Axiatonal Lines

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Axiatonal Lines

Level Two Lightbody: Axiatonal Lines are the frequency lines that move throughout the Chakra Crystal Keys to form 12 Vertical Lines that run energy to the Chakras.

These 12 vertical Lines create intersection points with the Horizontal Triad Bodies in the horizontal fields that project out the Chakra cone and where the DNA manifest.Each Axiatonal Line is a corresponding dimension, chakra, chakra crystal and the Spectrum of Frequency in the Chakra Wave Spectrum colors.[1]

Chakra Crystal Keys

The rotational spin of the Chakra Crystal Keys on the Hara Line are what control and modulate dimensional frequencies and intelligence through the Axiatonal Lines, then ultimately the Chakras and other bodily energy systems. The crystal seals grid is what governs the particle spin and levels of frequency accretion that is transduced and transmitted into the chakra itself. The rotation of the Chakra Crystal Key (or Crystal Seal) keeps identities in other dimensions in their respective time and space, and the auric layers of the body in separate dimensions.


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