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Themes: grid opening in Queensland, Turtle Codes, cosmic mother returning to reclaim her creations, 6D wing repair,Seraphim clearing, upgrading marriage contract from 3D, to 5D and above contract.

Opening: I feel at this time a very strong relationship to where you are, and your trek into Queensland recently, which is interesting. I don't know much about this, I'll go ahead and open the session, but I'm feeling grandmother energy. The grandmother circle, I don't have a lot of cognizance about shamanic training and the indigenous peoples. But there seems to be something happening on the planet right now that is at least in in my awareness, a merging of galactic coding with the indigenous peoples. And I'm feeling some kind Galactic coding, star language coding, coming through parts of the landmass. And I know we had a session when we went into Queensland and we were seeing a pretty horrific timeline that was getting cleared up, very similar to a slavery of the indigenous peoples, and the oppression of the female principle. And when we start investigating the indigenous cultures, the aboriginal cultures have been so much more honoring and connected to the body of our mother earth and the earth itself.

And so here today in feeling you and connecting to you, there is an exchange and transmission circuiting, which has to do with bridging galactic coding and star language into the landmass through what seems to be, if I could say the gatekeepers of that particular grid system. So the last time we were there, you were there in Queensland, there was a witnessing and awareness of a timeline that we were being called to support in clearing and resolving. Not only by witnessing it but as well assisting in the release of pain and trapped souls and things that have been bound within the landmass. Now there feels to be a different level where there is a transmission coding. It is interesting because I'm seeing the group grid work, almost as if the template and morphogenetic field or instruction sets, the coding that is a part of our community connection and the hubs that we build and create through our own bodies, and connecting into the community. That there is an exchange happening when you are in Queensland that has to do with restoring the rightful coding, which is galactic coding to the indigenous peoples.

Grandmother Turtle Lineage

Now in this case I know that we spoke of aboriginal origins, I am not sure what this means, but it's grandmother turtle lineage. We'll have to see what our correlations to this are because it's always fascinating to put all the pieces together and see the synchronicities and the amazing connections of it all. But I am seeing a humongous connection to not only the grandmothers circle, and for some reason they're using either the totem or the word turtle. Because I am seeing both the turtle, I'm seeing the huge turtles, the sea turtles those. And in almost recognizing that this has to do with, certain see creatures like our dolphins are whales. This is the first time I have ever seen a sea turtle, in understanding that these beautiful beings are also a part of the energetic placement if you will. It is really interesting what the light forces did, understanding what the heck was going on down here on the surface of the earth. They really placed a lot of energetic placement and encoding in bodies that were underwater. I'm really getting that perspective about the cetacean creatures and I'm seeing like the coastline the coast of Queensland and I'm seeing pristine beaches and I'm seeing the turtles all up the coastline.

It's hilarious I really don't know if there are turtles in Australia or what this is about. But I'm seeing, this is so amazing, it's a cluster a group family if you will, of sea turtles that are literally living, anchoring and existing on the coast over there. It looks like they are waiting for something, it's like they've been gathered to that place. It's interesting because as we understand most of our animals have migration patterns that they follow along the magnetic fields. And as we know the magnetic fields and ley lines of our planet are radically shifting right now, it's big. So I am seeing there has been a magnetic shift ley line shift, on the coast of Australia around Queensland. At the top and seems to come down to Bainbridge, Bay Creek, Bay something towards the south. It's like South to North where Queensland is there, there is a line there. Which is like a lay line or force of energy, and the energy is actually coming vertical.

So is north-south I'm not seeing East-West this is north-south, there is a north-south lay line that is a new circuit of frequency and conjoining into the planet somehow. Starting at that particular level of Australia, it seems to be coming in from New Zealand on the other side. That is where I see the horizontal point coming in from New Zealand, to my right as I'm looking at the horizontal intersect. There is a horizontal intersect grid coming out of New Zealand. They're telling me this has Atlantian significance, Atlantian coding, Atlantic crystals and there is a horizontal line coming from New Zealand. Which is intersecting a vertical line running North-South on the coast of Queensland, and down to that a Bay in that area. I'm seeing an indentation it's like a cove or something, and between those two areas something's going on. Where there is a new line, like a new energy or something coming in there.

