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These are described in the Level Two clearing matrix in the HGS manual under Attachments.

Spirit Attachments can exist at one or multiple dimensions. Spirit Attachments encompass a wide variety of meaning in their definition of which is the root cause of why a spirit attachment has taken place. Spirit attachments are unhealthy to the Lightbody and are a source of vampirism of the energy bodies and the Consciousness spiritual bodies. In a HGS session one may be guided to this clearing matrix to identify a specific spirit attachment that is required to be released and cleared from the energy bodies in order to heal emotions, or progress further in the Ascension Stages of progressively Expanding Consciousness.

Some examples of Spirit Attachments:

  • Ancestral Identities from the family lineages, both biological and spiritual
  • Alien entity or their body parts, such as tentacles or etheric cording
  • Disincarnated souls that may have been picked up demographically (i.e. high risk places like hospitals, insane asylums, cemeteries or where many people were killed tragically)
  • Disincarnated souls that have been communicated through Astral Plane Psychic mediums, ouija boards, etc.
  • Soul fragments that have been earthbound connected to other Timelines, such as from explosions in Lemuria, Atlantis, or 5D Tara.
  • Gestalt collective consciousness entities, such as demonic or Satanic hierarchies
  • Negative elemental spirits
  • Conjured or bound entities sent by something or someone else (Black Magic)
  • Shapeshifter or other creatures
  • ET parasites, like SPE's or tentacle attachment devices used to siphon energy.


Attachments can be a part of the following: elementals, Dead Energy, demonics, earth bound souls, collective thought-forms, fragments, ancestors, etheric weapons, geo-pathic stressors (curry lines or static energy fields) and just plain bad energy (reversed life force) deposited into the land mass, in houses, places of worship, or any other space a person walks around on the ground. This kind of negative energy can build up in a person’s aura and make one feel physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually sick. This is similar to understanding if our life force and aura are not circulating properly we can have “clogged pipes” that make us feel “un-well”. If we have an entity attachment in our aura it can make us feel sick, slimed, and not “ourselves”. Most humans are not aware if a massive trauma happens on a land mass at any point in time, that energy is stuck there until “someone” cleans it up. If no one does, it lingers and attracts more negative energy. Generally this creates an “unhappy” space, and a sensitive empath may feel this energy and want to run away from it.[1]

Having clarity from within this massive confusion requires awareness of negative patterns and their attachments and then the focused discipline of your Negative Ego mind to clear them. It is the time to remove all attachments to the external outcome and personal results. [2]

Negative Disincarnates

Lower Disincarnates that may also be considered ghost entities, or earthbound spirits that were humans from another timeline, are the most common spirit Attachments for most people, and they are usually generated from that persons ancestral line and ancestral history. Sometimes the ancestor spirit is under the control and servitude of Fallen Angelics or Black Magicians and is being forced to cause negativity into the lives of their descendants. Demons will use that person's own ancestors to create harm, or that ancestor has digressed into a demonic state from his/her own negative choices that harmed many other people, living or passed on. The main reason a person, such as an ancestor has become a Negative Spirit or Demon is that their consciousness was made up of a primary negative quality and negative vibration at the time of their death from this world, thus, they were absorbed into the demonic stream of consciousness. For this and many other reasons, it is important to apply Spiritual Housekeeping and energetic clearing on behalf of your ancestors, as this issue of genetic pathcutting for our ancestors, the Mother and Father lineages, will show up repeatedly throughout the Ascension process and Expanding Consciousness.


Term first found: Page 84, HGS Manual

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