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Starseed Session Transcript:

Themes- Magnetic Mastery, placement holder for nature & animal kingdoms, distortions in universal matrix, Earth as the heart and synthesizer of our universal system, for macro-micro healing.

Opening: We are connecting into are still point area just focusing your awareness in the center of your body. As we take a deep inhale allow your body to relax even breaking into your mind whatever is feeling constructed or strange. Let's go ahead and send breath energy into that area of the body, allow it to be relaxed.

And beloveds as we create our sacred container and space today we call upon our beloved families of light those that serve the ascended races the sacred light of One. From our still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree in Sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will and intention of the One Self, One God.

Beloveds thank you. Again as we open our larger group vortex, we first amplifier our personal cosmic Christ shield and intelligence, personally fortify and amplify cosmic Christ intelligence, celestial platinum light. And again as we move into our group energy field already there are some of our beings here. Thank you. Thank you.

Energetic Placement Holder

(Placement Holder of Nature and Animal Kingdoms) Okay, I am trying to focus on one main guide but there are several. And we're sitting in an arena with our councils and the beings that we are collaborating with, in the projects that we work with. And clearly this is happening as well in sleep state and is probably one of the primary reasons why your body is being rebirthed. There is work that you're doing at that level. So I am trying to connect into, this is a new presence I've not seen before. And it's an image I've not seen before either, like the form is different. I have never seen a form like it. It is in purplish colors. But basically it is clear that I am your intermediary here today and that I am translating information that is being directed to you actually. And it has to do with exactly your question and query about what you're doing here.

So I'm trying to find where on this thread I am going to catch it, because it is so much information. Okay, what they are saying is that you have been, during the first part of your incarnation in this lifetime and in many other lifetimes that you have experienced on in the earth, in this last cycle 26,000 years. You were one of the placement holders of the nature kingdom. What I'm seeing is that as this planet became, believe it or not less dense, even though we experience it is really heavily polarized. There were beings both energetic entities, some of these are elementals some of these are animal spirits, some of these are divas. It's a whole kingdom if you will. For a very long time there were levels of consciousness here and the best way I can describe it is, you have been almost like a sentinel and a placement holder, like a gatekeeper and a placement holder for energies comprising the nature kingdom, in its relationship to this earth.

You've been in that space for a while and this was something that when you came into incarnate in this particular life-stream this was a space that you were holding for a while. It would translate here as the role of observer. Because what you're holding is literally changing the potentials of the outcome of certain probabilities. So you've been placed strategically in certain areas on the planet or in your life, and this was particularly important for you.

As the planet became less dense and there were human bodies that could handle the vibration of the wisdom, and it's almost like saying this level of the kingdom of the nature spirits and Devic Realms, hold blueprint structures. And their part of the participation of this realm is the creation of the blueprint structures that manifest the nature kingdoms in the physical world. What we're dealing with is that un-manifest, like the etheric subtle system and blueprint of this entire nature kingdom and animal kingdom.

And there is something unusual with you because you had become I would say a master of both. Like generally it's one or the other the animal or the nature, (nature meaning mineral and plant). You are a being that has mastered both. There is something in the blueprint structures and you're knowledge, which I'm not sure how much of that you've connected to here in this persona, but this mastery exists as a part of your entity. This is who you are, you are like a divine director of when certain information or energy is released that contributes to the overall balance and ecosphere, of the relationships of the vibrations that keep this planet moving on its axis. It's almost like saying every single thing from to the smallest ant to the elephants, to the humans to everything, has a specific energetic signature and quality, that when one thing is off tone it has a large impact. They are showing it is similar to the statement the flap of a butterfly wing can create a tornado in Mexico, or across the world. They are showing me that is the level you work with. They want you to understand that.

