Nanodust Experiment

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Starseed Session Transcript:

Themes- airborne Nanodust Experiment in UK, micro-chipping, atlantian conflict, UK as headquarters of human harnessing technology ... (it was attack from this session that ended session work in UK)

Opening: For our session in taking a breath and opening the space, from the still point of wholeness and manifest decision we decree with sovereign knowing here expressed at our command lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will that is the intention of the one source one God. Beloveds thank you so much.

As we open our sacred container and space we open into the expansion and we ask that as we open this container I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. We ask that all that is needed and necessary to support the physical alignment and physical wellness, radiant health of the bodies be assisted in the experience. Allowing the body complete radiant health and vitality. We ask to set the intention of all spiritual support energetic support and that, which serves your highest fulfillment as a being. Bringing the bodies into balance and alignment to fully with stand and anchor frequencies and energies, which she's endeavoring to hold. Asking for the assistance of clearing the bloodline and blood itself from any remnant or residue related to our latest release of holographic insert technology.

As we create the space we asked that our mutual teams and guardians of the Melchizedek's assistant support through this exchange and through the open container of supporting the body. First working with gallbladder energy from the side meridian structures that comes into the base of the cranium and skull. As the Andromedan door and 9th dimensional energies are coming through the base of the skull at this time, begin opening all channels and Axiatonal Lines, opening to the base of the skull and the neck (2008 galactic gate opening), and moving down laterally through each of the sides. Through Axiatonal Alignment please assist in clearing each of the layers of that connection between the gallbladder area the meridian area and the base of the neck and skull. Seeing like three channels all converging into the base of the skull at this time. Opening all of the channels with the ease of flow. Creating again the stream and orbit of spiritual sustenance and source. Allowing source light to nourish support and energize the bodies.

Okay looking at two physical levels and layers, some of the assistance in removing some of the plating, like plating or wiring that is around the bodies at the cellular level that's contributing to the programming that's very intense over there right now (UK). In showing us the issue is protecting the bodies from the onslaught the body is being exposed to at this time and space. Okay what I'm seeing happening is when you walk into your job, there is a bunch of crap in the building over there. So the question is then in assisting with harmonizing the space and creating protection of the auric body and field, show us in terms of what can be supported and created, as the bodies are moving into that group situation at work.

I'm actually seeing in the job, I'm looking at the building and the building has got Mind Control structures around it. You being sensitive when you walk in it creates a layer of static around you that is not feeling good for you at all. Okay in that environment, which is not conducive and supportive to the physical or spiritual selves, we request and ask that a reassignment take place or support take place, which is supportive energetically and physically to the bodies. We ask for all information that will support her in the current transformation and situation that she is in.

Centralization of Control

Creating the orbit between source energies the cosmic Christ Consciousness intelligences and that, which is within and the layers of energetic architecture that are creating mind control within that space. What I'm seeing is and you know my sentiments on this so feel what feels in alignment for you personally. But what I am seeing here is that your body as a vessel of divine spirit is the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth of consciousness. I see that, there is group energy around you, group consciousness around you that is able to view and see energetically structures that are in place. I'm trying to get to the core of this because what I'm seeing is that, it's really weird it's, understanding that this area on the earth is apparently the centralization of or headquarter of forces that are seeking to control the third dimension. And I'm understanding this area is like a power base, that is much larger for some reason, this is the control epi-center in this area of the earth.

It's like looking at the energetic portal system of the earth in the third dimension, at the energetic level, seeing that most of the technologies that are being utilized to harness humans are coming out of here, are coming out of this landmass in the UK, this area, this vortex. It's like the first area in the earth where they are trying out these new technologies and implementing them on the public, if you will. It starts here and then it spreads out and it seems to have relevance that it's all happening there and then they share what they find or what has been proven to others. From my perspective I would've thought the United States would be the headquarters of this. But what I'm seeing actually is that it's coming out of Britain, like the whole mastermind scheme and the AI technologies related to carrying this out and implementing this is sourcing over there. It fascinating to watch or view this. What I am seeing is as you are within the governmental structure and there is an energetic architecture that can be read.

I don't how to say this in a way that makes a lot of sense. Understanding that everything has an energetic blueprint and an energetic architecture before it actually comes into form. It's like understanding that all information can be relayed through one of the parts of the structure. I'm seeing a similar principle to understanding a hologram, in that one piece of the hologram, one small little sliver of the hologram, contains the whole record and memory in a little sliver. It's like the same thing that is going on with the government structure of which you work. I am seeing that there has been an aspiring reason that you are working within a governmental structure and I was feeling originally, it was maybe about bringing in the light of consciousness to an area of darkness. But I can see it's not exactly for that reason, it's really not about spreading the light per se.

