Atomic Harness

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Key Notes: nano particles, Morgellons, Atomic Harness, amrita, white-hole black-hole spin points, universal body.

Opening: As we take a deep breath into the still point area bringing the full amount of our conscious presence in the deep wellspring and core of the eternal living light sustained in the still point area. Beloveds create the sacred space please and alchemical container. From the still point of wholeness and manifest decision we decree with sovereign knowing here expressed at our command lovingly stated with absolute intention, the divine that is the intention of the one source one God.

As we open in counterclockwise motion, creating a group field, personally fortifying and amplifying our own personal shield and presence in the pillar. As we open up the container and step into that container, lock-down the field through trans-harmonic timeline, and opening into the Transharmonic pillar and linking with the cosmic triad. Beloveds all that is needed and necessary in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light love and power. We command this space through the sovereignty of I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. Through that which is our divine inheritance and freedom we ask to apply that liberation and freedom to the physical cells, physical self, through every cell and pore of the bodies now. Liberated into the unification of the Cosmic Christ intelligences and that, which is the crystalline code of this body. As we set the architecture and blueprint of the physical cells and form, molecular Subatomic atomic layers to be all aligned in perfect synergy, harmony and balance.

Beloveds I would like to ask and request that our mutual teams and guides work together in the highest capacity of exchange to bring the ultimate healing shift and support through transformation of the bodies. Please assist in bringing comfort, balance integration to the layers of the physical and bio-energetic cells as we merge and bridge the higher oscillating vibrating patterns of the consciousness. And that which is bridging into the physical density and the physical carbon-based biology as we are now transmuting and releasing the density needed to fully anchor and embody the perfect proton structure. And the new prototype and support that this beloved being is assisting in bringing her body through, in this particular time and transition thank you.

I'm going to ask again with the power of frequency and with alignment again as we focus in the third eye that you and I bridge our field, our complete communication and exchange of transference into the third eye connection. I ask that any assistance and appropriate transference and downloads of information and code to assist in stabilizing the physical form, strengthening the physical form, and releasing the physical form of lack of ease is felt and experienced through the cells again to be reestablished and retained in harmony balance. As we command the vital radiant health of the body's to assist support the Consciousness and the highest capacity revolution in exchange the God blueprint Avatar blueprint within, made manifest embodied present now. Thank you so much.

Radial Cord, Stargate

themes - (merging particle and antiparticle timelines, radial cord, Stargate, universal body access)

Okay and focusing immediately on the teams coming forth and supporting a beam of that Violet Ray energy as they amplify through the magnetosphere and down. Really immersing the bodies in the ultraviolet ray, allowing the divine feminine and that level of particle existence to saturate the layers of the cells, of the body at the subatomic level. Where this is coming through is primarily in the premium root chakra and in the opening that is the radial cord about 2 inches beneath the navel. In holding the space again this is not the chakra opening this is like a small little portal opening within the body that houses a really long radial cord that connects into each of the stations of identity attached to it through the various multidimensional layers. We ask through this support and dispensation again to bring through the ultraviolet light to each and every layer of the selves, through that open portal about 2 inches beneath the navel.

The way I am seeing it at the moment is like a dime size opening that opens into a complete other chamber and reality of the body itself, as a sort of hidden dimensional plane of the body itself. It connects almost through, it looks like it slices through timelines, it's really interesting as I'm looking at this. Beloveds all that is needed and necessary to bring comfort to the bodies now, again focusing ultraviolet ray energy. What I'm looking at is like literally a projected beam of that ultra white violet light coming through a small dime size opening 2 inches beneath the navel, which I know is the connector Radial Cord, that again accesses all the way through the astral and beyond. I would like to address and assess the bodies in the issues that have created imbalance and infection. Okay, there are fissures, there are openings and fissures in this chamber I'm looking at and it is all around that radial cord. These are I see, okay.

Clearing. Please show us how to remove and absolutely clear and pull out all infection, Parasites and other feeders or pathogens that are being pulled into the body through these fissures. We need to look at each and every opening in that space through there, in the radial cord leading to all of those multi-layers. Remove and clear, these are gelatin the consistency of gelatin or jellyfish. They are plugging up what looks to be fissures or holes. It's really unusual because I haven't seen it like this before. It is literally like I went through a small dime sized portal in your body right underneath your bellybutton, your navel, this used to be the old center of gravity that used to connect us into the magnetic core of the earth. And the whole structure in there was a system that was a part of the grounding mechanisms or ballast of the body if you will. That has changed in your body structure, but what I'm looking at as I go into this space, is that there are these slices of the Hologram. And I'm looking at slices they look like they have thin little membrane separators, slices. And these slices are representing timelines, almost like what I'm looking at is a wormhole. That is a part of the Stargate of the body's opening, that when you go through here you literally are opening up into a space of seeing the dimensionalized Timelines that have merged.

