Main Entry: trans•mog•ri•fy Etymology: origin unknown transitive senses: to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect intransitive senses: to become transmogrified synonym see TRANSFORM

"Transmogrification" is to describe that every Cell within our Bodies is being completely reorganized! When we undergo spiritual ascension or "awakening" we may have many unusual symptoms and sensations as our body, mind and emotions undergo transformation. As we are initiated into higher frequency, our human energy field (aura) absorbs that quality of light which then gradually integrates into our cells. This is how we shift our carbon based biology to less dense states of matter. We descend our spiritual light body to be absorbed within our physical state of being. This process in certain stages of development is similar to the birthing process of the caterpillar within a cocoon transforming into a butterfly, as we grow our lightbody wings through the process of spiritual transmogrification.


October 2005 Newsletter