Undergoing Ascension as a Mother

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Themes: Undergoing Ascension as a Mother, getting beyond the Frequency Fence is attracting attention. increasing self-mastery and Neutrality. reaching a threshold where interference and psychic attack are happening. clearing Negative Forms, Holographic Inserts designed to split apart masculine and feminine)

Opening: As we open the intention for our session, Beloved God please open all channels of light. As we open all channels of light, wow it is just a flood coming in, our Guardian races serving the One. Thank you so much. Again in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light love and power, we ask that we both are updated individually and collectively to be renewed and sustained in the perpetual light of God. We consecrate our session and container here today to be dedicated to the purposes of one. Thank you so much. As again we intend unification through the crystal and Christ principle, we ask that the spiritual links and communication links into the universal cosmic trinity are brought all the way into the zero point and the source of our genesis. With deep reverence for all of life God, thank you, thank you. Please breathe your living light code into our forms.

Clearing Negative Form Inserts

Okay in the opening of the space, a complete rush in of a humongous amount of entities and beings on the other side. Okay in opening the field, we ask again all that is in order and priority in the highest expression of us here today. We ask that her guidance teams and her God-Self and all that's needed and necessary to support the actualization, awareness and fulfillment of this being here and now. Okay we are going back into Atlantean time cycles. Okay, they're showing me something that needs to be adjusted that is in parts of the astral body. It's like shadow Miasmas or things that are a part of negative form projections that hang on there. Okay so this is a clearing of negative form, from the family as a unit and from your partner as a unit and yourself. It's almost like seeing that at a certain level of development in your own awareness there is a construct, I'm trying to figure out how to describe this. It is a construct that is like a Holographic Insert. Now again what these are and they are very common, I see them all the time this is not a big deal.

But this is to create a distortion between you and your partner, so that the higher you raise in the frequency scale the more projected fear comes from him. And I'm seeing that there is a construct that is manipulating this and we are going to make sure that that is something that is first of all looked at and removed as a part of the influence upon both of you. What it is, I see these things and I call them like booby-traps. Because it's like when each of us goes into a certain level of enlightenment, a certain level of understanding, a certain level of connection into higher frequency we're expanded into this new awareness. And we are beyond what's called the frequency fence, the things that were suppressing us in terms of keeping us within a certain parameter of consciousness and understanding. You have been going through an activation process that is taking you into a higher awareness.

And this is something that is highly misunderstood by people and is something that I admittedly I don't like. And it makes the delicate nature of trying to describe this to people difficult. Because what this would appear to be, is if you continue to expand your consciousness with this level of work it feels like a type of psychic attack energy. And it's designed to prevent you from moving forward and expanding, it's designed to do this through fear. So what would happen through this is either you would perceive this as a place where you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Like, if I continue to choose to expand my spirit and my consciousness and connect to these principles, which I'm dedicated to I get attacked. If I choose the development of my God-Self the development of my purpose the development of who I am in the world, and acting as a steward of that example for the beings that I've chosen through these agreements to be brought into the world, the challenge comes in the form of this hostility from the opposing forces.

Because understanding this from a fearless position, what happens with the mental body in a lot of ways is understanding it's possessed. When people are in an identity that is truly the ego, this is the realm of the reptilian consciousness this is the realm of the manipulation and control, this is the realm of the deception and the illusion. Unfortunately most of us on this planet do not understand this particular dynamic, so we get caught in the mental looping of these thought impulses that we think are real, that are not real. Most of them are being generated by literal fear programs, systems of impulses of the fear that we relate to from whatever our experiences are.

Family Unit Guides, Supporting Family

Now what I'm seeing is that there is a humongous group of guides that are based on both of your children and yourself, and some of them are also on your partner's energy. What we're doing here is we're creating a group container for all of you and the issue is we want to remove interference and cording and attachments to any kind of program that is subversion, manipulation, distortion, distraction, projection that which is designed to create a lack of unity or disunity between you and your family, that is designed to be activated if you move to a certain level of consciousness awareness. So it's almost like you're holding more light and the more light that you hold your body starts acting like a lighthouse. What that means is if you think of your aura as a lighthouse and that energy now is emanating out from you. Any being that comes into the sphere of that light, similar to like a light house that light is being focused on the person and it then is revealing any darkness that they are holding. So the darkness is in their body the darkness is in their unconscious the darkness is in their like lower astral forms.