It's really interesting because what I'm seeing in here is that, and I wonder if this is for all of us and I'm just getting to see it through your body's templating, is that the merge between the antiparticle and particle timelines. A way to understand this is that the masculine universe, like a whole entire universe is the antiparticle universe. The feminine universe is the particle universe, which is the one that we're in the 3D at this time. As each of those layers of the 12, like 12 dimensional layers, these are 12 time cycles. And these 12 time cycles are being broken down into these four evolutionary rounds, that we had been talking about in early July (2008).

So it's like I'm seeing that structure inside your body. As I go through that particular portal in your body I can see merging timelines and what is going on in the structure. It's almost like when timelines have merged from the antiparticle into the particle, it's like taking 12 timelines of the particle, 12 timelines and dimensions of the antiparticle, and they start to merge and synthesize and collapse. And it's like in the midst of that apparent synthesis is sort of like collision course has happened, and it's impacts. When the merge happened there were structures that were unstable and they just started collapsing. It is like seeing the impact of this collision represented energetically. I mean it's strange because it's not literal, as I am explaining this to you. It's like as close as I can explain this, in words.

What I'm experiencing in this opening in your body is the understanding that there has been literally a collision, of the particle and antiparticle timelines. Representing 24 separate timelines merging into the 12, and then further collapsing into like the now singularity point. All this is going on in through there and I'm seeing that there were fissures, like looking at bridges and looking at portals that were opening Stargate's between these times and spaces and dimensions, have like collapsed or been severed or broken off. It's like they are no longer in existence or maybe they're obsolete? They are obsolete. It's like the body now is almost condensing itself. It almost reminds me of something about the 12 layers coming in to the unified layer of One, which is represented by the 13, which again is the 13th Stargate. The 13th pillar is opening the turquoise ray that takes us into the core. Almost like the intermediary openings between the cores of the universe that bring us in and out of the universal structures. I'm seeing that as a literal construct represented in your bodies, which is really quite fascinating.

So again in assisting and supporting, I would again like to request for the practical assistance in linear time space that would allow relief from this particular tour of duty from impacting the physical self with such discomfort. So this is dealing with, it is so weird these things in there have served a purpose. This is the weirdest thing to say but I think you will understand this. These gelatinous blobby looking creatures that are somewhat jellyfish looking, they are milky white and gelatinous. These creatures have come to fill the space in between the fissures that had ripped these holes in the fabric of the layers of the dimensions. Now clearly let's preface this for a moment by saying, honey clearly your body is being utilized as an interface in some way, of quite large magnitude. Because this again is not correlating to an individual being light body, this clearly is about a universal light body.

What I'm looking at, even though it seems like I'm dealing with a macro level and not dealing with the more personal level. This is directly related to what should heal and support your physical form. Because your physical body is some kind of alchemical container for the larger universal context, and this is being played out within the structure of the body itself. So I know that when we address this the body physically in your experience of it, you should receive relief. That again is the highest intention and motivation of our session opening today, is to bring relief, balance and support to the physical and energetic layers of the consciousness, that are working with this evolution to support the being at the highest level available. Okay these gelatin's creatures are literally helpful, but it's the strangest thing. Sort of like an eco-system in its own little microcosm, is supporting the stability of the structure somewhat before the next level of change or evolution is to occur. Which is what is happening to you now. In some nondescript way as the body is the particular container for this evolutionary movement.

Nanodust in UK, Morgellons

Theme - (Atomic Harness, nano-dust in UK, Morgellons)

So what I'm asking is that now that we've been made aware that this level of creature has been utilized to stabilize the structure in its intermediary state, the issue with this it is, is that it looks like it creates like a fungus. How do I say this? Okay, the human bodies, our bodies have been in a cage. And that cage is metal. And metals have been used in the scalar waves and in the Chemtrail's in the world arena. Heavy metals and metals, like nano-dust particles. Nano-dust particles that means this is engineered, correct? Yes, okay.

