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A Stargate is a vortex of energy wave spectrum that connects into multiple other dimensions within the Universal time space matrix. Stargates are an organic part of the the mechanics of creation and function as the core manifestation template of Universal creation, which is the holographic architecture called the 12 Tree Grid. There are 12 original Planetary Gates. The main planetary gates open into the Galactic and Universal Stargates at the end of evolutionary cycles. These were sealed off by the Guardian Founder Races due to severe damage and control by Negative Alien Races NAA. As a result many Starseeds and Indigo 1's have agreed to incarnate on the planet during the Ascension cycle to help repair planetary Ley Lines and embody Stargates.

12 in 1

The Stargates are directed by the planetary Lightbody of the second layer of the Crystal Seals Grid in the 12 Tree Grid. They form 12 seals and one to form a energy grid in the the physical realm. A Stargate is like an energetic program that has 12 Pyramidal Triangles above the One Great Pyramid.

Grail Point and Stargate System

Planet Earth has a Krystal Body anatomy that holds many energetic constructs, which form into Chakras, Axiatonal Lines, Ley Lines and the many energy vortices that make up the layers of the entire Planetary Auric Body. The fact this planet was originally created from the Diamond Sun architecture, reveals the true creator of this planet and the progenitor of the human species. This remains the truth no matter what extraterrestrial race has planted its flag on the earth surface, claiming the earth as their territory. Starseed gridworkers may sense and work with many of these Holographic constructs in the earth grid, which form the basis of understanding the energetic architecture of the earth consciousness body, and how this structure creates the many realities and time fields. The many dimensional layers in the earth’s auric body are the container for entire collective consciousness on planet. These structures hold the content of all of the consciousness that manifest into the many different kingdoms and species that exist on the earth. They hold the point of origination for all of the collective consciousness energy that was originally seeded onto the planet, and entered the material realm from the Grail point. The Grail Point is located within the planet’s second dimensional Stargates, with its primary access being within Temple Mount.

The Planetary Chakra system, also called Stargates, acts to step down the higher energies transmitting from the Source field into the Sun, which is then directed into the many Stargates. The Stargates transmit an energetic spectrum of frequencies, moving from the higher to lower dimensions, in order to reach the matter fields and circulate them throughout the planetary grid network. Stargates create spirals of these energies, which are designed on a frequency scale to circulate the God Source energy into reciprocal exchanges with multiple dimensions of creation. The frequency scale of the spirals of energy feed into the manifested realms of space and time, returning back into the center point of the feedback loop, thus, returning to unite with the God Source field. The Planetary Stargate that receives the transmission of the Source field for distribution into the rest of the planetary grid system, is the Grail Point or Grual Point. As many of us may be sensing, the transmission of the intergalactic plasma waves from the Source field into the Grail point and the Planetary Stargates, is greatly accelerating now.[1]


Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 67

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