And I'm literally seeing a line of turtles, a line of sea turtles actually like on the coast in a line. There are like clusters of them horizontally, and so what does this have to do with you is the question? Whatever grandmother turtle is? Again I haven't had shamanic training, so I'm just trying to pick up with this feels like. What it feels like is like a totem, where there were beings on earth that had special relationships to clusters of the animal kingdom and worked in synchronicity and alliance with these kingdoms. To accomplish certain tasks with bringing certain coding and getting it in here, it's almost like understanding that there is something happening under the water that is going to be brought to the surface. I think it's etheric it doesn't seem to be physically tangible, like something we are going to see. But I'm getting that it is an energy placement transfer that something that has been held in the water is going to be brought into the surface grids.

And the entry point into Australia, and I'm looking at the land the entire landmass of Australia. It's almost like whatever this coding is and it's Atlantian Crystal coding coming out of some New Zealand cave. There is a cave, this is where the indigenous again the Maui's, Mowries, Maoris or something. It's really fascinating it's an indigenous tribe. I'm looking at a cave in New Zealand in a direct horizontal line, and then a vertical line on the coast of Australia. And there is an entry point into that area of the earth, it's almost like we are penetrating dimensions or something. It's like we're looking at the etheric layers of the instructions that the consciousness fields. And we are seeing a field be created and that field is starting to merge itself into the physical dimensions. It's starting to pour in, and I have never seen it quite like this. There's an intersection and there's an opening and that opening is in Queensland. That is where the intersection is, and it's almost like it enters the Australian landmasses, it enters the population this way, it enters the land.

So there is bridging, you're like an intermediary is the best way to describe it. I'm feeling like your acting as a particular hub that allows this exchange to occur. Because apparently that's what we're turning into, and seeing this with your body and your consciousness at this time, it's really fascinating. Because what it's helping me to understand is that some of us are coming into an understanding that we are beyond lineage, were beyond genetics, were beyond so many of the labels, we are universality. Meaning we are everything, again at this point in the game it's so hard to find the verbal language that could define what that means, so I have to find words for it. But it's like understanding that you are holding a universal hub and it allows an exchange, as you and through you, in this particular lineage. Which happens to be the grandmother turtle circle.

And this has to do with indigenous history or some kind of record in the land that is now being given the Galactic coding and the entry point for that galactic coding to become a part of the earth again. Meaning the land had been sucked dry of this, the grids and consciousness fields had been sucked dry of this, and now it's like it's returning to its rightful place or something so it's a beautiful thing. And again this all has come through, but I do want to set our intention by stating again our alchemical container through the group unity vow. We ask beloveds, again more specific to that which fully supports and actualizes the God-Self through us here and now. We call upon the Guardian races that serve the unity field of one, our defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation.

Beloved families of light, again we ask our template individual and collective, today in this sacred alchemical container we consecrate and dedicate to the purpose of One. We ask to be a knower of God, to then be the way shower of God. Please sustain us in the internal power of our God consecration. We ask our beloveds for gatekeeping. Please hold our mission and mutual God purpose in service to the one light our source, the living light. Our intention is unification through the cosmic crystal principal. We ask that our handshake here fortify spiritual links all the way to the zero point core of God, through the universal cosmic trinity. And beloved God please breathe your life code into all created form, breathe your life code into our forms. We set our intention now to be remembered to that which we are, fully completely and totally. Again we state our mutual purpose as one, resurrect any inorganic pattern to the organic living light of God now. And to that we say, thank you God, thank you God, thank you God.

Okay in connecting to your body, again I'm feeling that there is some assistance in general clearing of any residue imprints and remains, any memories or residuals that create resistance or the obstacle or blockage within the bodies at this time. Again please clear any negative experience or emotion, that is being held from I want to say there is some trauma to this. Even though this is a beautiful thing and a good thing, the nervous system is on extreme high and there is a lot coming through in the exchange of this. And again in supporting and protecting the foundation of the Spirit and of the physical human self, we ask that all in between influences, through all space and time to be cleared healed and united in the one source. Again please open the neurological system to all upgrades through the central nervous system. And again through all of what is coming in through the heart, through the sacred and divine feminine. Again seeing so much of the violet energy of the mother energy of the feminine energy and this must be another relationship to the feminine energy, from the grandmothers.