What they're showing me is that in Britain and the UK, specifically there showing me this as the governmental structure there. There is an agenda of spreading through the air and through it looks like the water as well. I see, okay I see. It gets put in the water and then when it evaporates from the sun hitting it, it becomes an airborne particle. Then the airborne particle then is inhaled and breathed in by the people. Wow, what they are showing me is that, and here this is so interesting, it goes back into your lineage with your connection to kings and queens and Monarchs. The current governmental system is, and again please take only what resonates with you. Because when we work together some stories come out here. This is a story, and I wasn't prepared for this one.

The government of Britain, the monarchy has an agenda that is working almost as the headquarters. That is supplying the United States with chemical technologies that are being orchestrated through this particular center or location of the earth. These particular control mechanisms that are being used, these are technologies that are nano. It's some kind of science around developing, they're showing me it's like Morgellons. There's something called Morgellons disease, which is like these weird little nanoparticles things. What they are telling me now is that this technology is coming out of the UK and it is being given to other alliances that are a part of the larger global agenda, in keeping as we know the human agreement in the old system structure. And somebody there has developed, the scientific community has developed, a bio-warfare kind of technology that is nano, nanoparticles.

Now apparently what nano means is that it's unseen to the eye, but it's also almost impossible to detect with normal medical conventions. A scientist looking in his microscope, and a very special microscope looking for this would know how to look for it. The medical system is not going to know what this is because it would not be detected in the normal medical conventions that are accepted and used in contemporary society today. This is a nanoparticle chemical bio-warfare that is based in technology that is metal. It has a metal component to it and it's interesting because it reminds me of alien technologies. I don't know if you know what I'm talking about, but a lot of the time when I've been contacted by negative extraterrestrials or negative ET's, there was a strange tin or aluminum kind of feeling around it. And I'm sensing the same thing with this it's a strange frequency that is coming off this nanoparticle thing that they're showing me. And it has that seem strange tin aluminum kind of feeling.

They are further telling me that this technology is being used to quote unquote "mess with the timelines". Seeing this is some kind of technology that is being used. I'm seeing this thing as metal, it's metal and it exhibits frequency, emitting a pulse of frequency but it is also doing something viral. It's multipurpose, it's got a frequency on it that is disturbing. Then also if you inhale this particle once it becomes lodged in organ system tissue it starts to mutate that tissue in a certain way. It is changing the DNA structure it is changing the molecular structure of the physical body. What it's doing, it's using some kind of metal constituent to create an effect that is literally the strangest thing. It's almost like heavy metals, heavy metals in the body. It is perpetuating heavy metals in the bloodstream, in the organ system. It's being infiltrated in the physical part of the body and what the effect is, is that it's creating a metal cage in the light body.

Okay so what I'm seeing is that there is something your body is working with in this ascension prototype that is supporting the Guardian Host in finding ways to create an antidote or freedom from it, to support those people that are going to be possibly subjected to this technology. What I'm seeing with this is that when you use God technology when you are in alignment to God, (using is not the proper word), but when you are a part of the galactic team and you are connected into the God consciousness, this becomes a technology. Your bodies become a technology. What's going on here is that when we bring the God consciousness it resurrects the flesh. So this is actually, and I want to make this clear, this is of non-consequence for you personally. Because your body is already commanded by your spirit, however, most human beings disconnected from their soul and God consciousness and their Avatar, are not connected to that energy, are not connected to Source. Therefore their physical body will be broken down or mutated into a frequency that is disturbing and scrambling the body's ability to be aligned to its soul. Literally what this thing is doing is creating a cage of metal and it's vibrational.

Okay they are telling me it's an Atomic Harness. I understand. I've never seen one before they had said something before about atomic harness. But what does that mean? I'm seeing it now for the first time. This is the technology of atomic harness and what it does is it creates a threshold of where the consciousness can be or exist in. And basically it's cast a net around the light body so that the light body is unable to be absorbed into the physical cellular form. Because the physical cellular form is being impacted at a molecular DNA level, that literally repels the light consciousness of its Soul, from actually physically embodying within it. So it is like the Consciousness is still tied to the soul but the difference is is that the soul consciousness is powering the soul consciousness, is the battery pack or the power of the physical body. It is powering the body but it is not commanding the body. There's a difference.