The subtleties in what you're doing have much larger impacts than you're connecting to at this level of being at the moment. The mastery of who you are as an entity had to do with the measurements of these kingdoms because what was happening, through the process of evolution is that the planet Earth in its plan for "Sovereignty" was not going to have placement holders anymore. It was going to become a master in itself. Do you see what I'm saying? A part of the plan for the human being was actually that the human would take over their planet. They would start to understand they have to take care of the planet and become the guardians and the nurturers of the garden so to speak. But more than that, this has at an even deeper level of blueprint and architecture. It has a very complex structure in it's mode of blueprint and how it becomes manifest into creation. That is actually also a part of it.

Healing Universal Body

(healing the infection in the universal body)

In a sense what's been going on is that there have been those that have been a part of developing the experiment of the earth. Because of what it was ideally, one of the purposes was to integrate and heal the entire universal structure from the virus that had been created. That had created the schisms and destructions spinning us off and away from our true source energy if you will.

In a recent session they talked to us about the fact that there was a point where this universal structure was the natural organic outbreath of the eternal living light source. And the creations were based in that living light, it was alive, it was conscious, it was sentient. At some point in this journey something different, a different harmonic tone was introduced that was not from our universe. And when it came in it corrupted our universe, it started to move forwards and backwards and create all kinds of different anomalies that apparently were not, able to be conceived of at the level of creation we were existing.

So even though so much beauty has been created from this anomaly, simultaneously much destruction and danger to the integrity of the structures of all of creation were created because of this almost like an infusion or injection. Because all of creation had a harmonic note and tone, and it was structured in blueprints that comprised all this technical holographic data that we know as DNA and fire letters. All of this was genetic material that was still alive and conscious with the One Source. All of a sudden there is something introduced that is not connected to that source and is coming from somewhere else, which admittedly they haven't identified to me yet. I don't know how it got here. But it's almost like we're living in a harmonic tone, and all the sudden a discordant tone that is not from the source came in here, and it started to spread.

If we were to look at it as the metaphor of the Annunaki beings coming in here, not from this system and intruding upon a system that was already being created and inhabited through its own natural creations. It was like something foreign came in and corrupted the system. When that foreign thing came in and developed and grew, it decided it wanted to stay here, it decided it wanted things. Not understanding the natural harmonics because it wasn't from here, it started to invade and impinge on that system.

It's like the very system that was created and the integrity of that structure in terms of understanding all that is created is coming from a blueprint or an original idea or divine God seed of inception. It's the inception of creation at the original intent, the integrity. Which means that the structure whether it would live or survive was threatened. Literally the system of our architecture has adapted to a source that is destructive to its very nature.

So in order for us to heal the structure and that was at some point, the discussion of the inter-dimensionals. Because millions of universes are created we're just one, right. There are some successful ones in terms of they make it into ascending planets, and there are others that don't make it for whatever reason. This would be the same in astronomy as when a star burns out and has no more life force. It just burns out. There's phenomena of burned out stars creating black holes, they just burned out. Why did they burn out? The same thing was up for this creation. This creation is endangered in its structural integrity. At some point in the evolution of this creation it's going to suffer something, because it's being broken down at every moment from the interjection of this force. I'm trying to find words to describe it.

So the decision was made to create the Earth and bring every genetic permutation known in the entire universe, prior to the earth being created. One of the things that was revealed in a recent session is that one of the main purposes of the ancients in creating the earth, was that they thought it was a way to salvage the system because they didn't want to destroy it. Which had been done before, but they didn't want to destroy it. Probably because it had been developed to a level of complexity, again the difference between returning as space dust or returning as sentient units. The desire to have all be able to return to it's birthright. They wanted to sustain it.

So they created the earth with the goal in mind that they would take all of the genetics; every single code of every life being of every form that existed in the universal structure at that time, and they would put it in one place and that would be the earth. And they would attempt to re-integrate all of the life forms with this new force that had been introduced. So it's almost like in a sense, a large way to say this is to inoculate everybody from the harm that it would cause.

