailbone has some kind of fetal cell record memory and there are these little cells of instruction sets that exist, there are eight of them on the tip of the tailbone. They modulate frequency movement through the Hara Line and up the chakra column. So there's something about a modulation of frequency and an adjustment in the magnetic field increase of your body, but as well something about the electromagnetic battery body being adjusted through the fetal cell correction or integration. So in working with this opening through the tailbone the first chakra, beloveds please clear, heal, align, anchor, activate, synchronize, fill with light repair and reconnect the first chakra channel and complex. As we open into that channel into the fetal cell integration that modulates the Ka bodies and each of the electromagnetic battery body functions, there is a modulation and alignment to assist in the electrical conduit and relays of those circuits. I can see we need to establish more circuits and connectors that allow the appropriate frequency to be modulated in the maximum support and comfort of the physical body and the energetic body.

There is something about the fetal cell integration of the body at this time. Working with the fetal cell correcting one of those tips of the tailbone cells through the ages. It is interesting because for whatever reason I'm correlating these tailbone fetal cells to biological ages or what's known as clock shield template instruction sets in the body. So what I'm seeing is that these fetal cells in the tailbone actually create some kind of control mechanism on how the body ages and how the physical body consciousness actually experiences time and space. Something is being adjusted in how the body's orientation to time and space is actually experienced. This is happening through a correction through fetal cells at the tip the tailbone. Again as we open the etheric surgeons that supported this being at this time, in the highest light, modulate and calibrate that alignment to that which is in full support of her base physically. What I'm feeling is the constructs of the meridian structures that create... okay I'm seeing lots of symbols in there, lots of sigils and things going on. I don't know if this is the transformational healing information but there is some kind of transmission through those particular symbols and structures that are supporting the body.

Solar Plating

I just want to again ask the master guides in looking at all support systems and structures that are in alignment to support the physical body at this time. We ask for any structures that are no longer appropriate to old templating. What I'm seeing, somebody one of the guides is talking me about solar plating. There is some kind of structure that needs to be recalibrated or adjusted and it's called solar plating, something has been solar plated in you? This is so interesting this has something to do with the sun and the moon energies, lunar energies, lunar nodes and the sun's electromagnetic shifts between the particle ratios. So the sun is actually transmitting radiation units that are now really shifting the magnetic fields on the planet. From the pure physics level the sun as the radiation units that are coming off as particles from the sun, are impacting the Earth's atmosphere and therefore impacting our bodies. There is a shift between the electrons and protons that's creating a different magnetic field tone and resonance. I'm seeing that there is some kind of structure that you had worked with in the past and that created some kind of solar plating in the light body that was beneficial for you at one time. And that structure needs to be either upgraded or dismantled into something else, because it is interfering with the time space orientation of the body in the movement forward through time.

In essence one way to think about Ascension is we move forward in dimension. This forward movement in dimension is basically around the particle spin and how fast the particles actually spin in either direction. The particles are spinning at a new speed if you will, and the electron and proton shift in the cells or in the particles of your own consciousness and body is shifting, and it is on the planet as well. So there is a solar plating mechanism that is now being removed. It's almost like it was supporting or protecting you for a time and now that you have born in through another layer of your life body development, it's a structure that is preventing the adjustment of your time space orientation in the physical body itself.

So Ascension is about skipping forward in dimension skipping forward in time and so there is a process that is underway with your spiritual integration now having to do with this change in spatial time literally. It's literally like your timeline is changing and as that timeline is changing this solar plating the mechanism needs to be calibrated and readjusted to conform to whatever is needed to move you forward, into the physical bodies adjustment of time. Okay this was a construct that was in the solar plexus and was permeating into the three lower chakras. Beloveds any obsolete programs, obsolete templates, obsolete structures no longer serving this being at this time in her highest evolution and fulfillment of God actualization. Again through the oneness truth and sovereignty of this being and modulated as God would have it be, in the proper harmony and divine timing of this beloved beginning. We support the physical and energetic structure to the maximum of its own perfection through the Ascension transformation process. Okay, thank you so much.

Rewiring Support for Nadial Structure

There is rewiring through the etheric nadis, one of the etheric Nadial Structures to assist in a braiding energy that's making its way up the tailbone and up the spine. So what I was seeing is that there is so much energy attempting to be conduited through the body and just some circuits and openings needed to be placed there to kind of allow the free flow of this frequency to move itself into its proper direction. Beloveds please calibrate the etheric nadial adjustments. Okay I see. So what has happened is recently you've gone through a shift and change between the astral bodies, as astral reconfiguration. And what that has done is changed the placement of some of the etheric nadial structures in your emotional body. So the second chakra fourth chakra whatever those little webbings are, the etheric nadial structures that are like the nerve endings of those intelligences that open into those parts of our body. This is being adjusted on you and this is actually a beautiful thing. It is a healing of the astral body.