Now the blessing that you and I and our family have, is that our God consciousness is commanding our body. We are aligned to spirit and connected to spirit through who we are and what we've done to establish those connections. So that we are, I want to say, superseded from this happening because we're beyond the atomic harness. They cannot molecularly damage us, in the way that we are not connected to our spirit, because it's too late we already are. This is designed to establish a suppression on the next wave of human beings that would awaken through the natural organic Ascension process of being in the photon belt, of the massive amounts of protons that are coming out of our Sun our solar system to activate DNA etc. This apparently is their answer, in attempting to thwart it.

Apparently your body has been utilized as an example or as, they are taking tissue samples from you, and they are looking at this. Okay, so in understanding that, that's wonderful. Are we coming to the end of this? They are showing me that in the interim, this is why I couldn't work on you in the summer months. This project of tissue sampling was happening in the last few months here and we were quarantined and not allowed to mess in the field or interrupt its process. So a part of your genetic material has been sampled to one of your Guardian families and I can see that literally this means a spaceship, they are on a spaceship in a lab with this.

Okay looking at genetic material because it appears the headquarters of where this is going on is the UK, is the British government, Monarchy etc. And they are, whether it's the Secret Service or however this is working, are giving this information or sharing it with their consortium of powerbrokers. Whether this is the illuminati I'm not entirely clear. But clearly our government is obviously hand-in-hand with it and they are sharing this technology, they are sharing this information. It is an agenda and a strategy to use these nanoparticle bio-warfare things in small areas. It's like they have been testing it or something, it's almost like they haven't done a full spray but it is like a spray.

I believe they tested it out on the shore over there, I can see it's on the shore. Because what it is, they put it on the beachfront like right on the shoreline. It's like they deposit the chemical on the shoreline and then what it does is it's close enough to the land, where the inland breeze or wind will blow it inland. But it's also coming from an evaporation, when the sun hits the water it evaporates whatever this chemical is evaporates and becomes airborne. When it becomes airborne then it is subject to the wind, and the wind blows at all over the place. Then people breathe it in. Where I'm seeing this actually, they are showing me a map. The location of where this is been tested is on the East side, lower so Southeast, towards the bottom of the UK on what I would call the Southeastern part of the UK.

And for some reason it's like they chose the spot because of the wind dynamics, however the wind and the climate works there. The gusts of wind or that the Gulf Stream or whatever we call that, when the wind has movement. It moves through that area and they know it. So they've been testing this out on the public and it is again it is airborne and it is inhaled. The issue with this is, is first of all sweetie not to say this to freak you out. Clearly they're giving us this information of understanding why they've been tissue sampling off you for the last few months here. Because they are attempting to understand how this works at a different level. It's important to note, being connected to God consciousness and spirit supersedes all of this. The issue is with those beings that are subject to the physical degradation or breakdown or deterioration of their bodies, that this will accelerate the deterioration. When you're not connected into understanding what's happening to you, and that's kind of what's going on there. So thank you.

So these structures have been put in place, these whatever I'm looking at, these gelatinous blobs are there to create a buffer in these parts of the body where there has been a fissure. This fissure is like the space in between the colliding timelines that needed to have more of a gentle buffer to dissolve in itself. Rather than just like having bomb after bomb after bomb blowing up, like sticks of dynamite creating all of this total havoc. So interestingly enough your body has been really busy lately utilized as an alchemical container. What I am getting is that this agreement is complete, they have received the information and awareness and genetic material that they needed. And I guess until we need to know what that is that's it on that situation. They are explaining that that was why and this level that is communicating with us now, is very technical very scientific and a very methodical level of the being. There is very much a protocol going on here. So I really want to honor and thank the beings for entrusting us with this information and giving us clarity into the larger picture.

Timelines Merge, Fractal Nature, Cern

Themes-Black-hole White-hole, timelines merge, fractal nature, CERN imitating.

Again all that is needed to know would we need to know it, we open to the highest communication, and yet in full knowingness we know that we are fully connected protected and safe in our connection with source energy, with our God source and One source. And we thank you for that information. Okay in working in the field in an area though however, it is time to remove those gelatinous blobby things from those in between layers by smoothing them out. So again let's be shown whatever the necessary process is, as we go in and through that space and portal within the body 2 inches beneath the navel. We ask again that any foreign material, any material interfering with the body's radiant health and vitality be removed cleared and released.