It is almost like saying you are a being and you are on your own planet. And the planet has been created from a natural resonant tone from its core. The planet is a sentient unit of consciousness. The planet is born and the consciousness that exists with that planet organically is born as well, in the body of the planet. This is how creations were made, right. And maybe the theme of that creation was; joy or courage. Even though that's a mundane way to describe it, it's the only way in human terms I can explain it. These tones had themes and these themes were themes of expression. It was like sounding a note, that planet was a note and it was in harmonic resonance and everything about that creation was in harmony, even if it had expressed itself in different ways. All of the sudden that doesn't happen anymore, something has been introduced that is creating discordance and de-evolution and breaking apart the integrity of the matrix, of the blueprint, of the structures of the entire universal structure.

The ancients said okay what are we going to do? This is when the earth, this was one of the original intention seeds of what the earth was created to do. To heal and synthesize, meanwhile inoculating all the other universes that were impacted by this. Because what was happening is that these other civilizations, these other life forms were being impacted exponentially. It's like one part of the hologram isn't separate from the other, we're all in it together. So it was just a matter of time because what we're dealing with is so vast, beyond our comprehension. In terms of how long would it take for what happens on earth to hit Jupiter, in terms of the field resonances, because what I see is spirals, massive spirals that are matrixes of instruction that at some point as this billows out, it will hit it. In the process of evolution every form that is contained within it will be impacted. They saw the impacts and this was the answer, versus destruction, shutting it down and completely closing down the creation at a universal level.

So they knew that wasn't an option, because there had already been so many beautiful beings through eons of time. There was already life in here. It wasn't necessarily humanoid like us. There may be prototypes of us because we are created from everything. But there wasn't a human as the model that we carry here, when we talk about the original seed intent of the Christ Consciousness as an Avatar. That wasn't born yet. The ancients, the creator God's whoever we could try to relate to at that level, the three primal sound fields created it. They saw the threat or the danger that was going to happen. So the earth became simultaneously an experiment in uniting all of the genetic material into a form that it could rehabilitate, into a tone that would heal it.

So we're going so far back we can't even, you know. But since that clearly we've had all kinds of dramas go on. We've had creations such as the Anunnaki stemming from that influence, creating wars over the whole process over earth. Because they don't want to be rehabilitated, they want to live in the way of their tone. They don't care if it's destroying the rest of us. How do you describe that their natural state of existence is creating destruction and de-evolution in the rest of the life-forms. It's like what happened is; here is a genetic perfection, something is introduced and now it's diluted permanently. And that's what happened throughout so many different layers of this.

Earth is Heart of Universe

(human as inter-dimensional portal, subtle work with blueprints to balance creation, earth as heart chakra of universe)

So needing to have a little background, so I can explain more about what you're doing here. You are one of the ones that came to be the placement holders of the earth until that information could be released into the planet itself. She couldn't hold it yet. So all of these integrations were going on, through these very specific measurements of how much genetic, how much vibration, how much..., right? Because it was critical for the success of this, that the balance had to be beyond anything we can imagine in balancing. Like if one thing got off, forget it was like the whole thing was done.

So this intricate mathematical fractal formulation that we can't even have words to describe in terms of determining blueprint structures and energy management and frequency management, and what needed to heal these certain life forms that were not existing on this planet, but we were holding the spiritual bodies. So as the earth was the experiment here you are on the earth, you are in the laboratory, you're working with the genetics that are being held in your own body, that you are experiencing yourself as on the earth. While simultaneously in your spiritual body the life form of let's say the Arcturians is being healed by what you're doing down here, so the future ramification of their experience is not impacted by it. This is really hard to explain I hope it's understandable.

Because it's almost like being an inter-dimensional portal and realizing we are the sum total of everything. We are the Arcturians, we are the Sirians, we are the Pleiadians, we are everybody in this form as we are. And because of that we have an unusual power that allows us to be an inter-dimensional portal at every single axis point and vantage point that exists in this universal structure. And those levels of consciousness do not. They have their level of consciousness and vantage point, but they are not in the same level of physicality we are.

