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The Crown has lights on the top of it which connect to the various lights of the new Ray system of Aurora. Without the Crown of Thorns implant (which is a part of the Crucifixion Implants) ... the Crown, the real Crown is built and when the Crown is built it opens up into seven different layers of the Ray structures that allow a connection all the way into the core of the Universe. So what we are understanding is the Aurora Lights come onto the Crown, meaning the Crown Chakra turns into Aurora Lights and when the Aurora Lights are on, the Crown of Thorns is not there anymore. When the Crown of Thorns is removed, the replacement is the Aurora Crown which connects to the Aurora colors which aligns you into the Crystal Star colors, the matrix of the Christ, the intelligence of the Aurora. This is all the next Universe energies of the Crystal Consciousness, of which we understand that the Cosmic Christ Consciousness is not from here.[1]

Crown 7D Chakra

The Pineal Gland is connected to the female side of the 7th Axiatonal Lines and the 7th Chakra. Once dissolving or removing the Pineal Cage and Crucifixion Implants on the 7th Axitonal lines leading in the pineal, the 10th Axiatonal lines and Solar Star Chakra will take the place of the 7D Crown, the corrected crown pattern ultimately merges with the Avatar matrix when aligned to the consent with Krystal Star or Christ. (Anti-Christ entities are the NAA and False Gods.) This creates a triad pattern between the 6D link to Pituitary, 7D link to Pineal and 9D links into the Hypothalamus Glands in the center of the Brain.The 7D Violet Ray has been undergoing repair with the Father Arc and Aurora Ray patterns, due to reversals in the 7D Planetary Logos.NAA attempts to hijack the spiritual Ascension of the individual that is moving into Monadic integration. Psycho-spiritual warfare is radically increased when a person is entering the integration stages of the 7D-8D-9D spiritual triad. Having clarity of the Law of Consent is helpful to command one's space.


Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 62