Unis Mundi

From Ascension Glossary

The term Unus Mundus is Latin for One World and was popularized by Jung for exploring archetypal forces of consciousness, thus, it has been injected into public discourse through purely intellectual concepts of theology, philosophy and alchemy. In this context, we describe the Unis Mundi as an energetic principle made evident from divine architecture that is the blueprint of the spiritual temple or dwelling which links cosmic consciousness with the material form or body. Further, this galactic node brings the cosmic spiritual alignment which brings forth the direct gnosis of the unified reality of God, or direct knowledge of the Cosmic Order and Source from which all things have been and are created.

The embodied solar tri-unity exists within the eternal present moment from which the alchemical forces and elementals of divine creation are made accessible to the spiritual initiate completing the Magnum Opus, where the Cosmic Christos consciousness magnetizes direct access to all timelines, knowledge and aptitudes, at the point of connection made with the zero-point source of the planet, solar system, Universe and Cosmos, all simultaneously.

The One World philosophy is the framework for the unity principle inherent in the Law of One, thus its rediscovery as it is uncovered from the thousands of years of stolen history hiding the ancient wisdom and spiritual freedom we once knew and recognized, coherently fills in the missing gaps throughout science, religion and psychology. During the planetary ascension, the Unis Mundi sacred staff cannot be blocked, hidden or defiled any longer, the truth of the nature of the reality is forcefully pushing upwards from deep in the crystal core of the planet, in which synchronicity and meaningful coincidences are the breadcrumbs we follow, as the divine plan of God restoring Cosmic Order through our personal mission sphere. If we would only listen to our heart.

Alhambra’s recent retrieval from the anti-human vandals inverting its sacred architecture and spiritual properties in base 10 reversals, begins another stage of planetary architecture restoration of the sacred crystal heart of the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine, which is necessary for the reseating of King Arthur and Queen Meri-Guinevere within the Triple Solar Solomon Temple being built in the Albion. The reclamation of the Christos Mission serving the return of the Emerald Order, continues onward.[1]


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