Plasma Luminary Body

The transfiguration of physical matter during phases of Solar Synthesis means activations that are inspiriting the angelic human body and building the lightbody forms to receive Plasma Codes, which build into a Plasma Luminary Body which is positioned in now eternal time. To embody the liquid plasma light, we each must remove the false, artificial and obsolete while strengthening and merging the inner dwelling with our authentic Monadic identity, which in its final stages births the Inner Christos from liquid plasma. The authentic spiritual self is the Monadic identity which seats itself in the core or midsection of the physical body, and the core spiritual self is the center anchor of the plasma luminary body which exists in now eternal time.

Plasma Luminary Body

Organic Alignment

Those of us who can stay awake, alert and connected to the truth spirit and God self during the current Plasma Activations and planetary Dark Night of the Soul, are able to anchor into their Lightbody the organic krystal directions which are the correct positions within future time and space. This organic alignment allows us to stay in the eternal moment of now presence while simultaneously travelling forward towards our true north position, which is the consciousness evolution towards spiritual ascension. As the Collective Consciousness voyages into the egoic death passage to discover the spiritual process of consciousness rebirth, the trajectory takes us to explore the past darkness in order to shed the dead energy of previous trauma. We clear our past pain in order to expand into the garments of light which hold the plasma spiritual body record, which builds the plasma ascension vehicle for our highest consciousness.

From within this eternal moment, we are synchronized into now from all of the past timelines, organic and inorganic, which merge into the one future organic timeline that unites us in truth. Where the promised future of spiritual freedom is made available to all human beings, during some point in their consciousness journey, when they too will embody an ascending identity to merge into the one future of the organic ascension timeline.

As the plasma activations transmit levels of plasma body activation coding, this allows us to visually sense or see more of the alien architecture embeds or strange harness implants within our own bodily system, in which we continually peel off and clear through the layers. The return of the Solar Rishi is changing the experience of perceiving alien machinery in multiple stations of reality, where there appears to be the physicalization of the AI technology server systems or random alien cube machinery components which make the reversal current networks much more visible from this realm.[1]


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