Because human beings do not know how or have not been trained how to mentally discipline their thoughts, that their thoughts are powerful forces that control their life. That their emotional states create things that have relevance and interaction with us and others. These undifferentiated states of negativity whether they are programs or they are disincarnate beings or whatever astral debris this is. This stuff becomes like a coat that covers the persons being their consciousness their body. So that light as it grows it focuses on that person, that person's darkness comes to the surface. Now this is a gift, because the gift of this is as the darkness comes to the surface. We are then able to observe the pattern and change the pattern. We have a choice in terms of what action we choose with that as it becomes conscious.

So in this case what I want you to be aware of and be careful of, and not in anything that's creating a fear. But the issue is that if you engage in emotional entanglement and feed it, it gets worse. So you have to be very careful in not letting buttons that come up create reactions in you. Because the more you react to it the more it is going to incite it. It's like a flame that feeds the fire. So this issue is the beauty of what I'm seeing here. First of all a want to tell you that even though I've not seen it where they have come in in a group containment field like this to support the family as a whole, that is something new. And that's rare and I'm again very grateful and want to acknowledge and share that with you. That means that you are protected, that means that this is being monitored, that means that you are connected to a lot of guidance that is here to support you. And to help not only your self but your family, your children and whatever needs that come up for their support and further development for all of you.

The issue with this is that when someone is not developed in a certain level of awareness they are more easily possessed and controllable through forces that they don't understand. And the more locked-in we are mentally the more vulnerable we are to this kind of manipulation and possession kind of energy. So what I was seeing is that the guides are letting us know that there was a structure in place that was designed as a holographic insert, to recruit or to create a reflection back that would create distortion between the masculine and feminine. Meaning the two of you, so the higher you go vibrationally the more threatened he might feel. So the issue with this is what I am getting here and now, is that they are removing this interference as a structure from the astral body. They are removing this interference as a projected negative form that existed between the two of you. But the issue with this is that the responsibility of understanding who and what you are, and what you hold for your family.

Non-reaction and Self Mastery

The issue is the non-reaction. This means that you are moving into another level of development within your own self-mastery, which then will mean holding neutrality holding unconditional love and being able to maintain that peace within your heart. If and when there are things that you feel that set you off, you are in the process of developing mastery and neutrality. What they're basically showing us is that you've reached a development and a threshold of your consciousness that is now going to start to impact him more, because of the sphere of energy you're holding. If he is with you if he sleeps with you then that becomes he's going to start to feel this more on an energetic level, and it will start to change him. Now the good thing is that the change and the expansion of awareness is exactly what needs to happen here, but sometimes the pathway getting there can be a little bumpy.

So in understanding this dynamic and accepting it as a part of what is, there's nothing to blame and it's nobody's fault, it's nothing like that. This is a part of the development that is necessary, is a part of consciousness evolution. But unfortunately when the ego doesn't have context it can get snippy it can get fearful it can be threatened. So if there are energies that appear like this, what they are telling you is that you have the power to dissipate that through neutrality and through being nonreactive. Do not react to any emotional hooks that may or may not come from this process. And being able to hold just hold it. Just observe it let him be what he needs to be and just let it be. It's like certain levels of mastery in your self are going to be about knowing when to engage and when not to engage with the energy. Because there are going to be times that he just needs to kind of molt in his own thing.

So they're basically giving us a mental and emotional preparation for what's going to be happening in the next three-month period. So again no worries you have everything that you need. But it just puts you in another level of responsibility to the energy, meaning you can't fall asleep and react to things that might seem hurtful. If there are buttons, because generally all of our partners lovers spouses whatever they have our buttons. There are emotional buttons that they know how to push. So be aware of those buttons don't let those buttons get pushed disentangle those. Come into neutral association and this will be smooth. What I'm seeing is that a threshold has been reached. This means that you've been undergoing spiritual initiation in your light body, this is changing the structure we are starting to integrate and hold a different frequency, and then that starts to emanate changes in your environment.