Because we are at the densest and lowest point of the universal matrix, it is like we can open a light tower from here all the way up through the higher vibrating realms, where a lot of these systems exist. And they can't do that from where they are, you see what I'm saying. So it's like all of it is happening here on the earth, believe it or not. All of it, everything that is impacting every single life form, planet that has existed in our universal structure is a part of us is us. Just like when we talk about the extra-terrestrials, these are other aspects of us that we have come to basically heal ourselves at that level of identity.

We have come to heal the Sirians, we've come to heal the Arcturians, we've come to heal ... all of them, because every single one is here. Every single piece of Arcturis, the praying mantises, all of these beings... a piece of them is here. Which means actually the whole of them is here. That means that once we heal the planet if we can ascend the planet, if we can succeed at the certain levels of this experiment that we endeavor to, it's like it ripples beyond this earth and beyond what we can imagine in terms of the greater good for all really.

So in this process of intricate measurement I can't quite clue in the exact planet or space that you are from. But it is harmonic in nature, in the sense of a divine orchestra. Like a conductor of an orchestra, your standing there with your conductor stick and you got all these instruments and you've got to get them into one harmonic tone. Or into a tone that is harmonic, when we listen to melodies it is not one tone but it's harmonic. Like everybody is sounding a note but it comes into the singularity of one harmonic tone. This has something to do with you and your history with our earth and who you have been in relationship to your purposes with the earth.

In terms of weather or not this is serving the home space that you are coming from, they are telling me yes it is. Okay, so yes it is. In understanding that this is why so many of us are here as well. That we volunteered to be the physical embodiment that would take this particular level of...I don't even know what, genetic experimentation and healing done down here. Because it was the only space where it could happen. It had to be so intricately and painstakingly cycled, the cycles were created so that the planet could literally reintegrate and bring back all of the pieces of its genetic material throughout the universe. And it literally now I understand why the planet Earth has been called the heart chakra, because the heart chakra is the synthesizer of it all.

So in a sense it's like looking at the Earth in relationship to our universe as the heart chakra and you know how the heart chakra synthesizes the material and spiritual forces into unity, right. So it's like the earth is the heart of the universe and all of what is synthesizing has to synthesize through this channel, through this center through this chakra. We could say the earth is a portal and a chakra to the universe. When we start to apply the macro-micro relationships it all spins out, we are a direct miniature of the universe. It's like everything that is in creation is a direct miniature of the whole of everything, it is so hard to even wrap our mind around.

So the earth apparently in its cycles we agreed to do the repeated incarnation thing, because it's not like we could dump it all at one sitting. It's like it had to download, process and integrated in a way. Like we prepare the Earth's surface so it can be inhabited by life, which was in layers. It's like the layer of our bodies; the skeleton and the muscle, and then the nervous system, and the blood, the arterial system. It's exactly like this and we've been at this for goodness knows, millions of years, eons of time. This took a long time. So here we are coming to an end of a beyond belief cycle that we can't even comprehend at a human level. Cycle upon cycle upon cycle converging and ending into the singularity we have been waiting for forever probably.

There have been checks and balances that certain beings have been given the role of, to be that for the earth until the earth could be a self-sufficient entity, a sustainable entity on its own. Another way to say this is that Sirius was acting as the over-soul for the earth body. We have an over-soul that holds higher information for us, so does everything else. The planet has its own over-soul, and it was holding information, code, genetics and whatever could not be released because the planet would explode. It was way too much too fast so it would be doled out in these fine little fibers, fine little frequencies to be woven in gradual, gradual, gradual. And earthquakes would happen and cataclysms and things would happen. We'd go okay, that was too much. And we found, it's almost like the exact mathematical science of the equation of what was needed to maintain the axis, the balance points on all these unfathomable levels. This was being orchestrated and completed because that is how we accomplish this, and yet your role was one of the beings.

You were from either a system or a planet, this is a mastery from your experience that you had gleaned and you brought it here and put it into application on the earth. You have been working with the nature and the animal kingdoms in these principles of balance, but it's different, it's much more complex than what I'm saying. Like literally how was the platypus was created, the platypus had genetic material that was absolutely crucial for some piece of it. So you're overseeing, okay what's this new creation going to look like, the platypus? Figuring out the mathematical equations, okay this is holding this particular level from Arcturis, this is holding this from over there. It was like literally that complex nothing was just created from random. There was direct purpose into the energetic balance of the whole as to why that was created. That is a part of the closeness of the connection that you feel with nature and with animals, it's because of your long-term work with them at this level.

