1D/4D Cords or Tentacles

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What this HGS term is referring is to clear any etheric cords, tentacles that are forms of Attachments that may be parasitic or harmful to the Lightbody or is siphoning the Soul energies from the parallels.

Within the human manifestation template, the 12 Tree Grid, each of the twelve spheres may have links or openings into different dimensions. The 1D sphere of the 12 Tree Grid is the atomic body which is linked into the 4D parallels. The 1D sphere also links into the earth core. Commonly, before Soul body integration can transpire effectively for the person, the cords or tentacles that are originating in the 4D parallel that link into the 1D Sphere into this 3D harmonic universe, may need to be tracked to its origin and eliminated from its continuing ability to siphon energy from the Soul. RRO process may also be needed to reset and remove any vow or agreements that were either false, manipulated or from previous relationships that had placed those cords. Powerful siphoning and draining of soul energies may result in Soul Fragmentation.


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