What had going on, is what had been unconscious splinters you know the second chakra tended to be a repository of aberrant energy or unprocessed emotional energy. So when we're not conscious of trauma or experiences, of course so much of that has been deposited and reposited in this area of the body. So during the course of the last six months your body has been going through a readjustment through the astral body reconfiguration. And it's literally re-patterning and moving those unconscious patterns and programs and aberrant energies that had been deposited in the second chakra area, of that dimensional plane of the light body. They are now moving up to be synthesized into the loving heart frequencies of the fourth dimensional opening, which is the heart center, so beautiful work in opening that. Now just ensuring that any circuits, openings communications and relays to complete that process, in divine timing for this being, we request this now. The synthesizing of the heart energies allowing the material spiritual force to perfectly harmonize and integrate into the physical cells of the body, allowing the body with grace and ease to open into the expansion and integration process. Thank you.

Female Left Side 7D Flame Correction

Okay, a couple of channels of axiatonal line adjustment as specific to the female side, left side seventh and fourth axiatonal line strengthen and correct. Working with Violet flame energy to ignite the 7th dimensional axiatonal line left side, ring finger all the way vertical. Please ignite the seventh dimensional flame, violet flame as supportive and to assist in the magnetic field anchoring of divine feminine aspects of God, attempting to embody through the left side axiatonal line placement. Okay bringing in universal harmonics. Universal harmonics is an oscillating field of the rainbow ray, crystal ray and I'm feeling a little bit of these Aurora frequencies that work with re-encryption of the physical elemental form. On the left side of the body bringing in rainbow ray energy and universal harmonics, every sound tone color frequency of the universal spectrum. Bringing that tone and color into the body to reset patterns, again into the highest emanation of this sub-harmonic tones, allowing the magnetic female to again connect, reconnect through the bodies.

What I'm seeing is on the left side of the body new relays are being put in circuits are being put in that allow magnetic shift changes. These have to do with planetary shifting but also this change between electron and proton, which again means the physics of the masculine feminine merge. Clearly there is a new level of female divine principle female God energy manifesting on the planet. This energy is being conduited through your light body and the circuits are being formed in relays to connect on the left side, through the seventh dimensional axiatonal lines. We ask to remove any imprints, blocks and resistances on the left side, allowing a pure open conduit and channel of the seventh dimensional ray and its frequencies on the left side. I'm seeing these connector points are connecting into the female organs, the womb, the ovaries and specifically the left ovary. But both left and right ovaries sort of represent the rod and staff energy in in the body, and this balance of the rejuvenated or I would say risen female energy coming into greater expression in your physical and energetic form. I can see the guides are assisting in bringing those relay channels and circuits into greater expression on the left side, to help bring those energies into embodiment.

A tremendous amount of frequency and energy have been on the outside periphery of your form, and these relay channels were just needing to be kind of tweaked and adjusted to allow these conduits to actually circuit the moving frequency through the light body. Beloveds all circuits and relays to keep the orbit open through these channels, again please alert each orbit that needs to be open. Specifically what is opening is the third eye orbit into the center of the womb. The center of the womb, which is an opening two inches beneath the navel, there's an energetic center that connects them to the radial cord. We want to remove any debris obsolete templates or programs that are clouding... okay a couple stations of identity.

Integration of Other Identities in Time

What I'm seeing are intelligences of other times space, other stations of identity attempting to integrate them selves in through this area. Again these are aspects of self through other time space, again through full cosmic Christ shielding we asked to purify all of those levels. It is almost like synthesizing energies through the body. The body is breaking them down almost like a digestion process, you are digesting energies through this level of the body and as this energy is digested it's almost like the consciousness, the body is breaking down those energetic blocks to be synthesized. It is very similar to chewing food and breaking food down with our teeth so that our stomach can digest it. The same thing is going on here, there is spiritual energy coming in in blocks and that block has to be digested by being broken down. And the guides are helping us with this right now, as certain energies that needed to be synthesized and broken down into smaller more easily assimilated units, are assisting the body in that assimilation, integration process now. Thank you.

Through the assimilation process, again open all orbits between third eye and the womb. There's an orbit and channel opening as a circuit between the inner third eye six chakra and the womb of creation. For some reason a circuit needs to be created there to allow the exchange of these new energies to be moving through. Thank you. Interesting this is a new kind of guide or work, it appears that naturally you've been doing a lot of your own work with energies. And certainly there's a lot of alchemy, symbols and things that are prepared in your body already and your guides work with these particular levels of what I want to call sigils, symbols alchemy. So somebody is showing me some amber color. [END AUDIO TRANSCRIPT][1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 8-14-2008]

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