Mission Changes

(feeling done here, is actually part of a mission change happening)

Now interestingly enough this part of it came to an end, it's almost like it's gradual. What they're saying is now in order for us to be on the Ascension plan, as it were, beings that were the placement holders that were harmonizing certain things were taken out of those roles. They're not doing that anymore. So that piece of it in terms of the field of energy around the earth that was being buffered until the earth could absorb it is now done. This is being absorbed into the earth and is not being 'gate keeped' or handled in the way it was handled before, as placement holders. So literally there were a tremendous amount diva and nature spirits that had been working with you that have now left. They're not there like they were before.

Now what I'm seeing is that a different level can be utilized. In a sense what's happening is that the free will, let's say now it's up to the kingdom to evolve itself. It was almost like they had a sentinel, a check and balance with it. Now that's not there, it's almost like that information is now being made available and nature has to do with it what it will. And as this is happening there is rearranging, it's going through its own process. It's almost like nature now is at the helm of nature. Because whoever was at the helm of it that was doing that level, it's like you were doing that until the earth could absorb it. Because it was a part of the plan, it couldn't be held outside the field anymore. The planet had to absorb that field absorb that information. And when that information becomes available then the consciousness and beings that are connected to that evolve through it, whatever it is. The same thing is going on with the human race apparently as well.

But back to you, some part of this has come to completion with you, as a person in who you are here and who you are multi-dimensionally. I think, and only you could say, but I think you're feeling it that this part of your purpose is done. Whatever that was and it has comprised a long time, long, long, long time. So you feel done with here, done, like it's done. Yet now what's happening is that we are waiting as it were, for the effects of these completions to come into the final note. Which is what the particle convergence what all of this is about, we are in this limbo space right now. It's happening and it's not, it's like we haven't reached a critical mass yet, whatever that exchange is and however that's going to impact us. So we are in the final stretch in this, and we are so close.

So now what I'm getting, and defer to your own feeling and discernment about this. You were physicalized and embodied as a physical form. And you were connected to the Avatar God being you are. That God Self being you are is working in the subtle fields and energies, with the work I've described, doing that. And had like an extension here in you. Your extension, what is like your God Self, is in a different place working with blueprints. And there is literally like a cord, an information cord. And that cord is like an astronaut in outer space, who is floating in outer-space and he is still connected to the spaceship, in the umbilicus. So this is going on and the part of you that has to be human in order to figure out what's happening in the physical world has got you here surveying and observing the physical world. So this is a funny way to say this, but the human part of you is the probe, is the part of you that is observing the data that is being exchanged somewhere else, for application. You yourself are not applying it fully here, because that hasn't been the relationship, up until now an ongoing.

This has the possibility to change because that part of you has the capacity, apparently as we move and get our bodies ready for it, to actually embody fully. So that you're aware of that happening, in terms of your station of consciousness where it is. What I'm feeling is that now that job is done at whatever level was relative to you, now you create from the physical. Before all the work was being done in the subtle energetic blueprint fields in the light body. Now you can do that work here in the physical, but it is not the same as the energetic balancing. It is connecting from here inside the blueprints that you created, while you were over there. So if you feel inclined, it's bizarre, it's like inside out that's what I'm seeing.

It was like you were over there where the actual action was being applied, and over here that action was not to be applied. It wasn't time to apply it. I'm seeing it's like you were observing and bringing information that was needed through the perceptions of your earth self, of your physical earth self. Now that has flipped, it's almost like you're all over here, instead of that kind of dual level. Like it's now converging and you have the opportunity now to open the portals and connect to the nature that chooses if it wants to, because again it's like there is something about the choice. Humans have to choose it, nature has to choose it everything has got to choose it, even though that doesn't make sense in applying that to a plant. But it's the natural evolution of where it's going like the structure was set in place, now the structure has to sustain. And in the sustaining part of its growth, we can't interfere with it like we were in the past like we did in other timelines.