And again as we remove the structures these levels of consciousness, we want to thank them for their support and for their service to the body. As interesting as this is, these things were keeping a balance of the microbial system. Even though you're experiencing this in the opposite way, what I'm actually really getting here is that these things were of benefit. Because they were keeping something at bay, they were keeping something a tolerable, as this was going on. It's is like some kind of balance was being kept there, not only for your body but in whatever the higher reasons this project was initiated in your body.

So I want to thank the consciousness of those entities for that assistance. With deep love and gratitude we thank you, it is now time to release that agreement and release these structures from their relationship with the bodies in the space now. Okay now it's about healing and sealing these fissures. Believe it of not what these are, are a part of the white-hole black-hole openings.

Okay what they are showing me is that the proton beam experiment and what were seen with CERN is actually bringing to our awareness the fabric of our time space matrix. That the fabric of our time-space matrix is comprised of the white-hole black-hole phenomena, which is particle and antiparticle mass and that this is the going on. All of this talk about what CERN is doing, as if it is the event. What they're telling us is that is not accurate.

The CERN collider, the large Hadron Collider is literally a replication of what is happening on the planet right now, natural and organic to the stellar bodies. And what is happening is science this again is another understanding of the Holographic projection between the macro-levels of activity and the micro-levels of activity, as above so below. What's happened is that science is emulating the very issue of planetary ascension through its own scientific understanding of the particle beam experiments that they are conducting at CERN. And because the CERN situation had been so well publicized they are saying that was no accident.

It was to seed the awareness of the human consciousness to begin to bring this dialogue of understanding to bring this into more public awareness. Because before the CERN experiment became publicly known and controversy, much of the science behind what they are talking about was not common language or common knowledge to the masses. Such as electron, protons and the fields being generated, dark matter, the Higgs Boson particle. This language is activating because it's keeping it in the awareness of the human being consciousness that this is going on.

But they're making it clear that this is not being initiated by CERN this is being initiated by God. By the natural universal structure of the evolutionary cycle of Ascension, this is a natural organic way the particles move through the Ascension process, through the in-breath out-breath of source, returning into the still point. What the science behind this is doing is they are documenting it from the human linear intellectual level, to understand how these particles move and work at least at whatever level were capable of, which is probably very limited.

So they're saying that this is happening now and something with your body and in seeing the 12 timelines merging, between the white and black holes. Understanding that this proton beam experiment is again the same awareness of the white and black holes, the electron proton mass and particle ratios. These are these holes in your body, these fissures that I'm looking at inside the space within your body, are literally the fabric of your matrix as a being. And they are the white-hole and black-hole vortices of the particle antiparticle mass that are holding the fabric of your matrix together. And those gelatinous things were like being used as buffers and wheels. It's like they were buffering the spin because the vortices, the black and white hole vortices that are these fissures, are spinning in a ratio of angular rotation ratio, of how fast the spinner down spin. And it is the calibration of the spin that is responsible for how much of that particular particle is coming in and out of your matrix, of your body and again the universal body.

The important thing to understand is that it's replicated at every level, because we are a Hologram and fractal of the entire universe existing within the cells of our body. And this is what I'm seeing in your body at this point. Now that I'm working on you is the understanding that every cell of you is that fractal hologram of the creational whole of the universe. And seeing it in this way as we do this level of work with your body, that is directly in relationship to your body, because your body is a prototype of the universal creational structure. Literally that's what's going on here, your body has the blueprint and the map of the universe within it and on it. And this is what I am seeing when we are doing this work.

Okay, with understanding these fissures were about particle and antiparticle energies coming in, now there is something that can be calibrated appropriately and safely that will assist your own physical bodies development and that which you've been working within your consciousness. We ask for assistance in full calibration of each of those particular white-hole black-hole openings, between the horizontal, vertical and diamond grid systems Ley Lines of the bodies themselves. And as represented in the space that I am looking at now, please calibrate and attune into the proper angular rotation of the particle spin for each particle in antiparticle mass, through which is supporting the fabric of the matrix of this body, through this particular space that I am not able to name at this time. This is like another level of grid work that I have not seen like this before, that is literally like peeping through a small portal in your body 2 inches beneath your navel and seeing a universal structure or space in there, representing timelines.

