Pineal Cage

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Pineal Cages are placed in the center of the brain through Holographic Insert and Alien Machinery to disconnect the Silver Cord which connects to the Threefold Founder Flame as well as prevent Pineal Gland stimulation to activate the fetal cells into Kundalini activation.

There may be distinct memory in the timelines of Egypt that may surface in one's awareness during the 8th Chakra Monadic integration regarding the pineal. As one progresses into Monadic integration, there are stages of recollection of Monadic body parts that may have gone into reversal and held captive in Phantom Matrix. During this spiritual ascension stage, one may become aware of the Crucifixion Implants in the center of the skull, along with a brain cage or Pineal Cage. This is to stop the process of Building Wings which is the first stage of sacred marriage. The Pineal is necessary to synthesize the 6th and 7th dimensional frequencies of the Lightbody.

The goal is to work with the Krystal Star in meditation to dissolve these Dead Light holograms by infusing one's chakras, Lightbody with Trinity Wave source fields, which is the Christ consciousness trinity field.

Heart-Brain Complex

The planetary heart- brain complex is ignited from within the core of the earth, as well as the replica of that complex existing in the center of our human skull and brain. The heart brain link up in the individual is between the center of the brain at the pineal gland, igniting its spiritual spark and linking directly into the higher heart center of the permanent seed atom. The heart brain complex is ignited by the Collective Monadic Body Spark, which is fueled by the proper phasing that exchanges directly into the heart of God (Universal Core) and returns the spark to ignite and expand itself as a running current throughout the complex meridians, Axiatonal Lines of the heart brain complex. This is a Universal Cosmic Orbit, the macrocosm version of the “microcosmic orbit” that runs within our own central vertical channel.The heart-brain complex is coming online within the smaller ascending human population now, as well is a part of and result of, the larger Guardian planetary grid demolition and repair projects. Since last year, there have been sequential events leading to this process of demolition, implosion in order to rehabilitate and reconnect necessary Axiatonal Lines, spinning grid points and various vortexes. A portion of this issue was that there were Holographic Insert implants in the planetary body that were projecting pineal implants and cages that surrounded the pineal itself. This was to “freeze” or calcify the pineal functions and to actual deteriorate the pineal gland functions, since this gland is key in the ascension process to activate the deeper awakened heart, as well as ignite the higher mental processes of the spiritual intelligence.[1]

Metatronic or Monadic Reversal

The causation of monadic reversal (7D-8D-9D triad) and monadic harness which greatly impacted the infiltrated collective masculine field, the Golden Eagle Network (based in the Middle East, Iran Gate). These timelines are known as the time of Metatronic Reversal where the electron fields descended into heavily distorted patterns, splitting the Monadic bodies apart. This also split the mental bodies and fragmented them into diseased states.

This splitting of the Monadic bodies was kept in place by a double looping, or bi-polar geometry structure which would siphon life force. This structure is also in the Golden Eagle Network and keeps that structure operating as a bi-polar geometry, which directly impacts the endocrine system, brain and mental body of all human beings. [See update in January 2013 Newsletter.]

Vivisection in Egypt

Many of us have very unpleasant memories around the abuse and vivisection of the human brain for the Pineal Glands in the time of Egypt. Akhenaton (AK) told me he was horrified that the Amun priests would lure serf peasants to give their children up (similar to the Islamic jihad suicide bombers of current times) to be sacrificed and that the Draco priests would collect the Pineal Gland and try different ways to maximize the secretions being collected. Apparently, the more they terrorize a person, the more pumping of adrenal and pineal Hormones, so they would scare the person or child prepared for sacrifice and then open their brain to collect the excretion. According to AK, nothing has changed much on earth, the privileged priests would deceive poor people to believe what they were doing in rituals were sacred to the Gods, and would elevate their child to clear their "karma" in the afterlife. This was one big point as to why AK was adamant to switch completely over to the sole worship of the Sun God Ra, as this form of worship required NO SACRIFICES. He was attempting to end child blood sacrifice as that was the agenda of the Satanic Draconian control. One can imagine how much the Egyptians hated him for doing that, and it was the reason they branded him a heretic and a Psychopath in the history books. Pineal activation that connects into the heart center are getting stirred recently, which may bring up certain memories of brain vivisection during Egyptian timelines, which is a Orion Groups favorite for carrying out their SRA.

During the Egyptian invasion history, these distortions are linked to Holographic Inserts where Pineal Cages were placed around the pineal gland. Some of us may be dissolving these implants or moving to another level of clearing these in the lightbody. For that reason, I place this information here for your consideration and awareness.[2]

Pineal Gland 11D Instruction Sets

In the Albion Lightbody there is the intense struggle to reclaim the evolutionary rounds all the way back to the Paliadorian race seedings and recover the planetary crown jewel, which stores the eleventh dimensional instruction sets for restoring the Pineal Gland functions in the planet for the Organic Ascension Time Wave and King Arthur Timeline. The 11D stargate is the planetary interface that holds the instruction set for the pineal gland and its connections are made in the center of the angelic human brain. With the stolen 11th Tribe Founder Records, the human race has suffered Pineal Cages around their crown making it harder to activate the 7D pink flame in the pineal gland, an issue which we believe King Arthur’s reseating will resolve for many of the awakening population.[3]


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