Those very energies will feel very supportive to your children but may not feel so supportive to your partner. Because again he's coming into another level, he's got to come into some resonance work with this. And I feel like he's willing to do that but it's just the understanding that through his process that you watch him develop within himself, you'll be able to see the ego. What the ego is what the 3D reality is, you can see the patterns of how that exists very clearly. Manifested in the behaviors and the reactions and things that start to come out. Again letting that come out and be revealed. And when and if you're called upon to support it by offering tools to help dissipate any kind of tension or negativity that's being caused. This is really holding the space of neutrality and the space of holding unconditional love. And allowing it to be what it is, will allow it to move to the next levels with minimal discomfort.

But again the interesting part of this informational exchange and this is something that I see often and it's supported that I tell you this. All of us, in my knowledge I don't know anyone that's exempt from this. When we go through a certain level of spiritual development we go through a psychic attacking period. And what that is is that you come across the frequency fence and there are energies and beings that know it, and they try to thwart and distract you from moving any further past it. And the issue is once you see it for what it is and you understand that it's fear that is containing you, that is trying to distract you, you move beyond it and it ceases to be an issue anymore. In the beginning if you're not used to it it's a little weird. It can create fear because nobody told you about this and why is happening to me? But the issue is we all go through this at certain stages of development.

As an example for myself, years ago the very first time that I saw a negative entity was when I was in the middle of ending a relationship. And it was an engagement, it was a very heavy thing it was something very devastating to me. Because it meant the decision I was making at the time was going to change my destiny path. I was either going to go in this lateral path and be somebody's wife, whatever that role was going to hold for me. Or I was going to choose this pathway, which at the time I didn't know what I was choosing but it meant that my destiny was changing. At that particular point I was in a lot of grief because I was ending a relationship and I was really sad. This particular entity came in and it was the first time I actually saw a reptilian hybrid, or actually a drac-hybrid. And I had never seen anything like this before and it was very hostile, was very angry. And I could tell that it was angry at me for something that I was going to do, or did, and I couldn't understand what that could be at that point. This was many years ago. However that began the whole journey in understanding where I had to change my belief system.

Because at that point I was very much into Christ consciousness, all I thought about all I wanted to do is be in love and hold the Christ energy and blah blah blah. And I also didn't believe evil existed I thought it was a construct of the human mind. Now I'm seeing this thing this being standing there. And that changed things. I had to ask myself if we create our reality and I didn't know this thing existed then what's it doing here? I never saw anything like it. (question...)

Choosing Authority with Intent

Once we understand that our authority is not them our authority is God. These are errant, just like there are mean bully humans there are mean bully entities over there. And they feel the same, like they have a right to the space and they think we're infringing upon it they don't like it. So they harass us here and there. But once we understand it, it just is, we didn't do anything wrong and all of that stuff. And also as you get more advanced with this you start to recognize that you're the one that's here to rehabilitate them. Because a lot of them don't know, I've had them standing around looking at my light body and they can't figure out what's going on. It's like I'm some kind of anomaly and what that is it's source, it's God consciousness it's doing its thing. And they don't know what that is.

And there's this amazing part of you that goes, how could you be in the inter- dimensional fields and be so advanced in the complexities of a holographic creation and not know what consciousness is? It's bizarre isn't it it's like how does that work? But they don't understand. And that's the whole thing my guides started to say, this is why we have to go beyond the mind and into nonlinear because they do not get it and they cannot manipulate it. They can manipulate the mind. (question...) It's huge, this is why we're all being trained to be in the now moment and to get beyond the ego consciousness, because they can't control consciousness. They can't control God source, they can only control the mental body and the mental projection and the thought forms. That's all they can do. So once we understand that if we get out of premeditation and strategizing about the future, like what I am going to do next Tuesday, this is why we're all being brought into the now moment.

I've noticed that they cannot interfere with a lot of the things when we haven't premeditated it. And that is how you allow the consciousness to express through you. And it is through that connection that you are totally protected but you have to learn the game, like how the game works down here. So again sweetie I admit I'm not thrilled with giving you that information. But what I am thrilled about understanding and I really want to drive this home, is that this is a monitored process through which you have incredible levels of support, that are completely surrounding both of your kids and you. I see that there is an interface between you and your partner. I can see that he's on the fence and he has to make a choice. I'm seeing he will be given the opportunity for that through you, but we don't entirely know what that choice is going to be right now. But what I'm seeing is they are protecting you from it.

