STS Sweep

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Abbreviation - STS Sweep

STS Command
  • Code Verbal Command “STS”

Use: Simple Triad Sweep is a completion code command and sealing session command that is used in many parts of the closing of HGS session work for clearing items and completing them for removal and repair within the multidimensional body. It is a Holy Father Emerald Code for the purpose of clearing and sealing energy session work.

Instead of saying all those written commands out loud verbally, (included in the STS Code) once you become aware of the STS command and it has been encrypted with the rest of the HG system or its related modules, the command STS Sweep is used for “complete clearings”. Like with the AIM module, (Alien Implant Module) it is an adjunct to the HG system and not an intrinsic part of the HGS core template. All parts of the HG system are suggested for 3 Finger Swipe encryption (see: Three Finger Swipe) for the maximum benefit of attunement and connection to the Guardian Mentors Groups and Mentor Field, which maximize efficiency.

With STS – the user is performing an end command “sweep” making the command to the STS code to sweep all issues related to the issue or weakness you are clearing or repairing in HGS session work. To complete clearings, ending with this STS command and clearing “embedded memories” to collapse timelines open to those memories, is important to maximize the healing or clearing process. The vulnerability humans have is in our genetic code and physical body and is caused from the incredible trauma based memories that are embedded inside our DNA and the planet body. The response in human nerve endings (synapses and dendrites) and the brain to the trauma is recorded in the brain and nervous system messaging. Most all humans have nerve damage from this trauma which means they cannot “sense”, “feel” or “experience” their spiritual/ energetic connection, because the nerve trauma has been so extensive. This STS command is designed to help support removal of this trauma and pain through all of these “avenues” without having to exactly feel the experience of every drop of its consequences, which can create fear in a person who still has a lot of implants of “resistance to change” and “pain avoidance”. One of the most debilitating issues humans have is that the body resists the spiritual energy and the mind is controlled is to repel the spirit, and our body intelligence (the physical part of us) is really scared to deal with what our “parent” has done to us. So the child refuses to grow up and is stunted in permanent emotional damage, until the child decides to face what has happened, and realizes that it is not our parent (God) that abandoned us. It was the local negative extraterrestrials that impersonated our real God parent. (See False Parent)

HGS manual Page 134