What's happening is that an energetic snapshot of the architecture that is recorded energetically in the governmental structure, is being picked up by you and that is somehow relating to larger sources. In terms of addressing the Guardians at this time, in assisting in the support and protection, health and well being of the physical and energetic spiritual forms. The request that all awareness of bringing the bodies balance and healing be represented in our session here today. We appreciate receiving the information and I understand and yet, the bodies are undergoing a tremendous stress with this level of I would say soul mission or purpose and what's happening and transpiring with this. Again all of the relative technologies that support the bodies are what we are requesting support with, specifically being able to deflect the Mind Control systems that are heavily put into place within and around the governmental structures. The structure of the entity itself in terms of how it operates and is working with the beings that, are within that agreement or employment.

Okay, this is reminding me of a past session where it would appear that the headquarters for genetic manipulation using microorganisms and this is coming back to that nanoparticle thing, the nanoparticle dust that is working with the metals. What I'm seeing is that the government's and this is in the structure there, for whatever reason, they're focusing on Britain and the Crown chakra of the earth being in that location, and the 11th dimensional energies. Understanding that the "Antichrist creations" the anti-life first creations started in the 11th dimension. Briton where this Stargate is is where it all started. And it's representative of this in the physical world in the third dimensional world. It's represented here in Britain as a landmass, is a literal link up into the 11th dimension. And the 11th dimension being the energies that first created the Antichrist and anti-life force in structures and entities and beings.

So again in looking at this and supporting you in the highest capacity through the session we appreciate the information, and all technologies to support the physical body at this time is what we are requesting. Okay what they're showing me is that they are testing something out. The first level that technologies get tested on human beings, genetically is in the government. So what they're showing me is that Britain is the basically headquarters of the One World Order. Britain is the headquarters of the resistant dark forces that are galactically based, going into off plant control systems, and that are orchestrating these bids for power and control on the surface. Their current projects of world dominion involve nano-particle dust technologies that are pumped through the various breathing apparatus or air conditioning or air systems. This is being tested on the population first at the governmental level. It seems like they're cutting off their nose to spite their face, but I guess it's easier for them there because these people are involved in the governmental structure.

So what's happening is, I hope this makes sense, when you are there you are sensing and connecting to the governmental energetic structure, even though it is not related to exactly where you are, like it's not directed right there. It's like because you are in the energetic entity of the governmental structure you absorb the information of the greater whole, from the one piece that you are participating in. This is the strangest thing. What they are explaining to me is like a hologram. In the body if you were to cut a finger off, in the finger you have the DNA instruction set for the entire body, even though the finger is detached from the physical body. They're showing me it is the same thing here.

You are there receiving and exchanging information that is seemingly important in this time and space. They are showing me that right now is pinnacle in the vibrational decision-making of what is going to transpire in the near future. They are comparing this to Atlantis. In the last evolution cycle we had a similar scenario, with the conceptions of thought and mind, and those that became the Lords of materialism the Lords of the mind. They were completely enamored with their creations and feeling them selves to be gods of their creations, versus the spiritual priest class that were connecting into the unity consciousness and the harmony of the Law of One. So in essence the Atlantian conflict ended with that of the materialists, the physical world being the predominant mindset of the consciousness. And therefore that happening at the end of the cycle is what determined the event horizon and probability of what human consciousness would experience in the next cycle, which is what we have been experiencing the last 26,000 years.


They're telling me the exact same moment is happening right now. That what happens now what happens in this part of the world will determine the next cycle, because it's all about the vibration of the global human agreements and how that is actually played out in the manifest. Now there is what feels to be information genetically being a record, in levels that are being manipulated by technologies that are being given from off planet sources. So this means what's happening now is that technologies that are not originating from human-based thinking are being given to them now in Britain, and that technology is genetic modification. And that genetic modification technology is being deployed and tested on government employees first, before this becomes larger in the scale of things. It has relationships to microchip-technologies.

What it feels like is that this is a contingency plan that if human beings do not accept micro-chipping, this is the second tier of it or is a precursor to it. It's related to the desire of implementing micro-chipping, because micro-chipping will interrupt and circumvent the neurological processes of the human brain and spinal system, the spinal cord, CNS, etc.

Now what I'm getting here is that I don't think you're going to be there long. I don't know if that's possible or not. But with this feels like is that you are going in and you are going out. There is a divine purpose and commission in this project that you are doing. My support and desire is to emphasize your physical well-being, and is obviously what I'm here to support. And yet I am being given this information of a greater understanding. There is something beyond our understanding at this level, that is happening, which is a part of your agreement with this planet and with the guardian races.

Something is limiting the scope of my understanding, because I can feel that I am only allowed access to a bare minimum of the information. I have a similar feeling, as I did I think a couple months ago where there was just no access to your field whatsoever. It was just shut down. So in a sense I am getting access but it feels limited when I start to talk about requesting more information on this. So I'm just going to again hold the vision in space that; all information as needed and necessary in order of priority in this beings consciousness, to collaborate and to comprehend and to support the understandings of the God source and soul spirit, to be fully supported in all ways. In support of the bodies and the God consciousness within. Thank you.