Activated Indigo Parent with Asleep Parent

Your destiny is about being this you know what I'm saying. It's kind of like in a sense understanding you can't really stop your destiny. We're here to be evolutionary Indigo consciousness. If you are suppressed in your ability to actualize that in your self, the pain that would cause you is too great they will remove the obstacles out of the way. But at the same time in the benevolence and the unconditional love of allowing each being to understand that they have a choice, they also have to participate with that choice at some level. What I'm seeing is that your partner right now he has a choice and it can go either way. I think that he's going to do it, but what he has to come to understand and to let go of is going to be hard for him. Yes exactly, but I think your kids are going to do it. Because he really loves his children and I think he has a lot of ideas about what it means to be a good man and a good parent. He wants that, he really wants that and he values that a lot in his heart. And he loves you too but I mean it's just a different thing it activates a responsibility in him. And I think that may be the reason why you had the kids.

Because it's almost like through your kids that the permanent connection was cemented and this was your gift to say to your partner, I'm not leaving here without a chance. It is through us and through what you create here that you're going to learn how to connect back into your spirit. That you are going to understand the pathway and there is an incredible beauty in that, and really understanding the power of the polarity integrator and this level of the indigo consciousness. We thought it would be easy and we'd be down here frolicking about with our soul mates, like running through the sunset on the beach or something. Again there is a lot of beauty in these relationships because they are spiritually orchestrated.

But the issue with this is, we also have to have what I would call an accurate assessment of this reality. Without it we get in these delusions of spiritual fantasy that I think create more pain than good in us. There's a lot of beauty in what's happening when we understand what's at stake on our planet today, it's an amazing gift that we have to participate with it. But a lot of the New Age ideas what it perpetuates is a lack of maturity. It's magical thinking and rainbows and butterflies and what's happening is people are having real pain and physical events. And the New Age stuff doesn't address this, like if you have physical pain then stop it. And it's not always that simple for everybody. Some of us are doing massive prototyping work, changing a carbon-based biology so it can hold silica to become a silicate-based form. Think about that, we're carbon-based biology and we're doing alchemy at the cellular level, dropping the density clearing all the energy so that our bodies can become silica-based. We're not doing that overnight clearly, but you think about that and how is that getting done? Who is doing this?

I try when people poo-poo the density thing, to just think about it from that level like if you were taking a piece of carbon and trying to change it into a diamond. You got a piece of mud in your hand and in there is a diamond, you're supposed to create from that clay. How do you think that's going to happen? And that is what we're doing, we're doing it with our bodies we're doing it with every part of our consciousness. This is what you're doing, this is what I'm doing, that's what all of us are doing. So the love and respect and acknowledgment for each other and the courage and bravery to be this devoted to this planet, and to its evolution and to have that kind of love. To bring that here it's huge. We really need, that's the whole unity thing we really need to support each other in this understanding.

There's tremendous beauty in all of this, but we've got to grow up and understand the reality of what it means and stop judging it and others and all that. So the situation is very beautiful. I'm very glad that we did this today because that was the big piece we had to look at was that holographic insert removal. Every once in a while do you do the negative form removal? Yeah, I can send that to you. Just every once in a while whenever you feel build up, cause that's what it is right. Say there's some cumulative energies in the house or whatever from this. Run the negative form removal around the house and you can dedicate it to your family. What I saw them do which is very cool is create like a special container for your family. What I call this is like they're creating a trinitized form for your family. What that means is that there is a containment field for the entire family so the entire family has a mutual support system. So it allows each of the beings to be a part of that platform and feel supported on that platform, while everyone's kind of inching along in their growth. And it's for your partner too it's for all of you. I can see the point of contact is very cool, I've only seen this a couple times. It tells me that again your partner is attempting to do it.

Closing: So I want to thank our guidance teams, again for this information and again the blessing of that communication support and exchange. We ask again that all that's needed and necessary to support the actualization of the entire family in the light God source. We are grateful for this opportunity. As we seal our communication and field. We close and end our session and communication, our infinite stream of love is with you. Thank you so much. And so it is. We seal and end our session. Thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 2-10-10]

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