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NRG Miasma

It NRG has a main “headquarter hub” which operates in an organized, systemized and hierarchal approach by collecting life force (chi), which is primarily targeted through the human sexual act and a variance of deviant, perverse or “splitting” behaviours relating to gender roles, archetypes, sexual slavery and submission. This is a replicated artificial hologram that is used within our planetary hologram which has corrupted and hijacked the organic matrix of chi energies from being produced and distributed correctly....

Once collected at certain quantic field “yields”, the energetic force is directed off planet earth through a complex system that exists in multiple dimensions. These collection structures are artificial and have multiple places as dispensaries through which they direct energies for multiple agendas. These dispensaries (because they are inorganic) create time and space warps that further black hole vacuums and rips through the fabric of time and space, further depleting the energies of the planetary body and manifesting waste “miasma”. Miasma creates compaction and genetic deterioration. In many cases it is also depleting the energy available in other dimensions, which means other planets and races are also impacted by this drain. These black hole vacuums condense and manifest huge amounts of waste product/dead energy/calcified and frozen crystals and are partial cause of “black heart systems” running reversal currents at many main intersection points of horizontal and vertical planet gridlines.


Energetic Synthesis Forum: Mission Briefing on NRG, January 22, 2012 (Entry #41632)

Term first found: Page 104, HGS Manual