I don't think I've had a session with the grandmothers showing up and feeling this grandmother energy. But it's really interesting it's almost like the guardians and protectors of the indigenous. Again I'm not that familiar as Lisa, with the grandmother energies. But definitely there is a humongous grandmother energy and this is planetary, understanding whatever this energy signature represents it is similar to cosmic mother, cosmic birther energy. It is the Mother of creation returning to reclaim her creation and to bring healing back through the divine feminine principle and of course through the recoded violet and magenta colors, which I'm seeing so vividly in your field at this time.

Seraphim Winged Ones Clearing

So it looks like there is what feels to be a clearing of your winged ones. Like understanding that there is through the Seraphim lineage, because again I keep seeing multiple layers and purposes of the transmission work of this coding. Having something to do with symbolically getting our wings back and that those wings in your body are of course of the scapula area. From front to back in the indentation of the shoulder and releasing out the back. These are the wings, proverbial wings and have an added significance for you because of the healing and reintegration of the Seraphim lineages, as a part of weaving the feminine principles into this. So the shoulder areas in front, side-to-side areas, are what I'm seeing is the hotspot in your light body at this time. From the right to the left shoulder, so again as I bring in and ask all of the beloveds that support you and myself at this time, we ask for the highest capacity of exchange here now to bring unification balance harmony and integration through these levels and layers. Which appear to be the sixth and seventh dimensional layers, particularly at the core manifestation level where the first level of the sixth and seven dimensional energy comes into our bodies through those Stargate openings on our upper shoulders.

So again it looks like on your masculine shoulder the right shoulder there has been what I would call an access portal, which is six dimensional. Beloveds as we connect to our beloved Aurora families and for all re-encryptions of divine masculine on the right side, we ask that on the right side of the body, as the body has been now integrating and healing masculine principle, to again merge into the feminine. The right shoulder access feels like it needs to be recalibrated and aligned by clearing and removing residue, imprints and remains, that have been the access in and out of that particular system within the light body here and now.

Update Marriage Template

For some reason your husband is really coming clear in this. It's now become time at some level, to clear or integrate some impact that your husband has, because again he represents the male energy. And as we know our partners and who we are with in the here and now, certainly is no accident. There are purposes beyond certainly our control and our designs that we can understand. So okay, so let me try and focus on this. I'm seeing on your right, your husband, there's like a projection field or something coming off your body that is connected to your husband's field. So I am going to ask if that is indeed what needs to be happening and to support that.

Okay so it appears that as you are healing and bringing balance to the coding of your own inner masculine that the projection of that field is starting to connect in the physical to your actual husband, your male role husband. This is going to create what appears to be changes or upgrades or adjustments for him, there is definitely something changing within your husband's field. So again in being able to hold the space and be nonreactive, and of course wondering what the heck is going on in case something does happen. And again it's all good it's just understanding that if there are changes in behavior, if there are changes that you're able to witness it neutrally. Not feeling upset or wondering what the heck's going on. There is definitely an exchange that seems to include your husband and it has to do with the change in your own being, which is upgrading that whole right side.

It's almost like whatever has reached a threshold with the female energy in you, is now needing a synchronous and parallel adjustment and expansion in the male energy that you carry and project and exchange with. So since he's the predominant figure of male energy, there is something exchanging from your body to his now. In a way that honestly I had not seen in our sessions before. So I was aware that he was holding a space for certain consciousness work to be done, without consciously being aware of that. Now I'm seeing that it's like whatever consciousness work you have accomplished, there is a threshold now happening where there is an agreement of that projection exchange. And the exchange is going to impact him in some way, which in some way this means upgrading the consciousness and upgrading the system. However, as you and I know sometimes when one's identity is changing, it feels odd and stressful and certain behaviors can be spontaneous or problematic. And so not feeding negativity or even being caught into emotional dramas, really is the important distinction when you start to feel a shift or change in your interchange with each other.

Okay, thank you so much. So again all that's needed a necessary, we bring in the Aurora on the right-hand side and allow the Aurora to re-encrypt and align each of the layers through the right side, bringing balance to the masculine and bringing balance to that shoulder area where the six dimensional wings are coming in. Again allowing the Aqua form of the aquamarine rays to come forward through the re-encryption on the entire right side of those axiatonal lines bringing balance. Again this appears to be a part of the sonic pillar of the masculine template is starting to come in universally. It's coming in at planet level, it seems that this sonic pillar of the masculine has been connected or is building and therefore its changing our masculine structures within us. And therefore changing the relationships we have with men as well. So how they relate to us how they connect to us is going to change, and you may have noticed it already. And it's going to continue.