This is a part of timeline experiment this is a part of working with obsolete energies, timelines, structures, stations of identity that are either obsolete or old. What I'm seeing is that your body has been a construct for rehabilitating, healing and aligning various multidimensional timeline and possible reality structures, to more levels of human consciousness that would have an ability to evolve their particular being through whatever timeline would be appropriate for their level vibration and learning. In a sense what I would say is your God-self your Avatar is somewhat of a timeline master and is intricately working with fields of resonance between both particle antiparticle timeline structure, in constructing new merges and bridges between those particular timelines as they merge. And literally ascertaining what can be rehabilitated and what cannot, what can be used.

There is an efficiency pattern going through your body right now where there is a determination of what is obsolete, what can be rehabilitated and what cannot. This process is happening in your body. What it feels like is that there is a process that you've been undergoing that is coming into completion now. Like I said the genetic, whatever that tissue collection sample was so that they could understand atomic harness through this nanoparticle thing is done. They got what they needed. Now this is looking at that space in there and again assisting in the reorganization of your light body through horizontal, vertical and diagonal gridding. Each one of those layers of the ley lines and grid systems within you, the fabric of your own energetic matrix is being upgraded and calibrated. As each of those lines of the matrix connect with each other at those intersecting points, is where this white and black-hole openings are.

There are a couple of fissures in the fabric of that matrix, which again I would like to request assistance and support in healing, sealing. Okay beautiful, beautiful. There is something about that nano-technology thing that they're sending out that is putting holes in the fabric of the time matrix. It is doing something with that as well. It's like disturbing the particle balance somehow. I see, I see okay. How our identity how our consciousness, through the Stations of Identity that we know ourselves as, even though that's changing daily and of course is a stretch to even say at this point. But we still use our names at this point, so our experience of ourselves through the station of identity is shifted and changed every time the particle ratio is accelerated or decelerated. So the function of the spinning of the particle ratio between again particle antiparticle, electron proton, electromagnetic field, how that spins how the electron spins around the proton and creates a nucleus within itself. That ratio however that's measured, not being an astrophysicist it's hard to define, but however that spins is the direct relationship to where the station of identity of consciousness is experiencing itself.

And as the particles spin changes this is how our Consciousness changes, in terms of the levels of divinity that we are. We become merged into those levels of divinity, without any of those membrane separating it. It's like when the ratio is spinning at a certain level it is creating a veil, so that the identity cannot perceive beyond the frequency and the reality that it's given to connect to, to have a station of identity. So when the particle ratios changed the spin changes it opens up multidimensional field access to our consciousness perception. And our stations of identity start merging or we become rolled up if you will, into the higher station of our reality. So we start absorbing and neutralizing the lower components of our identity that are useless or obsolete to us. And we become merged, with a higher vibrating aspects of our identity, that are our divinity consciousness. So in a sense we're still experiencing ourselves, but our experience as a consciousness and how we experience ourselves is definitely changing. So this nanoparticle thing does something with that, it is disturbing the ratio of the spinning field, or it's putting out a particular impulse or frequency that is creating an interference with that particle ratio balance. And then makes it harder for the being to expand consciousness and awareness into its other station of identity, if you will. Okay, thank you very much.

Again what I'm getting is gratitude, because it appears that levels of comprehension and understanding the components of what this is about and how it's impacting the fields, is information that has been given in feedback loops from you and your physical vehicle. And I guess the information that you have been sending back or feeding back to them, so that they are able to view this and see it in the way that they can apply it. So again calibration is still underway to the horizontal, vertical and diagonal field access within the Ley Lines of the body and fabric of the body itself.

Amrita, Creation Seed, Female God Principle

(Amrita, female God principle, secret sacred portal, code, creational seed)

And now it's time to move certain seals, plugs and implants and we could say parasites. Holding back the plug in the female organ system from allowing goddess energy to fully come through the body itself. Again I am going to ask the Guardians and your specific Evolution keepers and teams that are working with the code transferences to assist now. Remove any and all of the next level layer of the blockages that allow the seal to be removed, within the vaginal and cervical area. Cleaning out any microorganism imbalance, but assist in opening that area to flow into its energetic capacity as needed and supported by the bodies and the consciousness at this time.

In the full embodiment of the goddess energy, again this is that frequency layer we're talking about that we don't really have words for yet. For me goddess seems inept to even describe this because it feels completely about the divine God female principal embodiment. And from what I can tell in this part of your body is that the opening and the sort of conductor, where this synergy comes through in the body. That opening around the cervix and again there is some kind portal system, opening in the female energy in the female light body. And it is in the female organ system, it's like a doorway and that doorway is connecting to the female God principal.

