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Although some people do not know that this phenomena exists, it is because they are unaware of energetic vibrational laws. Curses, hexes, symbols for projecting extremely negative energies, negative forces such as demonics towards a person, place or thing do exist and have consequences. This is also called Black Magic. Generally these specific curses are used in ritual and designed with the intention to create harm and havoc upon the object being cursed.

Also, a common form of the use of Curses, hexes, symbols for harm is to issue these negative patterns on bloodlines, land holders or other families of which may have had wealth or possessions that the NAA desired to steal in order to give it to their genetic preference bloodlines, who serve them. This is the creation of the hierarchical class system of the Ruling classes and the slave classes they control.

When addressing ancestral clearing it is common for the need to clear Curses, hexes, symbols in this regard to matriarchal and patriarchal lines. Black Magicians also use these negative patterns synonymous with Black Magic.

Alien Implant

Many Alien Implants work similarly as Curses, hexes, symbols. Their purpose is for the same general reason, to generate harm or manipulate energies or thoughts with harmful intent.


First found HGS manual, Page 52

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