So again the amazing part of this, is in seeing this in the hologram it does indeed appear that the female body is the one that is through the perfect proton and accessing a cosmic Mother, cosmic birther energies, are projecting the divine seed of that perfection in all creation. And now there seems to be a phase where we are bringing that seed into the masculine, so that the masculine bodies down here that have been pretty much genetically manipulated and distorted through the various reversal grids in their systems. This is clearly the antidote or support to bring the consciousness outside of these deeply ingrained, not only behavioral cognitive and mental belief system patterns but that which is deeply cellular and genetic.

Because as we have spoken of and realized the Nephilim Reversal Grids, which are the main sources of mental mind grid control down here in this plane, have been quite successful at propagating the behaviors and beliefs and levels of consciousness that keep us distracted from ourselves. And as the more we propagate those belief systems the more we actually start creating dis-harmonic discordance conditions with our own energy field. And over time and add that with genetics, genetic damage, miasmas, and family of origin issues. Then you've got lots of energy blockage and that starts breaking down the DNA patterning, which then starts destructing the intelligence factor of the physical human body itself. So what I am seeing, is something different is allowing an exchange in your own masculine projection and that which connects to your husband. There is a new meeting there is a new intersection. And so this intersection, we're not clear exactly how that will manifest because a part of that will be in his own choice, in terms of how he is able to deal with it.

But we are definitely reaching a timeline where the foundation of your relationship marriage contract with your husband and through his sense of self of his own male identity, is quite frankly needing to shift into a higher vibration. The challenge with it is we don't know exactly what that will look like or feel like. But again in facilitating the highest vision of support for both you and him, there is clearly a mutual agreement in this. And in honoring and seeing that mutual agreement, and honoring his God-Self and being for the choice, the choice is yes. I mean the choice is the desire to achieve some new level of awakening or awareness. And so it is this, which we want to hold a space for the alchemical container of relationship the alchemical container of your marriage contract to be reviewed and upgraded into the new marriage union. Which allows divine partnership.

So it is here and now that we ask the councils and God-Self of both parties and that which is the mutual benefit, and that the marriage contract as it was originally entered is to be upgraded into its new and highest purposes of exchange, that are of mutual benefit and honor of both parties. We clear and release all past programs of a karmic nature, of the second level. This would be the second level and layer of that particular contract, to be rescinded an upgraded into the new contract, into the new divine marriage and that which supports both of both of you in the highest level of exchange.

So it appears that the original ties and karmic needs through which this marriage was stabilized foundationally and formed are changing. And this is very good this is beautiful because what it also means is that even though at the physical level it may appear that your husband is not aware of any of this. That there is indeed a spiritual soul contract where the spiritual nature of this union is to be enhanced, and in order to do so there is an upgrade and shifting of the timeline based upon the original meeting and the original third dimensional birth contract. Because what I am seeing with this is that the original marriage was actually a part of a third dimensional incarnational pre-birth agreement. So it means that this relationship was actually a planned thing. Again I see the children and the souls that are your children, all of this was a pre-birth agreement.

So I think this is one of the first times I've seen this. And that is that a birth agreement at a third dimensional contract level, is being upgraded through a marriage contract that had originally been orchestrated with a certain timeline, on which that marriage was consummated. And understanding that your marriage is its own entity and is its own energy, and has been entered into at a certain level of agreement that is being upgraded, and it is being shifted. It is like seeing this is really unique. It is like seeing that whatever your anniversary is, even though you may celebrate that as your anniversary, that is not your anniversary anymore. It is really amazing. It is like they are erasing the timeline of your third dimensional marriage, in order to raise its vibration and to allow the exchange of the spiritual nature of union to actually occur.

They are showing me that the way relationships between men and women have existed, is very much second chakra need based type of agreements between men and women. That it would prevent, it would create obstacles and make it difficult for the energetic union to transform itself into a higher version of itself, because of the original intention. This is amazing to see this because it's the same application where we are being trained to understand through the guardians the architectural energies of all structures, of all entities. That entities such as marriage contracts, are entities. So as you and your husband have entered in to a mutual agreement that was a marriage contract, that contract at the third dimensional level has now ended.