I want to say even the female ejaculate, the female ejaculate the female Amrita, there is a fluid. Oh my God, okay. Something okay, is this appropriate or? Okay so what's going on here is that when we're doing our service work, because our bodies our physical bodies are polarized, every time we do something that is really in alignment, and is a part of what were doing. It's like with every level of vast light that comes to be housed, comes an equal amount of polarity, of the other side of it. So what I'm seeing is that you've been undergoing a tremendous shift and change, a lot's been going on in the structure of your physical housing.

And while this has been going on both elements have been playing out, of that polarity of the two energies. Because those two energies are of course what create the alchemy. I'm seeing there is some kind of parasitic device or something that has been sucking out the fluid of the Amrita that is created with the Shakti energy of the God feminine principle.

Now most women on earth are not holding this yet, because it's a spiritual construct. Obviously we know that women ejaculate fluid through tantra and other means that are not very supportive. We know that there are women that go through this, where it's not based on a spiritual development. But in your case it is. There is an opening that is coming through or is active. And it is starting to produce a chemical translation of a fluid that is activating, and that is a part of the divine feminine God-self in her principal, as it becomes embodied in form. One of the side effects or one of the things that gets activated is this fluid. And it is the fluid that is omitted from a portal or an opening within the vaginal area, within the upper vaginal area. Within this area of the body this is a portal opening and a doorway that is emitting fluid. And this fluid is again an Amrita, what it feels to be is it's got code in it, it's got instructions in it.

It is almost like the seed of the female, we are talking about the female holding the perfect creational seed. It is through the orgasmic bliss of releasing this fluid through the divine feminine principle that is actually the seed of that creational blueprint. Something is in that fluid and it is an elixir, it is an Amrita, it is a Manna, it is a Soma, it is sought after it is coveted, it is of great value. This has been a secret that is been kept from human beings, and clearly I didn't know this either, so this is the secret kept from me as well. That this area of the female body is a secret portal that contains this and it is very sacred. It is very sacred. It has been abused and used and of course all the other stuff. And this part of your body is being integrated and opened right now. And there have been kind of competing forces that have been a part of this alchemy process of this interchange within you. And some of it has not been too pleasant, as you've been going through this.

So I would like to request at this time for the utmost and highest cleansing clearing and support of the bodies now, with this issue to allow the divine expression of the sacredness of the cosmic divine feminine goddess principle to embody within the form. And to allow the physical organ structures and energetic blueprints and architectures of those structures to align fully to the God feminine principle. Allowing the natural organic expression of this principle through the form with grace, with ease and supporting vital radiant health to the cells of the body. Thank you.

There is a massive opening in that area, again clearing out any and all structure, device, entity, parasite or debris. Opening and commanding the space in the sacred sovereignty and liberation for the body, we open the alchemy into its perfection for the radiant health of this being here and claimed. Fully completely and totally through every cell and pore, atomic subatomic, molecular, cellular each of the layers through the systems. Please perform system-to-system integration now, through each of the systems herein represented. Bringing each communication and opening through the system, integrated in whole balanced and harmonious. Thank you so much.

Through the traveling of this session and seeing these architecture blueprints within the bodies, really helps to crystallize how our bodies are becoming God technology made manifest. And that it is through these bodies that the technology is made possible to literally resurrect and bring forth the ascension, and transmutation and all the things that we're here to hold the space for. So I want to thank you so much, for your service and support in all ways. And I know this is quite an Odyssey of vast proportions. I feel like I need to kind of process and integrate the session, because it's had an impact on me. I'm sure sharing this with you in partnership as we go through this prototype experiment and expansion of our bodies, into this new way of being. Again I want to thank you so much.

Closing: So beloveds, I would like to thank the Guardians for their assistance and support with us here today. Please again anchor lock and seal our work in the field, fully impenetrable and that the cosmic Christ intelligence. We command this space in the sovereign power of the One, and that which is I am God, Sovereign and Free, to being physical to all layers and levels of self and that which represents humanity now through the collective race. We commend the space through the sovereignty of One, through the one spirit now. Embodied present and complete. Thank you so much. Please seal the field. As we close down our trans-time portal and pillar, bringing us fully present into the physical cells and body, fully embodied. Thank you. We seal the field, in deep love and gratitude we thank our beloved families of light. And so it is. We seal our session beloved's thank you so much. Much love to you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 9-11-08]

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