Okay they want me to make it clear that in your building they are not spraying. They are not going to subject you to that, you will be taken out of there if that happens. It seems like it's left to be determined. What they're doing is like they're spraying, or they are exposing people to this nano-microorganism or dust, with whatever this technology is. They're telling me they are not exposing you to that and it is not in your area where you are located and employed, and where you spend your time. You are not breathing this stuff in.

There's a lot obviously going on in the general air, as we know just like in Los Angeles we've got Chemtrails and all the other crap. But I did get a very definitive emphatic Melchizedek team member, he's telling me that they're not going to allow that to happen to you. However there is obviously something very valuable being exchanged that is beyond my scope of understanding, and possibly your scope of understanding at this time.

So in supporting the physical cells of the body, again all that is supportive to release the burden and pressure of the body from bloodline clearing. And that which the organ systems of the spleen, liver, gallbladder and bladder need to assist in the cleansing healing and release that allow those organs to be reinstalled and supported. I would like to request an assignment of Devic intelligences to reinstall and support the strengthening and perfection in operation and efficiency to the spleen, the liver, the Kidneys and the bladder itself.

Please assign medical assistance teams and evolution support that reinstall the new patterns of perfection allowing the consciousness of these organs and their systems to function at the optimum and highest levels available for this being at this time. In that assignment, okay these are actually genetic technicians they are not of the Devic class or realm of consciousness. These are genetic technicians that again will support those levels. Okay again physical energetic well-being is the priority and intention of our session here today. By assisting in the clearing of the inserts, okay that's what that is. Removing of remnants remains and imprints from inserts that have been moved as overlays through the blood and the layers of the hologram of the body. Thank you.

It's like looking at levels of your body connected to planet, interfacing with the planet through Ley Lines and grids. Again the ley line and grid structure is what holds the memories of these imprints, of these inserts etc. Lifting off these Holographic Inserts that are again false memory structures created by the Nephilim or Annunaki consciousness. These are really elaborate energetic architecture, they are energy programs that are wired into the physical body. Again feeling we're doing a clearing of various levels of programming, in certain levels of location of the body.

Again we're going to request now to remove any energetic architecture of Nephilim or Annunaki programming, that is coming through the bleed through or imprinting to the planetary interface of various grid systems and structures that this consciousness holds. Again for assistance in transportation we ask for the alchemical transmutation and release of those bonds and layers, to be fully transmuted into the Violet flame light and the infinite stream of the cosmic intelligence of the Crystal Cosmic Christ. Transmuting, releasing, burning it from the cells. Allowing the cellular, molecular and subatomic layers of the body to retain its freedom and sovereignty, fully as a God being now.

They're clearing all illuminati code and those frequency disturbers that have been placed within the various grid layers of the bodies through planetary interface. Again clear and permanently stabilize the bodies to deflect and remove any illuminati coding that is coming through or being projected through the governmental layers and entity layers in the surrounding areas. Protect anchor and support the bodies fully in the cosmic crystal light of the truth of the oneness fully and completely embodied.

Begin removing any memories, codes and signals coming from ritual abuse and that, which had been used for any past, present or future lifetime. Freeing the body of that memory imprint, residue and remain through all levels and layers. Clear the body of those imprints please. What it feels like here is that the body is accumulating a critical mass of intensity. It's almost like seeing a swirling of energies are reaching a frenetic momentum in order to propel you out of there. It reminds me of something I just went through, like the glass ceiling. It's to propel you through, because this has to do with the physical bodies enslavement. The physical bodies genetic wiring to this crap is coming to a head in you, so that the body can shift out of the gears of this. This is a way of relating to and seeing what's happening in the physical cells of your system right now. So all ways that can be supported to make this smooth and easy, we ask for that to either increase in divine right harmony and order, bringing freedom to the bodies to be able to experience wellness, rejuvenation and regeneration.

Similarly to the world events and what's happening at an energetic level, I'm seeing this represented in the body. There is an intensity of this accumulation needed for propulsion. So honey again holding as much as you can in the strength of your patience and perseverance. What I'm feeling is that it's got to shift soon. It's reaching a momentum of intensity in order to shift the bodies out of here. It's a space and the bodies have got to be like propelled out with a great magnitude of force, and that's happening right now for you. Thank you.

I can feel the density of this intensity, it is so intense right now. Again all that is supported in this exchange to be shared through the transmissions codes and mutual alliances of our Guardian teams. And in support of this again we call upon all that is needed to support the bodies now, for the most efficient and optimum shift, in complete alignment to the Oneness and the Law of One. Thank you.

Closing: And rolling down the curtain, holding this space of gratitude. Sending that gratitude to you and to your teams. Beloveds please support the bodies in the highest levels available, bringing optimum efficiency and wellness as we seal our session into the light. We ask to again remove any and all interferences through our process, through I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. As we hold the truth of that vibration fully. Please seal our session into the light of unity, through the expansion of that exchange. In deep love and gratitude, thank you. And so it is we seal and end our session. Thank you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions - October 2008]

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