This is necessary for the ability of the frequencies to continue into the next level. The threshold of the marriage has been reached, at the old dimensional level, it cannot continue any longer and still expand, into the next level of what it is transforming into and has the potential to be. So blessings, blessings, this is absolutely amazing. The contract is null and void at the third dimensional level, and the bodies are being brought into fifth dimensional and above contract. What I'm seeing is a step-stone, not feeling a completion.

It feels like they can't take it at any higher right now. But I'm seeing it's like a fifth dimensional sound vibrational tone is being woven in to the mutual weavings that you and your husband have. Because again when we are sleeping with someone in our bed when we are intimate, when we are with a partner for long period of time, there are various levels of cording and connection through multiple layers of the chakras and systems. So there is a mutuality in both your process and his process, and it feels that the process is going to shift, for your children as well. It's like as this contract is being upgraded into a new harmonic overtone, that tone is going to change the base tone of your marriage, your marriage frequency. Like understanding the entity, the marriage entity is being upgraded into new harmonic overtone. And as that happens it is allowing the expansion of consciousness in this container if you will. Because it was almost like the container that was existing in the previous and original third dimensional marriage contract, would create suppression and a certain glass ceiling if you will, for him in particular.

Because what I'm seeing is the grid work on it, I'm seeing the third dimensional grid work of all the corruption and the mind control and the separation between genders. As we know, we have seen the architecture of the main mind control grids on this planet, the Nephilim Reversal Grid, and its primary distortion is gender. The primary distortion is between the sexes of masculine and feminine. So as long as this distortion in the hologram is existing at the third dimensional timeline level, the third dimensional timeline level has to be dissolved, and in this case, additionally within the marriage contract, especially when both parties have mutuality in their growth and expansion.

So again in deep love and gratitude, I want to think our beloved guardians for that assistance and support, and again in bringing integration harmony and balance into your body. I'm feeling very happy with your physical self and the resources of the self. What was needing some assistance is I was seeing the residue on the right-hand side. There was a conduit exchange and anchor when you were in Queensland, you were bringing similar to a hub or emissary. This makes me laugh a little but these are 'turtle codes' that's what they're calling this. It's coming through as the turtle codes, grandmother turtle coding. And these codings are galactic in nature and seem to be newly available, with the intersection grid that is coming horizontal from New Zealand and vertical North-South on the coast of Australia. And in the coast of Australia it was like you went there, you picked up 13th gate code circuits, and you then transmission them into the entry points of the landmass.

Queensland Grid

The way they are showing this is that there is a very specific entry point into the landmass, and there is an entry point over there created by this intersect. So it's like seeing diagonal intersect from that vertical horizontal cross on the coast over there. And that that was a part of the exchange and circuiting in that particular area, which at this point seems to be very important for the entire landmass of Australia itself. It's almost as if Queensland was a province, that this is the opening in this part of Australia that opens into the entire landmass itself. For whatever reason it doesn't look like there are other openings. It's like we're bridging a multidimensional intersection that's what this is. But the intersection point is happening there, in Queensland. If I circle the perimeter of Australia I don't see any of their intersection openings except from this point, over there in Queensland. So this is definitely a big grid vortex opening on our planet.

So again in deep love and gratitude to our beloveds, again we ask in the strengthening and supports for you here, at this time in supporting her body her being, her God-Self and actualization in that mission. In deep love and gratitude that exchange and transmission to support her beloved being and body, thank you Guardians. As we anchor lock and seal our work through the timeline and through the hologram. We acknowledge and witness the deep blessing of this exchange and receive the blessing of divine grace, to shower this union with you and your husband, and that, which supports mutual benefit, mutual union and divine partnership. May that which is the highest level of exchange be blessed through the grace of God, and allowing the masculine to rise into it's next overtones of expansion, perfection, connection with the source.

Closing: May we provide the vessel to allow that exchange to occur, in divine right order and harmony. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Again as we seem to be coming to an end, or completion, we send our unconditional love compassion and gratitude for this opportunity here today. Again we ask in the highest transmission of exchange, to support the actualization of the God being and self in all purposes that are of the highest intention of serving the God source our planet and our brothers and sisters. Again as we anchor lock and seal, our infinite stream of love is with you. Please seal our tunnel please close our communication links. Bring us back into the physical, fully protected fully connected into the God source. And so it is we seal and end our session. In deep love and gratitude, thank you so much. Thank you, so much. And so it is. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 10-06-2009]

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