It's like there is something organically that has to happen in the merging of it all. I think there's an alchemical effect now that has to happen. In a sense things were kind of separate, like there were membranes and layers between the fields. Now those membranes and layers are collapsing and it's all here. What used to be going on in the fourth dimension is here now, what was going on in the tenth dimension is here now. It's all somehow even though it's hard to conceive of mentally, somehow it is all converging through the earth all of it.

So now obviously this is one of the reasons why were embodied and we are here. As we converge into this it has something to do with the overall healing of the structural integrity of the entire universal matrix, and its systems, its genetics, its life forms and everything. And additionally now that we're here and we're in this Zenith point, accessing whatever is next for us or not. First of all and helping you to get a framework and context of who you are and what you're doing here, and to apply it or not apply it depending on what you feel. Because honestly it really feels like it only matters if it matters to you. It's almost like if there is no energy around it, you're not to force it at all. Whatever this is about, I hesitate to say a blueprint master, that's not quite it either. But it is something like this because you are this, you can connect nature, like if you saw the deer you could connect the group deer-soul, the group deer program to a higher blueprint of itself, and ask it if it would like to receive it.

For some reason now it's like whatever has been merged, has been merged and that space that you were doing this work in no longer exists. Now you're here, now it's up to creation to create and do whatever is going to happen. We're beyond, in actuality we're even beyond blueprint. What this is, is basically choosing the harmonic note that contains all. Maybe more appropriately would be the God code seed, the seed of all. The seed of One, the seed of all, it's the seed intention of all being gifted to all that want it or want to accept it. We're in some kind of phase, merge or amalgamation. Whatever is happening to us right now, there seems to be a time where the alchemy has to happen. Like the chemical reaction the synthesis the alchemy that is required for nature to do it's thing. For every other kingdom, it goes all the way through every scale, because were all in this singularity of One. No matter what kingdom we are in, it's all coming into this point now, which again is very hard to understand from the human mind, but is a part of what they're attempting to explain to us now.

For you it stopped because that's what your frame of reference is. And of course you could offer that to any human as well. But it seems like there is more consciousness awareness and direction at those states, than there is the other. I think what they're trying to say is that this part of your connection to nature and to animals, if you chose to further that connection, this is one way you could do it, because what you're seeing and your relationship has changed. This is a new relationship being seeded in you as a possible thing to create, as long as you're here. Because again what I'm feeling, I don't feel any pressure none at all. It's almost like a humongous job of labor has been completed, and we're all hanging out wondering when the birth is going to happen.

Our guides and this new Magnetic being that I am seeing here, is helping us to really understand the context of what you have been doing here. In terms of the blueprint, the purpose, so many things at that level. It's things that peak your interest because it has the connection, whether it's the community or some of our group projects, or other things that we do. It's really interesting it's almost like at some level the Masters came together to create this template, and you're contributing to the ES template, in the way that we're describing. You brought that in with you this is what you bring in. You know what I'm saying? That memory, that record, that knowledge, that mastery, that whatever that is even though we can't comprehend it here. That is what you are, you being a part of the community, this is what you bring. So understanding that there is no part of you that is not being utilized.

This has been no accident, we are all answering the call from another time we are fulfilling an agreement or something we've made in another time and space. We have gone through eons of time to collect the information that was needed now. It was like we split up, you went off and you did this, this is what you were doing. Now you're bringing it back, now it's held in your body, it's held in your form now. So where ever you are that information is available to some level of intelligence that can use it. It's almost like it's being utilized at whatever level it's needed, and being synthesized into the whole.

It's like we all went off and we mastered a specific niche whatever it is. And then we all came back together to put everything we learned into the One. At this level of time and space it is so hard to be relative. I mean like how long is this and what we are doing now and what are the effects of it all? [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Session June 2008]

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