1D Atomic Body Treatment with the Aurora Elemental Command

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June 2012 Meditation

1D Atomic Body Treatment with the Aurora Elemental Command

This meditation is purposed for in depth 1D ATOMIC BODY CLEARING of dead light harnesses and their related implants and devices, allowing the current self to connect directly to its own inner spiritual source light. A statement of release to remove the dead light holograms that are embedded within the 1D and elemental functions of the entire body. The Aurora Elemental family to help us re-encrypt and heal places in the atomic body that are holding DNA damage or pain, with the Aurora host transplant ascension program. To create freedom in our bodies and minds so that we can live free of elemental control, free of mind control and free of enslavement, free of pain, at the hands of another or from our own ignorance of the Law. We release the bondage of servitude to another person, place or thing, in any agreement or bond which is corrupting our dedication and desire to truly be at one with the light of God itself.

TAGS: Re-encrypt Atomic Body, Elemental Body, Clear Mind Control, Atomic Harness Dead Energy, Aurora Host

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