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Inorganic and unnatural energy is defined as that which exists as an artificial structure to replicate or generate energies discordant with the Universal Natural Laws. Inorganic energies are generated by artificial systems replicating forces to replace natural laws, and ultimately bring death, disease and destruction if not brought into balance. As an example, when a person chooses to manipulate others energies and resources for personal gain by outwardly lying and controlling the influence he has on others, this is defined as “artificial and inorganic”. IN the This person has put up artifices in order to exploit others by representing the opposite of what he says he is representing. This is inorganic to the natural laws of energy.

One may note that things in nature represent themselves as what they are and do not hide what they are not. A bird in its natural state does not act like a dog, as the bird responds to its natural blueprint of creation. If the bird is exposed to synthetic chemicals (inorganic), it may mutate to inorganic states of disease, which will rapidly deteriorate the breed from its original blueprint, possibility causing extinction.

In another example, if a Negative Alien Implants a human being with Mind Control and manipulates his thoughts without his conscious awareness or consent, this is a violation of the natural laws. The “implant” being used is Artificial Machinery and not organic to the person. Because it is not organic it can create disease, pain or immense trauma that create schism in the person. The schisms a person has blocking self-awareness, the more Soul Fragmentation they become. All interference and manipulation that interrupts and blocks the flow of a person’s spiritual source (organic) light, is a violation against the Natural Laws. Continued violation of natural laws, brings genetic deterioration, physical and mental sickness, and eventual extinction of a species of not corrected.[1]

Divide and Conquer

The human collective has been shaped upon the influence from extra dimensional sources that remain hidden about our true origin and the Mind Control that is used as psychological warfare to enslave humanity and planetary resources.(see Controller Pillars of Society) Enslavement occurs through the Engineering of Consent without the person aware his/her consent has been given. The true nature of spiritual sciences merged with ethical philosophy in the pursuit of higher knowledge, have been extracted and replaced with a soul less machine promoting divide and conquer belief systems. If a highly intellectual scientific atheist cannot prove existence of such things as the Soul, or as animals and plants having sentience, it allows the mad scientist community to slice and dice body parts, extract vital organs and tissues without regard for the total consciousness that functions within the holistic organism. This is purposed to serve the movement of Transhumanism or Cyborgization of people as "medical miracles" or superhumans. Today's mainstream science ridicules new discoveries, outcasts those that want to develop and improve human potential, and persecutes those who choose interests beyond profiting the multinational corporations and stockholders. These multinational corporations are rewarded by the NAA as they are useful structures to maintain control over the human population to serve their enslavement agenda. This is why it is left to each of us to be our own spiritual scientist, be an ethical human based researcher and true scientist to test out the nature of consciousness for ourselves. Be an experiencer! Then we may do our best to share our knowledge of consciousness with others through stating calm, unbiased and evidential facts.[2]

Excerpt from:

Page 19, HGS Manual


... "controlled" means inorganic, it means another Consciousness outside of the reality decided to interfere and manipulate with the organic and natural evolution of a species. This is the basis of the NAA Controller strategy to enforce Victim-Victimizer mind control on the human population which is leftover from the hidden histories humanity had with the Orion Wars. (See Galactic Wars).


April 2010 Newsletter


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 84